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A Quick Glimpse Of Must-Visit Tourist Places In Port Blair, Andaman

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It is said that the best trips are usually the ones that are not planned! And for me, one such kind of trip was to the most prestigious Islands of Andaman. Named after “Hanuman” or “Handuman” Andaman is one of the best getaways anyone can have who is planning to take a short vacation of about a week.

Port Blair andaman

Lagoons of crystal clear water and scenic beaches in Andaman would definitely satiate your wanderlust

We landed in the capital city of Port Blair. Steeped in colonial history, it has a lot of stories that anyone would want to discover. During our stay, it was surprising to see very few traffic signals. From a small-town charm to beautiful beaches, Port Blair has a lot to offer to its tourists. Don’t leave the majestic islands before you see the following tourist spots and attractions in Port Blair.

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1. Go Back In Time As You Explore The Cellular Jail

port blair jail

A colonial prison used by the British especially to exile political prisoners, the Cellular jail is a must visit for any kind of traveller

This is the first and the topmost thing that touches your soul as you learn about the history of the tortured freedom fighters during the reign of  Britishers. This huge piece of construction has witnessed the sorrowful cries of its prisoners, all the Indian patriots, freedom fighters across the nation. The prisoners were kept in isolated cells and were subject to brutal work regime. You need at least 2-3 hours to see the entire Cellular Jail. After knowing the history, I understood why people called it as “Kaala-Paani” (Kaala means time or death and paani means water). The feeling you get when you enter the Veer Savarkar cell is something that cannot be explained. It’s just needs to be experienced.

port blair jail

Know dark secrets & tales of atrocities & injustice at the Cellular jail, Port Balir, Andaman, India

It has only three floors so that no prisoners could attempt to escape. All that they could see from their prison was stretches of water all around them. If they tried to escape and caught, they were given solitary confinement.

Every evening there is a light and sound show which depicts the story behind the historical Cellular Jail from the viewpoint of an old Peepal Tree that has witnessed all the tragic events. Not to miss, it gives you goosebumps as it brings alive the life of prisoners. The light and sound show in Hindi is at 6pm-7.15 pm and English show starts at 7.15pm.

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2. Visit The Samudrika Museum

Samudrika museum is a well-known tourist attraction in Port Blair which is catered by Indian Navy. The guitar fish, Lobster, Star fish, Corals and other such small and big creatures will leave you gaping in astonishment. This place has a variety of information covering the marine life, ecosystem, corals, animals and the tribal community.

3. Relax In The Serene Garden Of The Water Sports Complex

andaman trip - port blair

Enjoy the cool breeze as you unwind and relax at the garden

We chose to spend our evening in this beautiful garden. The cool breeze, the gushing sound of the sea and the chirping of the birds will make you feel enchanted by its natural beauty. That was one of the most peaceful walks that I’ve ever experienced in my life.

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4. Unwind On The Corbyns Cove Beach

Cove beach port blair

Secluded and unspoilt, the Corbyn’s Cove beach will mesmerise you in every way

This beach is  beautiful and is lined with palm and coconut trees. The drive to this beach around the Cellular Jalong beach is very scenic. It is often busy as there is jet skis and other water sports.

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5. Explore Viper Island


port blair - viper island

Island hopping seemed very fascinating hence we decided to take a jetty to visit the Viper Island. Viper Island has its own history. It was called as an “hell on earth island”. This is where the Britishers hung the prisoners after torturing them.

6. Meet The Jarva Tribal People On The Baratang Island

port blair baratang island

The visit to Baratang will take an entire day. It is located around 100 kms from Port Blair. The journey will be mesmerising and will take you through tribal reserves. The forest is protected by the government, because they are home to the “Jarva Tribal” who have been living here. Photography is strictly prohibited here.

The idea of witnessing  the Jarva tribals in this island made us jump with joy. We had already painted their images in our mind and expected them to be wearing leaves. As we went deeper into the forest, our curiosity increased. We wanted to spot these people who looked like us yet led a very different life altogether and finally we spotted them on trees.

Baratang is famous for the limestone cave and the mud volcano. We took a speed boat to visit the limestone cave. It was a beautiful structure. It was cool from inside but there wasn’t any scope for slightest ventilation. Also, we caught a glimpse of sun-bathing crocodiles camouflaged perfectly in the mangrove forest.

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7. Buy A Souvenir From The Sagarika Government Emporium

port blair emporium

Shop local handicrafts from the most popular store in Port Blair

This emporium is located in Port Blair itself. It is famous for its b eautiful local art, collectibles and local handicrafts. The store brims with variety of beautiful lampshades, wood cravings and sea shells. Also there are a lot of tribal artifacts from bamboo to seashell jewellery.

Port Blair boasts of awe-inspiring beaches, rich cultural history and delectable eating joints that are not just tourist-friendly but also gorgeous. Make the best of your Andaman tour by exploring these iconic attractions.

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