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15 Women Travellers, 15 Destinations; Pick Your Favourite!

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15 women from different walks of life, with one thing in common–a love for travel! Each of them with one destination that will forever remain in their hearts. Whether on a solo trip, or with their gang of girls, they tell us what made the destination so special. As told to Avantika Bhuyan

#1 Manavi Kapur, Journalist at the Business Standard

Favourite Destination: Nainital, Uttarakhand

Manavi Kapur Nainital

Manavi Kapur (second from left) with her gang of girls in Nainital

“I first travelled to Nainital in 2010, right after my college exams. It was an all-girls trip, which was fun and liberating in equal parts. Though a mainstream destination, there’s something about walking from Mallital to Tallital, eating at Sakley’s, strolling through Bhutia market and just observing the everyday life there, that tugged at my heartstrings. I’ve visited Nainital a couple of times after 2010, and I wouldn’t think twice before packing my bags and heading there again.”

#2 Tulika Kedia: Gallerist & Managing Director At The Singinawa Jungle Lodge

Favourite Destination: Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh

Tulika Kedia

Tulika Kedia

The beautiful Singinawa Jungle Lodge from the outside

An outside view of the beautiful Singinawa Jungle Lodge

Kanha National Park is the first destination that I went to after my marriage, and it has remained an eternal favourite ever since. I carry a lifetime of memories from its pristine natural environs. The forest is so welcoming, I could stay there forever! With this thought, I started the Singinawa Jungle Lodge—to create a space for understanding the finer nuances of nature and help the weary traveler unwind.”

#3 Rupal Tyagi, Aromatherapist, Perfumer & Founder Of Wikka

Favourite Destination: London

Rupal Tyagi London

Rupal Tyagi in London

“My favorite destination is London, and it is very close to my heart. Firstly, because that is where I did my advanced studies in aromatherapy and perfumery, and secondly because I admire the classic London architecture. The outskirts of London are so naturally beautiful and the amazing weather adds to the charm. I love the way the locals serve their food and the traditional English breakfast of scones and clotted cream with berry jam is to die for.”

#4 Sunaina Anand, Director Of Art Alive Gallery

Favourite Destination: Bhutan

Sunaina Anand in Bhutan

Sunaina Anand was equally mesmerised by the landscapes and the people of Bhutan

Bhutan is truly heaven on earth! Its serenity, spectacular mountain terrain and ancient Buddhist monasteries are a true delight. It’s one of the most peaceful places I have ever visited, with very little traffic on the roads. Bhutan doesn’t even have traffic lights! I went there in 2014 with my mother and daughter, and this all-girls trip ended up becoming one of the most memorable holidays for me. During the trip, I also visited the “Choki Traditional Art School” where I saw young kids being imparted vocational education in the lap of nature and creativity.”

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#5 Prakriti Singh, PR Professional

Favourite Destination: Italy

Prakriti Singh Near the Spanish Steps

Prakriti Singh strikes a pretty pose on the Spanish Steps of Rome, Italy

“A summer in Italy has been my favourite holiday so far—travelling through some of the most serene and architecturally beautiful cities of Rome, Venice and Florence. It’s a country where you can enjoy a lovely glass of wine, the perfect thin-crust pizza, while sitting in a pop-up restaurant and enjoying a view of St Peter’s Basilica. To me, Italy is the perfect blend of old world charm and modernity. One of my favourite streets is Trastevere in Rome, a narrow and long street that comes alive in the evenings. With its historic monuments, galleries and a buzzing city life of bars and restaurants, Italy is a place I can’t get enough of and I’m ready to plan my next trip soon!”

#6 Mehak Sagar, Co-founder Of Wed Me Good

Favourite Destination: New York

Mehak Sagar

New York is Mehak Sagar’s most special destination

“My special destination is New York. Right from the roadside eateries with the most delish curry and rice, to the buzzing nightlife in the meatpacking district—there’s always something interesting in New York. But what makes it stand apart is this energy, which is just always alive and buzzing.”

#7 Anupama Dayal, Fashion Designer

Favourite Destination: Nagaland

Anupama Dayal, Nagaland

Anupama adds some swag to this already cool picture!

Anupama Dayal Nagaland

Sporting some pretty and traditional artefacts

Anupama Dayal, Nagaland

In love with Nagaland, and its people

“Having travelled a fair bit, I would have to say that Nagaland, which I visited recently, is my favourite destination. I ended up making friends across tribes, tried several unusual foods such as bees, hornets, the dreaded Naga chilly, closely examined the tattoos of the proud head hunters and, of course, witnessed the cultural wealth of textiles, basketry, ornaments, weaponry, and more. I came back with a sense of having touched something raw and timeless. My riveting experience with the Nagas has inspired my upcoming collection as well!”

#8 Nandita, Fashion Designer & Co-founder Of The Label ‘Hemant & Nandita’

Favourite Destination: Paris

Nandita in Paris

Nandita loves Paris the way Paris loves fashion!

“Of all the cities that I have traveled to for work or for holidays, Paris is my favourite destination. I absolutely love each and every thing about the city. We visit the city twice a year for work, and going there so often makes it feel more like home. Each time I discover something new about Paris, be it the ambiance, the energy or the vibrancy. Being a designer, I think it is only natural for me to gravitate towards a city that loves fashion as much as I do. Paris has fashion in the air, which makes me want to put on my best clothes every day and walk the streets, fresh and happy. Everything about Paris is calming and exciting, all at the same time—be it simply walking through the streets, enjoying coffee and croissants at a roadside cafe, or just relishing the culinary marvels!”

