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Applying For A Spain Visa? Read This First!

Applying For A Spain Visa? Read This First!

access_time October 27, 2016

While visas-on-arrival have made international travel easier, Spain is one of the countries where you still need to apply for...

Capitol Complex, Now A UNESCO Heritage Site

Capitol Complex, Now A UNESCO Heritage Site

access_time August 11, 2016

At the 40th session of the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO in July 2016, Chandigarh’s Capitol Complex represented India and...

5 Awesome Destinations For A New Year Selfie!

5 Awesome Destinations For A New Year Selfie!

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The 5 destinations on this list have one thing in common – they’re all ridiculously gorgeous! So if you haven’t already explored these marvels, we highly recommend you add them to your New Year bucket list. And hey, don’t forget to come back with an awesome selfie!


Has the selfie bug hit you yet?

Has the selfie bug hit you yet?


1) I Am King Of The World Selfie @ Trolltunga


Hope you are not scared of heights?

This place is certainly a thrill-seeker’s paradise

Wouldn’t it be great to begin your New Year feeling like you’re king of the world? Well, at Trolltunga or as the locals call it Troll’s tongue, you can do exactly that! This stunning piece of rock jutting out of a mountain is located above the north side of the lake Ringedalsvatnet in Odda, Norway. A thrill-seekers dream, it was formed after glacial water froze a chunk of the mountain and caused it to break off. Sadly, there are no safety barriers built to preserve the rock. But the four-hour trek will certainly give you pictures of a lifetime.


2) Scenic And Colourful Selfie @ Plitvice Lakes National Park


Nature at its absolute best at Plitvice Lakes National Park

Nature at its absolute best at Plitvice Lakes National Park

Croatia is a wonderful destination, especially with attractions like Hvar, Euphrasian Basilica, the island of Mljet, Diocletian’s Palace, Pula Arena and Korcula. So, if you happen to go there, make sure to explore Plitvice Lakes National Park – Croatia’s largest national park and the oldest in southeast Europe. The National Park is known for its 16 lakes arranged in cascades, that constantly change colour (ranging from azure to green, grey or blue) depending on the quantity of minerals, and the angle of sunlight.


3) The Time-Travel Selfie @ Machu Picchu


The glorius Machu Picchu, Peru

The glorius Machu Picchu, Peru

The home of a former emperor, Machu Picchu, the 15th century Inca site is a majestic location. Deemed as one of the finest hikes in the world, the 26-mile Incan Trail that leads you to the peak, also rewards you with an unbelievable view. And with llamas waiting for the perfect photobomb opportunity, a selfie here will be something you’ll never forget!


4) How Gutsy Are You Selfie @ Victoria Falls


“The smoke that thunders,”

“The smoke that thunders”

Lying at the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe in southern Africa, Victoria Falls is a breathtaking beauty. Sometimes called “the smoke that thunders,” this waterfall is twice as big as Niagara Falls. A huge swing over the gorge, and the option to bungee-jump further makes this experience even more amazing. But if you really want a spectacular sight for your New Year selfie, then head to the naturally formed Devil’s Pool, and arrive at the edge of the falls!


5) The Ahava Beauty Selfie @ Mineral Beach


Contrary to its name, the Dead Sea is full of minerals

Contrary to its name, Dead Sea is full of minerals

Ever wondered where Ahava, one of Israel’s top beauty brands, sources the mud for its mineral packs? From Mineral Beach, at the Dead Sea in Israel. And frankly, where else will you find a beach that possess rare, therapeutic qualities? So go ahead, slather yourself in its nutrient-rich mud, and get yourself a fantastic New Year selfie!


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