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Calling All Getaway Goddesses…Pack Your Bags And Dump Your Gods!

Calling All Getaway Goddesses…Pack Your Bags And Dump Your Gods!

access_time October 18, 2016 chat_bubble_outline 0 comments 2775 views

Diana Kotwal tells you why it makes perfect sense to go on a women-only holiday. And leave the men back on Mars.


Live it up with your girlfriends on a women-only holidays

Live it up with your girlfriends on a women-only holidays

Men are great. They really are. Mostly for things like fixing punctured car tyres and filling up seats in a theatre showing a Vin Diesel movie. When it comes to a fabulous getaway vacation, it’s a good idea to send the man in your life a postcard, rather than the itinerary. You see, sometimes you just want to feel like a goddess on holiday. Your sunglasses on, your hair flowing in the breeze and a big, new, exciting world just waiting to be explored and conquered. But then comes a big fat shadow in your face, saying he much rather vegetate by the hotel pool, and if you’ve seen one fancy cathedral, you’ve seen them all.

Just in case you’re not convinced, here are some reasons you shouldn’t carry all that extra testosterone along on holiday.

Man Mistake #1

The only packing he does is tucking a pair of damp swimming trunks in the corner of your suitcase and then proceeds to ‘borrow’ your razor, moisturiser, sunscreen and shampoo. Leaving you with unshaven legs, burnt skin and hair to rival Medusa. Now smile for the camera.

Men tend to borrow all your stuff on a trip

Men tend to borrow all your stuff on a trip

Man Mistake #2

Your man looks down at his perfectly cooked, medium-rare chateaubriand steak and asks the waiter to bring him his finest bottle of beer. Beer!

Man Mistake #3

You’ve barely stepped into H&M, when the whining about shopping begins. But four hours inside a Harley Davidson showroom discussing the pros and cons of shipping a motorcycle home is time well spent.

Man Mistake #4

Eating a bacon sandwich everyday for the entire holiday is as diverse as his palate is going to get. Local cuisine? More like pukesine. (His jokes don’t get better on vacation.)

Man Mistake #5

You’ve bought very expensive, very hard to get tickets to see La Traviata, at the Teatro La Fenice. He just discovered the hotel bar TV is showing ESPN. Things are about to get very ugly.

Man Mistake #6

He scratches his newly acquired holiday belly, while innocently asking if your bikini is meant to highlight your love handles. Also, did you always have such big love handles?

Man Mistake #7

He finishes all the duty-free chocolates on the plane five minutes before takeoff. He now wants to know why you didn’t think to buy more.

Men tend to finish all the duty-free chocolates you just bought

Men tend to finish all the duty-free chocolates you just bought

Man Mistake #8

He loses his holiday weight while standing in the immigration line after you land home. It takes you three months, an intensive diet regimen and a lot of cursing to lose your last three kilos.

Man Mistake #9

He ‘accidently’ deletes all your artistically composed photographs of the pyramid of Djoser. But the shots of you waking up looking like a zombie extra from ‘The Mummy’  have already made their way on to Facebook with 253 likes.

Man Mistake #10

You’ve planned the entire holiday. Booked the tickets, called the hotels, reserved the day tours and exchanged the currency. All he did was manage to look better than you in every single photograph.

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