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fbb Colors Femina Miss Jammu & Kashmir 2019 Recommends A Trip To Ladakh!

fbb Colors Femina Miss Jammu & Kashmir 2019 Recommends A Trip To Ladakh!

access_time May 16, 2019

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Getaway Goddess & fbb Colors Femina Miss India Renew Ties!

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Top 5 Places To Visit Near Kolkata This Summer

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5 Adventure Sports You Should Try With Your Girls Now!

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In recent times, women of various ages are using travel as a means to explore new destinations and experiences on their own, while also spending time with their closest friends. This has led to a marked increase in the number of women-only vacationers and women-only travel clubs across the country.

Experience adventures in its simplest of forms by choosing to play a sport in the air

Breathe in adventure in its simplest form as you soar across the sky

If you’ve been planning a trip with your girl gang, and want to get adventurous, we’ve put together five exciting options in India for you to add to your bucket list.

Mountain Biking In Sikkim

Navigate epic landscapes of Sikkim while mountain-biking in the lush terrain

Navigate the epic landscapes and lush terrain of Sikkim on a mountain-biking tour

If you love exploring places while cycling, mountain biking may just be the perfect adventure sport to try on your next holiday. The Sikkim-Darjeeling region has diverse terrain that provides varied trails, a major reason why mountain biking has become a popular sport activity among adventure-seeking travellers. The advantage is that there is no specific season to stick to, although the months between October and April are considered the best as the monsoon season tends to create slushy roads.

There are several travel groups and sports clubs in Sikkim who organise mountain biking tours, and this is a great way to recreate those childhood memories of cycling with your girl gang, albeit on a much tougher level. You also get to enjoy the spectacular natural beauty of the state and lifestyle of the local people while biking on its many trails.

Fact File

Location: Part of the north-east Indian states, located near the Siliguri Corridor
How to Reach: Bagdogra Airport is the closest, railheads are there at Siliguri and New Jalpaiguri; buses, taxis, etc. are available from Darjeeling and Siliguri
Official Language: Nepali
Currency: INR
Time Zone:  UTC+05:30
Climate: Mostly temperate.
Food & Drink: Thukpa (noodle soup) and momos

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Paragliding In Bir-Billing, Himachal Pradesh

Witness the fascinating and majestic views of the Dhauladhar Ranges while you paraglide in Bir-Billing

Witness the fascinating views of the Dhauladhar Ranges while you paraglide in Bir-Billing

Have you ever wanted to have a bird’s eye view of places? If yes, then paragliding is the adventure sport you should try on you next girls’ trip. And where better to go than the ‘Paragliding capital of India?’ The small village of Bir-Billing is a sought-after destination for amateur and advanced paragliders alike.
You can paraglide here throughout the year (depending on weather conditions) apart from the monsoon season. You can go for tandem paragliding if you are a first-timer, as this version allows two people to fly on the same paraglider – so you can have a trained pilot beside you who will look after the technical part of it while you soak in the breath-taking views below, the breeze in your hair, and the feel of flying like a bird. For solo paragliding, you need to undergo training of about 15 days, which is also available in Bir-Billing.

Fact File

Location: In northern India, approximately 102km from Chandigarh
How to Reach: Dharamshala Airport is the closest; Pathankot is the nearest railhead, about 100 km from Bir; buses ply to Baijnath from Delhi and Chandigarh
Official Language: Hindi
Currency: INR
Time Zone:  UTC+05:30
Climate: Sub-humid tropical to alpine
Food & Drink: Pahari food, Madra (soaked chickpeas), and Sidu (wheat bread) are the must-try dishes here.

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White Water Rafting In Subansiri, Arunachal Pradesh

River Raft in the deep, pristine gorges of Arunachal Pradesh

Fill up on girl power while river rafting in the deep, pristine gorges of Arunachal Pradesh

Tucked away in the northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh is the Subansiri River, whose gushing rapids, Grade I-IV, are perfect for white water rafting. The Brahmaputra River is the mightiest water body in this part of India, and Subansiri is its biggest tributary. This tributary is often referred to as the ‘Gold River’ by locals.

The major rafting destinations that you can explore with your favourite girls are Taliha Camp, Sippi, and Daporijo. The river rafting experience promises to be challenging and the true-blue adventure sport is a great way to bond with your girls. If you’re interested beating the rapids, plan a trip from early November to March, which is the best time for white water rafting in Arunachal Pradesh.

Fact File

Location: The river flows along the north-eastern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh
How to Reach: Guwahati and Tezpur are the nearest airports; Harmuti train station is around 43km away from Itanagar; the road networks link it to nearby cities and states
Official Language: English
Currency: INR
Time Zone:  UTC+05:30
Climate: Sub-tropical to temperate
Food & Drink: Try the bamboo shoots, Pika Pila pickle, Pehak chutney, and the famous Arunachali rice beer, Apong

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Scuba Diving In The Andamans

Have an unforgettable experiences with your girlfriends in Andamans

Diving in the Andamans involves bright colours, underwater weightlessness and unforgettable experiences

Not only is scuba diving a fun adventure sport that gives you the thrill of doing something new, it’s also the best way to explore the fascinating marine life hidden from plain sight. Head to the Andaman Islands for some of the world’s best diving sites breathtaking underwater ecosystems. This is something that can only be understood, once it’s experienced.

If you’re planning an all-girl trip to the Andamans, there are plenty of choices in adventure groups and travel companies who organise scuba diving expeditions. And the best thing is they can arrange tours for anyone, from first-time divers to certified professionals, so everyone can participate.

Fact File

Location: In the Bay of Bengal, southeast of India
How to Reach: Port Blair Airport is the major one in the region; since Andamans is an archipelago, there is no rail route or roads that connect to the islands. However, one can travel to the islands via ships to and from Port Blair
Official Language: Hindi and English
Currency: INR
Time Zone:  UTC+05:30
Climate: Tropical
Food & Drink: Seafood – Lobsters, Khadi crab, and Tandoori Fish

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Caving Adventures In Meghalaya

Crawl through a cave and have a stunning experience in Meghalaya

Crawl through a cave with your girls for a stunning shared experience in Meghalaya

A lesser-known adventure sport, caving is a unique experience for everyone. Navigating dark passages, wading through waist-high water, and the chance to observe one of nature’s most magical works is an thrilling experience you won’t forget in a hurry.
Not many are aware that Meghalaya, which translates to ‘the abode of clouds’, is also home to the largest network of caves in India. This makes the northeastern state an ideal place to try this exciting adventure activity. Caving is growing in popularity here, with trained guides available to take you through. The best thing is the caves of Meghalaya offer a challenging experience for all skill levels.

Fact File

Location: Meghalaya is located about 100km from Guwahati
How to Reach: Shillong has an airport; the next closest airport is at Guwahati, which is well-connected to other Indian cities. Meghalaya does not have a rail line, but Guwahati Railway Station is the closest; buses and taxis are available regularly from Guwahati, which connects to smaller towns and other states
Official Language: English
Currency: INR
Time Zone:  UTC+05:30
Climate: Varies with the season, with heavy rainfall during monsoon
Food & Drink: Try the spicy fish chutney, Jadoh (pork and rice dish), and rice beer called Kyat.

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Taking a much-need break and travelling with your girl pals can be a lot of fun! Like-minded company, the pursuit of all things ‘girly’ without being judged, and a stress-free time to bond with your buddies. However, be sure to pay attention to the safety factor and plan your trip in advance to ensure a problem-free adventure.

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