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Ashutosh Mehere: European Sojourns Part 1

Ashutosh Mehere: European Sojourns Part 1

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Unusual, frequently outspoken and absolutely fun!
Ashutosh Mehere, Sr. Vice President – Alliances & Special Projects at Cox and Kings Group, India.

Place a finger on the map and this gentleman will tell you, he’s been there! An absolute love for travel has enabled Ashutosh, in slightly more than 21 years of his career, to create many successful, corporate milestones. Destination marketing, however, has been one of his core competencies.

From launching lucrative start-up business projects and initiatives, serving Voyages TV as Business Head, to spearheading business for India’s largest selling FIT brand; the man has set an envious track record for himself.

However, one of the most appealing aspects about his personality are his vivid travel stories! A globe-trotter in its truest sense, he’s always equipped with valuable (and quirky) advice for every travel query.

So, all Europe rookies, here are some useful tips from Ashutosh that you can definitely use while planning a trip to this stunning destination. Read along…



Our European Holiday- A Dilemma of Choice!



Come Jan-Feb every year, I am flooded with a flurry of calls/emails from friends and relatives looking forward to visit Europe this summer. Strangely, there is a familiar pattern in their request as they tell me what they are looking for. The requirement is largely like this:

Duration of Holiday: Two weeks (Why not more or less…I don’t know)

Budget per person: Rs 1-1.5 lacs pp
(they tell me this should also include the items bought in India prior to travel from India…like thermal innerwear, lip balm, cab fare from home to airport etc…strange!!)

Accommodation: Basic 2-3 star hotels, nothing fancy or expensive
(but great location next to the main train station, preferably boutique decor, clean room & loo, breakfast included, close to all main attractions plus free htl shuttles all over the city..!!?!)

Reference material used by them for planning:
-Couple of guide books (Lonely Planet, Fodors, etc)
-Some browsing on TripAdvisor
-Lots & lots of Google (used mindlessly like typing in ‘things to do in Europe’ in the search box…)
-Advice from friends & relatives who have visited Europe in the past (10-12 years back!)

Preferred style of Itinerary: Explorer or Globe Trekker
(like Samantha Brown in ‘Passport to Europe’ on Travel & Living channel…!!?!)

Countries to be visited as per their wish list: UK, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Austria, Greece, Spain & preferably Eastern Europe.

Huh? Excuse me?… It hasn’t occurred to my friends that of the ten countries mentioned above, there would be at least two cities in each worth visiting. That makes it 20 cities to visit. Providing for arrival & departure days that will leave you with 12 days out of your two weeks holiday to accomplish this feat.

Don’t laugh! You will probably ask for the same when it is your turn.

Also I am grateful to all of my friends who did not include IRELAND, SWEDEN, NORWAY, DANMARK, RUSSIA, FINLAND & TURKEY also to the above list. At the last count providing for constant political unrest, there were more than fifty countries in the continent of Europe.

When you ask these people to consider dropping one of the cities, let alone a country, you get that exasperated (rolled up eyes) look. ‘What is the point in taking this trip if you are not going to be visiting Innsbruck? ’ …really?
And worse…’What is the point of me spending all these years in the travel industry if I cannot resolve a small challenge like this one for my friends?’


Planning a summer holiday abroad can be tedious. Don’t let procedures and processes come in the way of memorable holidays.

Click here to book your dream trip to Europe, this summer, starting Rs.99,999/-(all inclusive*) #EuropeDekho without hassles!


Keep watching this space for the next post on : Holiday to Europe:  How to enter… How to exit

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