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3 Places In Australia Known For Its Natural Wonders

access_time October 21, 2018

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Got #ADayIn Santorini? We’ll Tell You Exactly Where To Go!

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7 Incredible Adventures You Must Not Miss!

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195 countries, 7 continents! Choosing a destination worth your visit can be a daunting task. However, there are some locations that need to be on everyone’s bucket list.

From the diversity of Africa, the fascinating local customs of Ladakh, tranquility of Antarctica, to the wilderness of Scotland..

We bring to you 7 trips that will leave you wide-eye and enchanted!


How about a hike at the Glacier National Park, United States?


#1 Plan A Trip To Argentina, Uruguay & Brazil 

The gorgeous Iguassu Falls

The gorgeous Iguassu Falls


#1 Explore The Unforgettable City Of Buenos Aires

Known as the ‘Paris of America’, Buenos Aires is a city which never disappoints. Here, make sure to learn how to tango, and catch a show in one of the many famous ‘tanguerias’. If that doesn’t fancy you, then simply take a walk along the colorfully decorated houses in La Boca. Don’t forget to visit the various museums and tourist attractions in Buenos Aires, such as the Plaza Serrano and 9 de Julio Avenue & the Obelisk.

#2 Catch The Weekend Antique Market & Street Art Display In San Telmo, Buenos Aires

A tourist favorite, San Telmo is characterized by colonial buildings, churches, museums, tango parlors and antique shops on cobblestone streets, which are often filled with artists and dancers. Every weekend, San Telmo plays host to an antique market and street art display, which is hugely popular among tourists and locals alike.

#3 Live The Brazilian Life In Paraty

Filled with over 65 tropical islands and dozens of beaches, Paraty’s Bay offers a plethora of activities ranging from diving, snorkeling, horseback riding, to waterfall hopping and wildlife tours. The vegetation here remains lush and colourful year-round, further elevating the appeal of Brazil’s natural wilderness.

#4 Take A Stroll Along The Cobbled Stoned Streets Of Montevideo In Uruguay

Take a walk in this capital city of Uruguay and explore the unexpected. Its got everything, from picturesque 150 year old buildings, street paintings to colourful murals. The military marching off towards the Plaza Independencia for the changing of the guard ceremony is yet another amazing attraction. This city certainly deserves more credit than it gets.

#5 The Highlight Of Every South American Holiday – Iguassu Falls

Iguassu falls has rightly earned the title of ‘star attraction’ with over 275 thundering falls split between the border of Argentina and Brazil. The sight is unforgettable, to say the least! While the Brazil side offers a panoramic view, the Argentina side lets you witness the falls from the top.

Discover South-America:


#2 Explore The Great White Continent Of Antarctica

Get a chance to meet these adorable Penguins in Antarctica

Meet the Penguins in Antarctica


#1 Meet The Polar Animals

Not many places in the world can offer wildlife like Antarctica. The list of animals and birds found here is simply fascinating. Penguins, residing in massive colonies tops the list. Some of the other animals and birds found here include a variety of whales, king cormorants, sea hauls, sea birds, sea lions, black-browed albatross, skuas, night herons, giant petrels and striated caracaras.

#2 Get Acquainted With The Locals Of Antarctica At Port Stanley

Did you know Antarctica has a human population of 2,491? When visiting this enthralling destination, make sure to meet the locals of Antarctica in Port Stanley. Getting acquainted with the island life is sure to be a wonderful experience. Their colourful houses stand tall and proud against the white background.

#3 Cruise The Great White Continent In A Zodiac

While expedition cruises take you sailing all across Antarctica, zodiacs give you an opportunity to witness icebergs and polar animals more closely. Wondering what a a zodiac is? It’s a small boat designed to travel through some of the smaller passageways in Antarctica and can accommodate around 8-12 people

#4 Pose Against The Background Of Picture Perfect Glaciers

Snow capped mountains reaching the sky, picture perfect glaciers reflecting off the calm waters of the Antarctic and white snow spread out as far as your eyes can see are all the elements required for a perfect picture, and an unforgettable experience.

#5 Pay Your Respects At The Shackleton’s grave

Indulge in listening to the explorations, dramatic tales and legends that led to the discovery of Antarctica. Learn more about Sir Ernest Shackleton, the brave explorer who led three expeditions to the cold and dark Antarctica. Pay respect to his ancient grave in South Georgia Island while you explore this great continent.

