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10 Things To Do In Tyrol, Austria: Part II

10 Things To Do In Tyrol, Austria: Part II

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Whether you’re looking to explore historic cities or charming villages; fascinating museums or relaxing spas, Tyrol, Austria, has it all. With your (leave) days numbered, Kiran Mehta helps you take in the best of Tyrol!

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st anton

The ski village of Sankt Anton am Arlberg, commonly known as St. Anton

The region of Tyrol, in Austria, is referred to as the ‘Heart of the Alps’ and I knew the name was apt as my airplane dipped between white peaks, and landed in the midst of mountains, in the capital city of Innsbruck. It was surreal as the intimidating peaks split open to reveal much more than snow and ice – cities where I stumbled upon quirky museums; villages where warm locals invited me to be part of their traditional evenings; hiking trails which led to a bed of Alpine roses in bloom, and more.  Yet, I must admit, I did fall into a few tourist-traps too. To make the most of your time in Tyrol, follow my lead…

6. Traditional Tyrolean evening in St. Anton

Girls from Tirol, Austria

Girls in colourful dirndls;

In just a few hours in the village, I learned that here you enter a tourist, but leave a local. The warmth of the villagers won me over and in a day, I belonged. With new-found friends, I made my way to the village hall for the traditional Tyrolean evening. Women in colourful dirndls and men in lederhosens, danced into the night. I didn’t understand a word of their folk songs, but the upbeat tunes, thigh-slapping cheer, and the knocking together of beer mugs, traversed all boundaries of nationality and language.

7. Drink tea in a mountain hut at St. Anton

Mountain huts at St. Anton

I bid adieu to my friends over a cup of coffee, atop a mountain. A short, steep ride lead us to the mountain-hut cafe of Nessleralm, run by a farmer, who served up piping hot tea and freshly-brewed coffee, hot-off-the-oven pies, delicious pastries and more. And with that I set off for the nearby Otztal Valley.

8. Visit Stuibenfall, Tirol’s biggest waterfall, in Otztal Valley

Stuibenfalls, the biggest waterfall in Tirol

An hour by road from St. Anton, lies this gigantic waterfall. I watched as forceful bands of water plummeted into the gorge, from a height of 159 m, creating a delicate mist in the air. My local guide informed me that breathing in this mist was known to cure respiratory disorders. I walked up the natural trails and made my way to various viewing platforms, each of which affords yet another spectacular view of nature in all her raging glory.

9. Indulge in water therapy at Aqua Dome, Langenfeld, Otztal Valley

The impressive Aqua Dome;

More healing waters awaited me at the Aqua Dome, a hotel and spa that combines luxury with the powers of the elements, to bring patrons the best of both worlds. I take a dip in a gigantic thermal bowl, enjoy the herb infused saunas, and finally sign up for a relaxing massage at the hands of a trained masseuse.

10. Catch a brass band at Langenfeld, Otztal Valley

A view of Langenfeld

Brass bands are common forms of entertainment in small towns and villages across Tyrol. I catch a performance by one such band in the Langenfeld community hall. Locals cheer their kin who are part of the band, while flavoured schnapps and beer bottles are served up for a few Euros. And to the sound of music, my time in Austria comes to an end.

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