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#WhiskHerAway: 7 Trips Mothers Want, But Never Ask For!

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Mothers play many roles – friends, teachers, confidantes, nurses – she’s the most important woman in any person’s life. In a country like India, mothers are considered to be on the same level as God – after all, they do give us life. Being a mother may look like a glamorous job, but it is a tiring full-time one. Mothers are at work every day of the week and 24 hours of the day. There is no time for rest, forget about going on trips they have always dreamed of. This Mother’s Day, #WhiskHerAway for a rejuvenating, stress-free holiday with Getaway Goddess; you know she deserves it.

Mothers will always find time for their children no matter how tired they are

Mothers will always find time for their children no matter how tired they are

While Mother’s Day is a fantastic occasion to #WhiskHerAway, you don’t really need to wait to spend some time with her, exploring new worlds. She’s made every day special for you, so give her one of these 7 getaways that every mom wants, but never asks for.

#1 Spa Retreats

There is no better way to relax your body and mind than to indulge in some luxurious treatments at a spa. And trust us, no one needs a spa retreat more than a mother.

Let your mothers enjoy a holistic experience at one of the spa retreats in India

Let your mother enjoy a holistic experience at one of the spa retreats in Bali

Apart from the anti-aging benefits, some spa treatments improve blood pressure, sleeping patterns, and some can even get rid of the harmful toxins in the body. Treat your mother to a spa retreat and spend some quality time together – she will definitely appreciate this. Some of the famous spa retreats in India are located in Kerala, Himachal Pradesh, Goa, Maharashtra, and Uttar Pradesh. But nothing can beat a spa getaway in Bali, featuring hot stone massages, body scrubs, hydrotherapy, reflexology and Ayurvedic treatments. What’s more, you can also experiment with Balinese healing rituals at spas in locations including Ubud, Seminyak and Canggu.

#WhiskHerAway for a spa retreat in Bali

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#2 Wildlife Safaris

When was the last time you did something adventurous with your mother? How about you go on a wildlife safari with her?

Zebras spotted at the South African Wildlife Safari

A zeal of zebras spotted on a wildlife safari is just one of the amazing things you see in South Africa

Surprise your mom with an exciting wildlife safari in South Africa, where the fun never ceases. Spot exotic animals as in open 4×4 vehicles with your mother by your side. You’d be thrilled to see the look of awe and wonder on her face as you drive through cascades of forests and falls and see some of Africa’s most sought after beasts. Take on a trip like this to rekindle your bond with your mother and make some fun memories with her in the African wilderness.

#WhiskHerAway for a wildlife safari in South Africa

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#3 Monastery Hopping

Make this Mother’s Day a peaceful one by journeying to the mountains with your mom; the surreal experiences promises to unleash your spiritual side.

The largest Buddha statue of India rests vbrilliantly at the Disket Monastery, Ladakh.

The largest Buddha statue of India rests brilliantly at the Diskit Monastery in Ladakh.

There are gorgeous high-altitude monasteries in Ladakh, Bhutan and Nepal that boast of stunning natural backdrops and are bursting with a calm, soothing aura. This spiritually rejuvenating getaway with your mother is one of the best bonding vacations you can invest upon. Oh, and did I mention that the view from these mystical monuments are to die for?

#WhiskHerAway for some monastery hopping in Ladakh 

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#4 Shopping Escapades

Sometimes all your mother needs is to go on a shopping spree! Whether

Delve into a shopping spree with your mom, you kniow she's going to love it!

Delve into a shopping spree with your mom, you know she’s going to love it!

So, the next time you see your mother tired and stressed out, plan an impromptu getaway for her. And if you’re travelling to Singapore, there are always good places nearby that have something unique to offer. Sign up for some guilt-free shopping time with your mom in tow and binge on amazing clothes, accessories, handicrafts, souvenirs. Pamper your mother by buying her something glamourous, elegant and classy – boy, will she be overjoyed!

#WhiskHerAway for a shopping escapade in Singapore

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#5 All-Girl Trips

If your mom has a group of friends, planning an all-girls trip can be your best option.

Don the explorer's hat and take a trip with your girlfriends!

Don the explorer’s hat and take a trip with your girlfriends!

Moms rarely take time out for themselves, so giving her some time away with her best buds can be amazing! If your mom is a beach lover, send her to the immaculate islands of Bali or Greece, treat her to nature’s artwork with the Northern Lights in Ireland, or choose Italy or Russia if your mom loves art and history! Truth be told, spending some time with your mom on these special Mother’s Day holidays may be what she wants most.

#WhiskHerAway for an all-girl trip to Italy

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#6 Nature Love

If your mom loves the outdoors, show her nature’s best visual treats as you explore new lands with her!

Let her take as much time as she wants to enjoy the spectacular views from the top of the trail

Let her take as much time as she wants to enjoy the spectacular views atop mystical lands

We bet that you mother would love to relax on a Dead Sea Beach in Jordan, or enjoy a boat cruise in Vietnam, even enjoy a cleansing soak in Hierapolis’ natural springs and pools in Turkey! How about cruising across Singapore’s best or a 2-hour outdoor cooking lesson with Amira Shanab, the famous TV chef in Egypt? Head outdoors this May, trust us, you won’t regret it.

#WhiskHerAway for some nature loving in Turkey

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#7 Beach Vacation

Since being a mother is a 24×7 job, a beach vacation that lets her lounge around while doing absolutely nothing may indeed be the perfect gift.

Your mom may just want to chill at the beach with a cocktail in her hand

Your mom may just want to chill at the beach with a chilled cocktail in hand

Your mother will definitely appreciate spending some time basking in the sun, lying on tanning cots and sipping on something that’s served by someone else! If you’re looking for something exotic, you simply cannot go wrong with a trip to a beachy paradise. Relive those happy childhood memories as you both build sand castles together! How’s that for a change from normal?

#WhiskHerAway for a beach vacation in Greece

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Give your mom exactly what she wants by taking her on one of these trips for Mother’s Day. Check out our special EMI scheme on exclusive women-only holidays, and move one step closer to an unforgettable holiday, Getaway Goddess style.

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