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5 Best Cities You Must Visit For Unique Diwali Celebrations In India

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Lights, sweets, crackers and glee; the enchanting festival of the Hindus, Diwali celebrations in India is in honour of Lord Rama’s return from a 14-year vanvas (exile), during which he defeated the demon king, Ravana.

Diwali celebrations in India 2018

Come, celebrate the festival of lights!

Diwali Celebrations In India

Celebrated widely across India with much enthusiasm, each city adds a unique feature to the festivities and makes it their own. Being celebrated on 7th November this year, let’s take a look at the best places in India to celebrate Diwali, and what makes this extravagant festival so special there.

1. Diwali Celebrations In Varanasi – Diwali In Its Purest Form

Diwali celebrations in India 2018 - Find peace this Diwali at Varanasi

Find peace this Diwali at Varanasi; chrls lawson, flickr

If you wish to see how Diwali is celebrated in its purest form, then this spiritual place is the perfect location.

Sit by the serene Ganges, listen to the mesemersing chants of pundits and devotees and watch the diyas float away on the holy river; you will find your piece of solitude at a place that is swarmed with worshipers. Away from the firecrackers and the chaos of the city, Varanasi is how Diwali was meant to be celebrated.

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2. Diwali Celebrations In Kolkata – Known For The Traditions

Diwali celebrations in India 2018 -Ma Kali

On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, seek blessing of Ma Kali

The cultural capital of West Bengal lights up into a dazzling city during Diwali. With time-worn rituals and traditions, Kolkata’s streets buzz with zeal and joy. Goddess Kali is worshiped with offerings such as sweets, rice and hibiscus flowers.

There are also a number of bazaars set up, so you can buy authentic Kolkata items.

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3. Diwali Celebrations In Jaipur – For Mouthwatering Rajasthani Food

Diwali celebrations in India 2018 - With Diwali, comes delicious food!

With Diwali comes delicious food!

Sweeten the vibe of Diwali further; visit Jaipur and devour their toothsome sweets and Rajasthani thalis. Indulge in dishes like dal baati, mawa kachori, besan barfi and sohan papdi.

Moreover, on night of Diwali, drive along the city streets and see the lights and crackers illuminate the sky.

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4. Diwali Celebrations In Amritsar – For The Grandest Celebration Of Diwali

Diwali celebrations in India 2018 - Golden Temple

The beautifully lit up Golden Temple is sure to entrall you!; Angad Pal Singh Klngra, flickr

Amritsar brims with exuberant celebrations on the occasion of Diwali. If you want to experience a grand Diwali, then The Golden Temple is the place to do it! Beautifully lit up with candles and diyas, the sight is simply magical. With the prayers of worshippers, the warmth of the air and cool waters surrounding the temple, the aura is unforgettable.

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5. Diwali Celebrations In Delhi – For The Ramleela

Diwali celebrations in India 2018 - The magnificent India Gate

The magnificent India Gate illuminated by fireworks!; Kolory Delhi, Pinterest

With the adaptations of Ramleela taking place at every nook and corner of the capital city, you are sure to witness the epic ‘Ramayana’ dramatically re-enacted in front of your eyes. Immersed in rituals, fervour and ecstasy, Delhi does not disappoint!

Go on extensive shopping sprees, try delicious local food or just watch the firecrackers light up the city. One thing is guaranteed, you will take home more than just wonderful memories.

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So here’s a list of best places for Diwali celebrations in India and we at Cox and Kings wish you a Happy Diwali and a Happy New Year!

Originally published in October’17

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