Discover Antarctica:


#3 Chill In Chile

Have an action packed day at the Torres Del Paine National Park

Have an action packed day at the Torres Del Paine National Park


#1 Camp At The Torres Del Paine National Park

A trip not made to Torres Del Pain National Park Two will be regretted, period. Your days here will be filled with experiences of snow-capped volcanoes, sparkling lakes, desserts, waterfalls and glaciers. A rich wildlife consisting of herds of guanacos, majestic condors and flocks of pink flamingos will further make anyone fall in love with this place. The raw beauty and majesty of the park has often left its tourists speechless.

#2 Prepare For An Adventure Of A Lifetime At The Glacier National Park

Ranked with the likes of Yellowstone, Yosemite and the Grand Canyon, Glacier National Park showcases natural wonders at its best. The magnificent wild beauty of the park puts it on the must-visit list. This park is popular for hiking, wildlife-spotting, road and sparkling lakes, ideal for boating and fishing. Just perfect  for a relaxing day amidst nature’s beauty too!

#3 Play With Penguins At The Otway Sound Penguin Colony

Otway Sound Penguin Colony is the result of a successful protection program to preserve the once endangered species of Penguins. Today, the colony attracts a large number of tourists who come to visit these adorable birds in their natural surroundings. However, the birds are here only from October to April. The colony is located about an hour away from Punta Arenas. En route keep an eye out for rheas, flamingos, skunks and foxes.

#4 Rub The Toe Of The Magellan Statue In Punta Arenas

The locals of Punta Arenas believe that if you rub the toe of the Magellan statue, you are destined to have good luck throughout your voyage. The statue is prominently displayed in the park in the city’s center. Now the question arises, which toe to rub? Do not get fooled by the shiny bronze toe sticking out from the rest of the statue, the good luck toe is hidden on the other side of the statue.

#5 Enjoy A Solitary Walk From The Plaza Muñoz Gamero To The Mirador Cerro la Cruz

Take a small walk from the plaza and up a series of steps to Mirador Cerro la Cruz for a breath-taking view of the city and landscapes. The walk offers great views of the city’s wide streets and tall buildings, with the Strait of Magellan and Tierra del Fuego in the distance.

Discover Chile:


#4 Camp In Ladakh


Scenic campsite at Leh

Scenic campsite at Leh, Ladakh


#1 Visit The Fabled Monasteries Of Thiksey & Hemis

Experience the Buddhist culture, customs and traditions first hand as you visit the fabled monasteries of Thiksey and Hemis. Situated against the backdrop of Ladakh, these monasteries offer views that are astonishing. On your trip to the monastery, take part in the morning prayers, admire the beautifully crafted Buddha statues, explore the intriguing frescoes and murals and get an insight of the monk life.

#2 Have A Séance Session In Ladakh

Buddhists are firm believers of the influence of spirits on the material world. The lamas associated with the monasteries play the key role of a mediator between the world of the humans and the spirits. Necessary rites are performed and the spirits are consulted before undertaking any new activity. Make sure to be part of such a Séance session in Ladakh.

#3 Catch A Game Of Polo

Catch a game of Polo in the region where it originated and witness the traditional fanfare that accompanies the game. Each team consists of six players and the game is fast and furious in this rugged terrain. The excitement of this game is further intensified when a goal is scored. This moment is celebrated by a burst of song and music from the surna and daman, traditional Ladakhi musical instruments.

#4 Try Rafting At Indus Valley

A gentle rafting trip here ensures breathtaking views, as it takes you through the canyons in the Ladakh and Zanskar Ranges. This area along the river bank is dotted with various monasteries and gompas’.

#5 Explore The Old City Of Leh

Get acquainted with the old city of Leh as you visit the Leh palace, LAMO [Ladakh Arts and Media Organisation] Centre, Munishi House and Shanti Stupa. A photographer’s paradise, the city offers breath-taking views and showcases a fine example of Ladakhi architecture.

Discover Chamba Camp Thiskey, Ladakh:


#5 Take A Tour To Edinburgh, Glasgow

The amazing waterfront architecture of Glasgow

The amazing waterfront architecture of Glasgow


#1 Become A Part Of The Whiskey Making Process On A Scotch Whiskey Experience Tour

Know everything about this flourishing Industry in Scotland, as you embark on a swirling, bubbling barrel ride through a replica distillery. Uncover the secrets and stories behind the magical whiskey making process and taste some exquisite ones.

#2 Watch The Disney Dream Come To Life At The Stirling Castle

Watch the kings, queens and knights come to life at the Stirling Castle as the costumed characters welcome you to the life of 16th century. An important historic landmark of Scotland, the castle is perched upon a volcanic rock and can be visible from many miles.

#3 Enjoy A Day Filled With Adventure & Nature In Loch Lomond Tower National Park

Looking for some action packed family day? Head to the Loch Lomond National park, it offers a variety of activities ranging from high wire adventures, obstacle courses, aquariums to sculpture trails and boat trips. Whatever you chose, a great time is guaranteed.