#9 Shivangi Sharma, PR Professional

Favourite Destination: Tokyo, Japan

Shivangi Sharma, Tokyo

One trip was enough to make Shivangi a fan of Tokyo

Shivangi Sharma, Tokyo

Every corner of Tokyo represents a seamless blend of tradition and modernity

“I recently traveled to Tokyo to celebrate Christmas and usher in the new year. The experience made the city my absolute favourite! It’s interesting to note how people in Tokyo can be so hospitable and yet so solitary and individualistic. The cuisine, the mix of tradition and modernity, the attention to detail—all this brings about perfection and makes visiting the city a unique experience. The sense of serenity that I got there, even amidst the hustle and bustle, was an inimitable feeling. The way the cityscape transitions from organic, botanical marvels to well-lit concrete districts was mesmerising.”

#10 Poonam Goel, Art Consultant

Favourite Destination: Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

Poonam Goel Corbett

Poonam, the avid bird watcher, in the serenity of Corbett

Corbett National Park has to top my list of favourite destinations. I disconnect from the world once I enter the forest. Of course, lack of mobile connectivity helps. Most people are fascinated with the thought of a tiger sighting, but I am an avid bird watcher and Corbett is a paradise, being home to more than 500 bird species.  It is also one of the most dense forests I have ever seen, and I love the mysteries hidden in its silence. It truly is a humbling experience when you realise you know so little about what exists beyond your self. I go back again and again to Corbett for this very adventure.”

#11 Amrita Kapoor, PR Professional

Favourite Destination: London

Amrita Kapoor travels to London

Amrita fell in love with everything about London, literally

Amrita Kapoor in London

Almost every spot in London is great for a picture

London gives you FREEDOMto be gay, straight, black, yellow, atheist, or religious. I love London because it’s a vibrant multicultural hub. It offers a unique mix of history, art and culture, food, events and  cutting-edge attractions. There is something new to do every weekend. The city embraces every culture and yet holds up all that’s British. Night buses let you see London in an all new angle. Quiet walks on the Thames riverside and feeding the ducks in Regent Park are my favourite, apart from shopping, which is a must when you are in London.”

#12 Meeta Pandit, Classical Singer

Favourite Destination: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Meeta Pandit Enjoying cycling besides a canal in a park

Cycling besides a pretty canal in a park is just one of the things Meeta enjoyed in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a charm of its own that remains unaffected by the rapid evolution of globalisation. During my stay in Amsterdam, I felt that the city reverberated with vivaciousness and colour. Progress and culture are poised to grow in parallel, here. An example of which is the Queen’s Day celebration held around 26th April. Locals, guests and visitors alike soak up Amsterdam’s open-air fun from dawn to midnight. Another inspiring facet of Amsterdam is its emphasis on cycling. It is the most bicycle-friendly city in the world. To me, a visit to the Vincent Van Gogh Museum was like entering a time machine that took me back into an era where the creative realm had manifested itself in this materialistic world. The museum takes you through the journey of gradual revelation of the masterpieces’ true value and potentials. Also, windmills are an iconic part of the Dutch landscape, and a visit to one is a must if you go to the Netherlands. And with eight windmills located in and around Amsterdam, windmill spotting is a great way to see the city.”

#13 Tejaswini Gopalaswamy, Co-founder Of The Travel Company, Unventured

Favourite Destination: Bhutan

Tejaswini Gopalaswamy in Bhutan

Tejaswini at the ‘Happiest Country In Asia’

Bhutan is quiet, thanks to stringent government policies in reducing the number of “tourists” and encouraging travellers. You have to hire a local guide who in all his/her expertise will walk you through Bhutanese history, culture and heritage in detail. A must-visit is the Tiger’s Nest monastery. Having travelled extensively in the Himalayas, I’ve often experienced after visiting many monasteries that they all blend into one. However, the Taktshang Monastery quite simply took my breath away. The monastery can be reached after a 500-metre ascent on a good path through peaceful pine forests. Sighting it through the trees after a strenuous climb makes it feel all the more richly deserved. Also, visit it for Drukpa Kunley, known as the divine madman. He was a 15th-century Buddhist mystic known for his legendary prowess and I will let you discover more about him when you get to Bhutan. Having bicycled through parts of Bhutan on our tour, it is by far the most friendly space for cyclists with no traffic lights in its capital city. The views of the mountains are surreal at any time of the year. The people are inquisitive, friendly and willing to go the extra mile to make your stay comfortable.”

Interested in taking a trip to Bhutan?

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#14 Gitanjali Mehra, Homemaker

Favourite Destination: Holland, Brussels & Antwerp

Gitanjali Mehra in Holland

Gitanjali Mehra discovered her love for Holland back in the year 2011. And it still remains her favourite!

“I visited Holland in 2011. I loved it for the weather, the architecture, the Tulip gardens at  Keukenhof, the museums, the cruise rides, the windmills, the local handicrafts and even the factories. And not to forget the ease of travelling within Amsterdam city with its well-connected metros. I also indulged in the comfort of walking on the cobbled streets. I just love Holland!”

#15 Sumalita Bhuyan, Make-up & Grooming Expert

Favourite Destination: North East India

Parshuram kund, Arunachal Pradesh

Parshuram kund; blue-green waters, surrounded by white sand; rajkumar1220;

“My hometown is Dibrugarh in Assam. Even though I am based in Bengaluru now and have travelled quite a bit around the country, my favourite destinations still remain the picturesque riverbeds and hilly terrains in the northeast. The most memorable trip for me was a short one planned randomly by my friends to Parshuram Kund, located in Arunachal, six hours from home. I usually don’t like such short-distance trips, within such a close radius. But once I got there, I was stunned to see the scenic beauty. And it was such an unexpected gem, located so close to home!”

If you liked this story, do let us know in the comments section below.  And if you’re a woman who loves to travel, do check out Getaway Goddess – women-only tours that let you explore the world with your gang of girls or make new ones!

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