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5 Must-Have Delicacies in Cambodia

5 Must-Have Delicacies in Cambodia

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Food is not only a way to a man’s heart; it’s also a great way to taste and experience a new culture. Having been in India all her life, where cuisines differ every 250 kilometres, Priyanka Naik is always up to tickle her taste buds.

Taste the delicious dishes of Cambodia

Get to taste the authentic Cambodian goodness while you explore the Land of Khmer

When Priyanka visited Cambodia, she realised it is so much like India in terms of being a haven for every food lover, as long as one is open to try out new things. Cambodia is popular for its biggest religious attraction – the iconic temple of Angkor Wat. This is a delightful and tranquil experience for those who are seeking a bit of quiet after the thrilling nightlife of its better known neighbor, Thailand. However Cambodia’s one- third familiarity lies in the fact that it shares its roots with India’s history.
Below, she has listed the 5 must-have lip-smacking Cambodian dishes which are not to be missed when you visit this beautiful, authentic country.

1. Fish Amok

A trip to Cambodia isn’t complete unless one tries the Fish Amok. This yellow, mildly sweet curry dish is a major national culinary tradition in Cambodia and for good reason. With a coconut based sauce and tones of turmeric, ginger and garlic, it lends a rich and creamy taste. While lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal and shallots provide the touch of being a truly Asian dish. The texture of the dish is truly unique and appealing. The thinly cut slices of fresh fish are steamed alongside other ingredients until the mixture has solidified into something like a soufflé. This is served in banana leaf baskets and the results are fantabulous. Fish Amok is served across Cambodian restaurants, both on the street as well as upscale venues. The variety found in the preparation of this dish shows how close it is to the hearts of the locals. It is a dish not to be missed.

Pop meal for Thai - Amok

Pop meal for Thai – Amok

2. Khmer Red Curry

It is a known fact that the concept of curry first originated in India. But then we see these mouth-watering variations of the spectacular base across the Asian culture, including Thailand and Malaysia. Now, one can count Cambodia in that list, for they have this very special Khmer Red Curry, which to Cambodia is what Butter Chicken is to Punjab. For Cambodians, curry plays a vital role as a part of their culture as it is cooked for special events like Khmer New Year, Pchum Ben or special celebratory days. If it’s cooked in the traditional way, the Khmer Red Curry preparation takes a while as locals prefer to make their own special paste called, KreoungKraham (red curry paste) that has lemongrass, turmeric, kaffir, lime leaf, garlic, and shallots among other ingredients before actually getting down to cooking the dish. The time and effort of preparing this dish is worth it. While not completely unique (the flavor is quite close to the traditional Thai curry), the dish is still is quite fresh and light in taste as compared to Thai curries, and is truly delicious!

The authentic Thai red curry of Cambodia

The authentic Thai red curry of Cambodia

3. Nom Banh Chok (Khmer Noodles)

The dish is a typical breakfast food and even works as a quick evening bite. Being super popular as a part of Cambodian cuisine, you are bound to find it on every street corner and restaurants all over Phnom Penh. Nom Banh Chok, the name given to noodles that are made of fermented rice, and generously finished with a healthy serving of a refreshing fish gravy, as well as crispy vegetables. You will also find water lily stems, banana blossom, cucumber and basil and mint in this dish. But then, like most other dishes, there are various regional varieties.

There’s a Kampot-style variety of the dish, which has a base of coconut cream, locally-produced sweet dried shrimp, peanuts and fish sauce. In Siem Reap, another version can be found, which is slightly heavier on the coconut milk and garlic. Here, the dish is served with tikphaem, a sweet sauce. At times, this popular noodle dish is also served with a chicken curry sauce that is made of shrimp past and yams. While it may not be possible to try all these variations in one visit, trying at least one is a must.

Traditional Cambodian Rice Noodles Topped with Herbs

Traditional Cambodian rice noodles topped with herbs

4. Lok Lak

A popular beef stir fry dish, Lok Lak is inspired by the Vietnamese dish, Boluc Lac (literally, “shaking beef”). Many believe that the French colonisers brought the dish to Cambodia. However, over the last 5 decades, this dish has become a Cambodian one, and is a part of the Khmer cuisine. One particularly enterprising Cambodian, decided to add French fried, or dumlonbarangchien as a side dish to Lok Lak. Today, it’s served with French fries, a fried egg and rice in Cambodia. While it is common to use beef as the meat in this dish, it can sometimes be replaced by chicken or pork, and at time, even venison. Frequently, the meat isn’t marinated at all, and is instead stir fried with oil and garlic. Or, you will find those who often cook the sauce or oil along with the meat. While the ingredients used in the sauce may changed based on availability, it is generally agreed upon that the sauce is brown.

The food phenomenon of Cambodia- Lok Lak

The food phenomenon of Cambodia- Lok Lak

5. Bai Sach Chrouk (Grilled Pork and Broken Rice)

This is another popular breakfast dish on the streets of Cambodia’s capital. The Bai Sach Chrouk is generally rested in a marinade of garlic and coconut milk, before being grilled over burning charcoal on a traditional wire rack. The dish is usually accompanied with rice, daikon, slightly pickled sweet cucumber, ginger, carrots, and a clear chicken broth that has been flavoured with scallions, or at times, friend onions. Do relish this dish, dip a bite of rice along with the pork in the broth, and then clean the palate with pickles. Bai Sach Chrouk is usually served with broken rice, and is sometimes called Bai Moan Sach Chrouk, or chicken rice with pork. There are some places that will sell fried eggs that can be added alongside. You can find this much-loved breakfast meal, early in the morning, at most roadside vendors.

The most popular Cambodian dish- Broken Rice & Grilled Pork Chops is worth a try when you are in Cambodia

The most popular Cambodian dish- Broken Rice & Grilled Pork Chops is worth a try when you are in Cambodia

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  1. ArttuK
    May 16, 01:45 ArttuK

    Hmmm. This baffles me. Every blog and restaurant paints a picture that fish amok is a true Cambodian dish served almost daily to locals. I came to Cambodia 2 years ago, had fish amok in a guesthouse. 2 years with my Khmer family, we haven’t had fish amok even once. My local work colleagues don’t know what is fish amok.

    Curry. yes. With celebration.

    Khmer Noodles. I agree. They’re everywhere, and it’s actually a dish that people consume.

    Then there’s lok lak. Thank god you mentioned its Vientamese heritage. It is not Khmer food. Without tourism industry this dish would have died away a long time ago. Locals consider it Vietnamese. Also why would there be a dish that is sold as Khmer, served with french fries and only available in touristy restaurants and guesthouses?

    few additions:

    Where’s Somlor Machu Kroeung? Kroeung is a true Khmer spice mix, but it’s very hard to get this dish in any tourist restaurants. It’s served daily in all the local ones.

    reply Reply this comment

    Cambodia : Seam Reap has world famous ancient temples like ANGKOR WAT and many such ancient monuments,hardly seen elsewhere.
    Phnom Penh the capital city for KILLING FIELDS where one definitely cries looking at the Horror.
    Sihanokville: nice and scenic islands
    FOOD IS SECONDARY. Article without the bove is INCOMPLETE AND TASTELESS.

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