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7 Moms Tell Us Why You Should Travel With Your Infant

7 Moms Tell Us Why You Should Travel With Your Infant

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You may get just 18 summers with your child, make your memories now…

New moms and dads often hesitate to travel with young kids. And many believe family holidays with toddlers are a waste; they’re too young to remember them, right?

But kids grow up, real fast. Before you know it, they’ll have plans and vacations of their own that probably won’t include you. So why spend those initial golden months at home, when you can explore the world outside together? 

Here are 7 new moms who vouch for travelling with babies, and give you 7 good reasons to do so…

It doesn’t matter that they won’t remember the holiday, because you will never forget

It doesn’t matter that they won’t remember the holiday, because you will never forget

Reason 1: You Can Chill While Your Baby Naps

Babies loves to nap. They can do it twice in a day, and sometimes even more! While naps are considered an inconvenience and a reason to avoid traveling with babies, they can actually be a blessing in disguise.

Tina Bhaktinae, mother to one-year-old Dhruv says, “While travelling, follow your child’s routine to give your days a set structure. Also, since you’re not at home, you can take advantage of your baby’s nap-time to just relax, read a book or simply enjoy doing nothing!”

Travel Tip: Carry your baby’s favourite blanket or comfort toy so they feel secure enough to take their regular naps.


Tina Bhaktinae with baby Dhruv. She says, "take advantage of your baby's nap time"

Tina Bhaktinae with baby Dhruv. She says, “take advantage of your baby’s nap time”

Reason 2: Kids Are Easy To Move!

Remember the time your parents could just pick you up and go their merry way? Of course you don’t, because you were too little! Defined as the golden age by most parents, this is when you can just up and travel with the little munchkins, and they won’t complain about where or how!

Khushboo Manwani often tells her friends, “You know what makes parents happy travellers? Portable kids! Just put them in a stroller or carrier and wheel them anywhere you want! Zero complaints!”

Travel Tip: Pack your stroller or carrier so your hands are free, and your baby is comfortable too.

Khushboo Manwani gives a great reason to travel with babies, they're portable!

Khushboo Manwani gives a great reason to travel with babies, “they’re portable!”

Reason 3: Food Is Not A Problem!

Crawl the internet for ‘how to travel with kids’ and it will be filled with experiences of fussy eaters and harrowed parents. But when milk is all they need, food worries go right out of the window!

A mother to a one-year-old, Melissa Parekh says, “My husband and I, we love to travel! In fact, as soon as Mithi was eight-months-old, we took her to Singapore and the only issue we had was “who would change the diapers?”. Since she was being breastfed, we didn’t have to worry about food safety or allergies. But if you are bottle feeding your baby, remember to stock up on your preferred formula. Also, sterilising your baby’s bottle in a hotel room is easy!”

Travel Tip: Make sure your hotel has sterilisation facilities. If not, a simple hot water kettle works beautifully as a replacement. Just boil your bottles.

Melissa Parekh says a baby on a liquid diet takes away all your food-related stress!

Melissa Parekh says “a baby on a liquid diet takes away all your food-related stress!”

Reason 4: Your Baby Is The Best Icebreaker

Everyone gushes over little babies, especially when they are not their own! No matter which part of the country or the world you travel to, an adorable smile from a tiny tot is enough to drown you in a sea of awww’s.

Chaitali Mehendale, mother of a 4-year old says, ” If you’re looking for an icebreaker with the locals, just head outside with your little kid and watch them work their magic! Somehow their giggles and smiles transform you into a celebrity. When Rohan (her son) was a year old, we took him to Kerala and you should have seen the way the locals showered him with love!”

Travel Tip: Standing in line? Make sure everyone knows you have a baby, and see the lines part for you. Want an upgrade? Ask, and you shall receive. Need something done urgently? Your baby is all the reason you need.

Connecting with locals is a cake-walk when you're armed with a baby, says Chaitali Mehendale

“Connecting with locals is a cake-walk when you’re armed with a baby”, says Chaitali Mehendale

Reason 5: Your Baby Travels At Less Than Half Price

Nothing like an expensive flight ticket to put a damper on your holiday plans, right? Not a problem if you are travelling with your toddler. Flight tickets for children under 2, are less than half price, while train travel for children under five years is free.

Ramya, mother to an 18 month toddler, Aadhya, who recently travelled to Goa says, “My kid is a complete water baby, so my husband and I decided to introduce her to the beaches of Goa. Since, Aadhya was under 2, we didn’t have to worry about the flight tickets. We travelled by a budget airline and ended up paying only about Rs 500 for her. That was so much better than buying a seat because ultimately she always crawls onto my lap!”

Travel Tip: Ask for an upgrade on your flight, or a seat with lots of legroom. You have better chances of getting one!

Free train & flights tickets for babies are just one of the reasons why you must travel with them, says Ramya Aadya

“Ticket prices for babies are just one of the reasons to travel with them,” says Ramya

Reason 6: You Get To Be A Child!

How many times have you wished to turn back time, and go back to being little again? While you can’t turn back time, you can definitely relive it with your toddlers; and what better place than an amusement park? And with a child under two, their ticket is absolutely free!

Shadma Zaidi, a Delhi-based designer who took her 14 months old daughter to Honk Kong Disney Land reminisces, “Going on a trip with your toddler is a different experience all together! Joodee (her baby girl) made us realise that there is so much more to theme parks than the lines, the crowd and the cost. Watching her eyes light up as the Disney parade passed by or when the fireworks went off in the night sky and listening to her shouts of glee as we went round the merry-go-round, transported us right back to our childhood!”

Travel Tip: Always wanted to do something, but thought it was too childish? Do it with your kid, and you’ll be totally excused!


Become a kid again with your child, says Shadma Zaidi

“Become a kid again with your child”, says Shadma Zaidi

Reason 7: You’ll Teach Them To Become Great Travellers

To say travel is a waste with little kids, is as outdated as the parents who think so. And there are thousands of parents who’ll agree! Travelling makes little tots flexible as they learn to adjust to almost anything at an early age. It’s the first step into the making of little adventurers!

Renee Parakh who started travelling with her baby Jaden as soon as he was six months old, believes, “When kids travel early, they become excellent travel companions. They adjust easily and look forward to new experiences, places, faces and foods. It’s a delight to experience the world from their perspective! So, why delay the travel?”

Travel Tip: Animals, people, plants, experiences…this is the best time to introduce your baby to a whole new world. At this age, everything your baby does is an education in life.

Start young & help them become great travelers, says Renee Parakh

“Start young & help them become great travelers”, says Renee Parakh


Parents have spoken! What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. We can’t wait to read your thoughts!


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