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A Trip To The Blue Lagoon

A Trip To The Blue Lagoon

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Scuba diving, snorkeling and scrumptious food on your mind? Well, Netri Desai knows exactly where you need to be!

Join her as she takes you across Konkan, and introduces you to Tarkarli’s absolute best features. And hey, this place is perfect for a long weekend getaway too. So read on to know how you can make the most of your time here…


An absolutely fun get away awaits at Tarkarli

An absolutely fun get away awaits at Tarkarli

I have been to Malvan/Tarkarli numerous times, but still, the beauty of Konkan never fails to amaze. Personally, I love to travel by train, but you can also opt for a road trip, as there are various spots one can explore on the way. If you are traveling by train, get down at Kudal station and hire a rick or a car (don’t forget to bargain). The distance from Mumbai to Tarkarli by road is 546 kms, which translates to 10 to 12 hours of driving time. In the case of a rail journey, the duration depends on the train you choose.


Just a little more time and we will arrive at Kudal

Just a little more time and we will arrive at Kudal


A Little Bit Of Background

This place has a huge stretch of beaches. Blue water, white sand and amazing food always await you here! After we reached Kudal station on the way to Malvan, we visited the Dhamapur lake. It is said that once upon a time, there lived a goddess in this lake who helped poor villagers by giving them jewellery during auspicious occasions, like weddings. However, once the purpose was served, it had to returned. Anyone failing to do so was punished.

Don’t forget to carry bread or biscuits, they come in handy to feed the fishes in this lake.


Posing against the Dharampur Lake

Posing against the Dhamapur Lake

Tarkarli has a variety of options available for stay like MTDC, private resorts, house stays, villas, etc.  All options are good, and suitable for all types of budget. After settling down, you can spend a beautiful evening at the beach with family and friends.


Quite a few budget- friendly stay options are available here

Quite a few budget- friendly stay options are available here


Things to do

1. Eat!

A variety of options are available for seafood lovers, such as Saundala (butter fish), Shark, Squid, Raus (Indian Salmon), Promfret and Surmai (Seer fish). Vegetarians also have a wide spread of Malvani dishes to choose from.

I highly recommend the Surmai Thali with Sol Kadhi, Chicken dry in Malvani Masala, and squids fry.

Note: Traditional Malvani food uses liberal quantities of coconut in all its forms – dried, grated, paste and milk. This is combined with generous portions of dried red chilies, coriander seeds, cardamom, ginger, garlic, kokum (garcinia), tamarind and garam masala spices. Finally, it is garnished with tirphal (teppal), a cousin of the Sichuan pepper, best known for its tongue-numbing properties.


Yummy in our tummy!

Yummy in our tummy! The famous Surmai Thali with Solkadhi


2. Sight-Seeing

While Tarkarli has many attractions, a visit to the Tsunami Island, Sangam (where Arabian Sea meets the backwater), Devbaug beach and Dhamapur lake is an absolute must. Besides these, there are four other places that I highly recommend. Read more about them below…



Stop at Tsunami Island for some water sports

Stop at Tsunami Island for water sports

#1 Bharadi Devi’s Temple, Anganewadi

Bharadi devi (goddess) temple is situated in Anganewadi, a small village about 14 kms from Malvan. Bharadi devi (goddess) is famed for her wish-fulfilling powers. Devotees express their wishes before her, and once they are granted, they visit again to express their gratitude. The highlight of Angnewadi is the annual fair (some time in February), also know as Angnewadi Jatra which is attended by lakhs of devotees. To get here, you can either hire a private vehicle or use public transport like buses and passenger vehicles the run from Malvan and Kankavli.


Bharadi Devi's Temple in Anganewadi

Bharadi Devi’s Temple in Anganewadi

#2 Kunkeswhar Temple

Kunkeshwar is located in Sindhudurg district and is 54 kilometers from Malvan. This place reminded me of the Somnath temple.

According to legend, the temple of Kunkeshwar was built many years back by a Muslim sailor who was travelling for trade. Just when he was about to reach the Kunkeshwar shore, a storm hit the sea and threatened to drown his ship. Amidst the havoc, he spotted a lamp on that beach and prayed to that lamp “I don’t know who you are, but if you will help me and stop the havoc I will build a temple for you”. And as luck would have it, his ship managed to reach the shore of Kunkeshwar safely, and he built this temple as promised. However, as the sailor was a non-Hindu, he thought that his religion will not accept him and therefore committed suicide from the top of temple.



Listen to the legend of the Kunkeswhar Temple

An inside view of the Kunkeswhar Temple


#3 Devgad Fort – Lighthouse

This place is located in Devgarh, which is a coastal city in Sindhudurg district, approximately 50 kilometers from Malvan. It is well known for its harbour, beach and of course, the lighthouse. Built in 1915 at the Devgad fort, this lighthouse offers mesmerising views of the Arabian Sea.

Note: Bharadi Devi temple, Kunkeshwar & Devgad can be covered in a days’ time and by late evening you should be able to return to Malvan. Once in Malvan, visit the Hindu Goddess Temple in the market and the Ganesh Mandir/ Elephant God temple near Market area.


Panoramic view offered from the Devgad Fort

Panoramic view offered from the top of Devgad Fort


#4 Pawan Chakki (Windmill)

To reach Pawan chakki one needs to pass through Devgad local market. Locals guided us towards this place.


Looks pretty, doesn't it?

Looks pretty, doesn’t it?


3. Water Sports (Scuba Diving And Snorkelling)

In the past few years Malvan/Tarkarli have gained some popularity for scuba diving and snorkelling. You can either book a boat ride, which comprises of dolphin watching and visits to a few attractions, along with scuba or do it individually; as locals here have different packages to offer. Early morning between 7 am-10 am is perhaps the best time to explore the deep waters of the Arabian Sea. Post that, the tides start to flow in, and bring along muddy water. You have 2 options for your scuba dive:

1. Carry an oxygen cylinder along with you. This is better if you want to go deeper into the water.

2. You’ll be connected to the boat via a pipe, which is also used to pump oxygen into your mask.


Time to check snorkeling off the bucket list

Time to check snorkeling off the bucket list


The corals in Tarkarli are considered to be one of the best in the country.

The corals in Tarkarli are considered to be one of the best in the country

4. Stay In A House boat

Step away from the crowd and noise as you step into a houseboat, and literally sail away into the sunset. Stroll the decks, click photographs, watch dolphins and dine against the backdrop of stars, all in Tarkarli.

5. Just Relax At The Beach (My personal favourite 😛 )

Just claim any spot on the beach as yours, relax under the sun and watch the endless sea!


Malvan 22

Sun, sand and water



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