#4 Witness Edinburgh’s Dramatic Skyline

Enjoy a relaxing evening with a glass of whiskey and the gorgeous Edinburgh skyline to give you company.

#5 Explore Glasgow From The River Clyde

Clyde cruise is one of the most ideal ways to explore Glasgow, whether you are a visitor or a local, this cruise is an absolute must. It takes you under five Clyde bridges, and past the Riverside Museum, Glasgow Science Centre, Govan shipyards and BBC Scotland studios. It offers a detailed commentary and lets you explore the modern waterfront architecture of Glasgow. This one hour cruise can be started at either the Broomielaw Pontoon or from the Riverside Museum.

Discover Scotland:


#6 Create Travel Memories In Africa: Botswana & Kenya

Desert Safari in Masai Mara, Africa

Desert Safari in Masai Mara, Africa


#1 Feel On The Top Of The World On A Hot Air Balloon Ride In Kenya

Float high above the ground in the magnificent setting of the Great Rift Valley. The ride is one of the best ways to explore Kenya and offers you a bird’s eye view of East Africa. Make the most of the crisp air, muted colours and wild scenery.

#2 Indulge In Bird Watching At The Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha is an ideal spot for bird watching. It has a fascinating bird population of over 350 species, which is supported by the availability of dense vegetation at the lake edge. Some of the birds spotted here are Fulvous Whistling-Duck, Maccoa Duck, Hottentot Teal, Greater Flamingo, African Openbill and the Black Crake.

#3 Spot The Big 5 At The Masai Mara Game Reserve

The world-renowned Masai Mara game reserve needs no introduction. This large game reserve in Kenya is famous for lions, leopards, cheetahs, and the annual migration of zebra, Thomson’s gazelle, and wildebeest. All members of the ‘Big Five’ (lion, leopard, African elephant, African buffalo, and black rhinoceros) are also found here.

#4 Stay In A Houseboat In Botswana

When in Botswana, spend your days in a houseboat discovering extensive bird and wildlife of Africa. Houseboats allow exploration of a more secluded area of the delta, taking small boats into the channels and waterways. Staying in a boat infuses a new level of excitement to the safari.

#5 Go On A Sunset Photography River Cruise

To do justice to your Chobe Safari, opt for the sunset photography tour and capture nature at its very best. The experts there can provide valuable advice on how to set up your camera in order to get the best click. The area you will be visiting is famous for its elephants, hippos, crocodile and ample bird-life. It is also a world renowned wildlife photography area, a ‘jewel’ according to National Geographic, and a backdrop for several African wildlife documentaries.

Discover Africa:


#7 An Adventurer’s Favourite – Peru

Machu Picchu, Peru

Explore Machu Picchu in all its glory


#1 Encounter Unique Wildlife In Paracas National Park & The Ballestas Islands

With an enthralling backdrop of the desert and the sea coming together, this destination offers an excellent ecological experience for nature lovers and bird watchers. These factors make the Paracas National Park an excellent spot for exploration. While Paracas showcases wildlife at its best, Ballestas Islands is famous for windsurfing, kitesurfing, scuba diving and deep sea fishing.

#2 Conquer The Inca Trail Or Enjoy A Scenic Train Ride To Machu Picchu

Pack your bag, wear your hiking boots and gear up for a 4 day Inca Trail. The Inca Trail is not as easy task, but the views offered and the camping experience make it worthwhile. If you are in no mood to go hiking, the alternative could be spending two extra days in the beautiful colonial town of Cusco before travelling to Machu Picchu via train.

#3 Explore Ruins & Bargain At The Sacred Valley Markets

Travel through the gorgeous Sacred Valley and explore the impressive Pisac ruins and the ruins of Ollantaytambo. The ruins of this town are admired for their huge steep terraces guarding the Inca Fortress and for offering one of the best views of the beautiful Urubamba River Valley. After a detailed exploration, head to the artisan market and shop for souvenirs and gifts.

#4 Devour Seafood In Lima

Known as the ‘City of Kings’, Lima is filled with excellent restaurants and cafes. If you are a die-hard sea food fan, a visit to Lima is an absolute must. While you are there, don’t forget to try out ceviche, a delectable seafood specialty.

#5 Soak In Andean Hot Springs

Take your pick from the eight different pools (each with different temperatures) nestled between the Andean mountain tops, at the foot of the majestic San José volcano. The water of these pools is believed to be energetic and therapeutical.

Discover Peru:


Think we’ve missed out on an interesting destination? Tell us about it, in the comments section below. We’d love to read your thoughts!


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