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30+ Best Eateries & Restaurants In Lucknow You Shouldn’t Miss!

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One simply does not leave Lucknow before trying out the mouth-watering, soul pleasing, finger-licking delicacies that the city has to offer. Wondering where to go for delectable and authentic Lucknow food? Here are some of the best restaurants in Lucknow that you must try!

restaurants in Lucknow - food - kulfi

Come, have a look at Lucknow, The Land Of Nawabs and take a sneak-peak into the delectable and mouth-watering Lucknowi food

The usual suspects of chaat, Tunde kababs and Biryani aside, there is an entire culinary world waiting to be explored in Lucknow. Lucknow food and cuisine has evolved through generations, and really emerged and blossomed from the time of the Nawabs, who patronised chefs, or the glorious khansama, as they were called. These chefs were respected and revered, and given a free reign to experiment with taste, textures and spices. As a result, many dishes were invented and perfected, which we so love today.

Preparation of the food around 7 am outside Mubeens - best restaurants in Lucknow food

Preparation of the food around 7 am outside Mubeens

The cuisine of the Nawabs is every bit as royal and delicate as it is made out to be, and really calls out to be experienced with love. A food walk in Lucknow is not just an experience, but it is an education, which will introduce you to the authentic Lucknowi culture.

Here are some of the best Lucknow food walks you should take and our recommendation of 30 eateries and restaurants in Lucknow you should not miss!

Savour the best flavours of Lucknow with us!

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Best Restaurants In Lucknow For Authentic Lucknow Food & Delicacies

1. The Chowk Tour: Tunde Kabab, Rahim’s, Idris, Mubeen’s, Shree Lassi Corner and Company

Chowk is the old market place in Lucknow, known for the textile market, chikan work and of course, the food. Some of Lucknow’s most well known food places are here, and travellers flock to this place for the authentic tastes and to eat at historically revered places.

best restaurants in Lucknow food - Tunday Kabaab

Succulent Tundey Kabaab is known for its soft texture and rich flavours

Any non-vegetarian who plans to visit Lucknow, will be stopped by at least ten other non vegetarians, asking them to bring back Tunde Kababs from the trip! Don’t blame them, the Tunde kababs are the most soft, succulent, delicious little pieces of spiced heaven you’d put in your mouth! For some more delightful tandoori kababs and meats, head to Mubeen’s.

There are varieties of Biryani, and every region swears that theirs is the best! Arguably, the Lucknow Biryani is right up there when it comes to taste and popularity. The city’s locals swear by this whole-in-the-wall joint called Idris. Rightly so, because every morsel of the biryani from Idris is a ballet of flavours in your mouth. Absolutely delightful!

Sheernal - best restaurants in Lucknow food

Sheernal with the nalli nahari at Mubeens makes for a hearty breakfast in Lucknow

The best thing about Lucknow is that good food is available at all times of the day! From the crack of dawn to the middle of the night, one can find toothsome food in this city. Not just any food, but staggeringly good food! Rahim’s for instance, serves the most satisfying nihari – kulcha for breakfast (also available at other times of the day). The kulcha is deep fried to perfection, and complemented perfectly with the succulent nihari gravy. A perfect wake up dish!

After delicious food that fills your stomachs and your soul, finish the walk at Shree Lassi Corner and Company, for a filling glass of cool lassi.

Must Watch Video: Lucknowi Tunday Kabaab

VIDEO: Must Have Food In Lucknow – Tunday Kabab!

2. The Aminabad Walk – Ratti Lal’s, Netram, Alamgir, Sharma Tea Stall, Prakash Kulfi

Before the newer parts of Lucknow was even created, locals cherished the chaat (street food) from Netram Halwai in Aminabad. An unassuming, no frills joint, Netram serves a variety of street food options. Do try a Lucknow speciality – Jalebi with Dahi (curd). You will not like to have jalebi any other way after this genius coupling!

best restaurants in Lucknow food

Some Lucknowi dishes are so flavourful that you just won’t stop at one

While you’re still building an appetite, stop by Sharma Tea Stall for the most delicious tea and bun maska, a Lucknow speciality. It refreshes you right down to your soul!

Alamgir is a find, which deserves a mention. Although most of the gravies are delicious to say the least, the mutton stew is really the crown jewel of Awadhi delicacies that must be tried!

Street food in Lucknow is an extension of the city’s character, and is cooked with so much love, that you’ll taste it in every bite. Ratti Lal’s serves some of the best khasta – kachauri in the city, apart from the usual chaat. Just the sight of the round balls of dough floating in hot oil is enough to get your stomach juices asking for more!

restaurants in Lucknow - food - kulfi

Sweet delights these Kulfis are. Indulge and savour the taste that will take to heaven

Finish the Lucknow food walk with the best kulfi you’ll ever have at Prakash Kulfi. Although the famous kulfi place has opened more branches, it is this Aminabad place that the veteran locals of the city swear by.

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3. The Hazratganj Street Food Walk – Jain Chaat, Royal Cafe, Chanakya, Shukla Chaat, Ram Asrey Sweet Shop

Hazratganj, Lucknow’s most hipster hang out spot, is remembered fondly by those who have spent their childhood in the city in the 70s – 90s period. The new, refurbished version is also a cool take on the British-style market, and retains its cool quotient. Go “ganjing” or hang out in Hazratganj, and take a traditional Lucknow food tour around the area.

restaurants in Lucknow - food - aloo tikki

Pass any street and you will be lured by these heavenly mashed potato balls

Start at Jain Chaat Shop, located just off Hazratganj, near the classic single screen Novelty cinema. Have the aloo tikki or aloo chaat here, standing in the alleyways of the British style market. You will not forget the taste for a long time to come.

Meats are a large part of Lucknowi cuisine, and Charminar is the place for authentic non-vegetarian delights. Go here for Awadhi traditional cuisine and do try the speciality – bheja fry. It’ll literally blow your mind. No pun intended!

restaurants in Lucknow - food - basket chaat

Gorge on these toothsome basket chaat when you bisit Lucknow!

Royal Cafe is one of the most popular chaat restaurants in Lucknow, and the famous basket chaat is a visual delight! One simply cannot finish a single plate of Basket Chaat by themselves, as much as they’d like to! Shukla chaat is also a great chaat place in the area and serves some delicious matar chaat, another Lucknow speciality.

restaurants in Lucknow - food - matar chaat

Matar Chaat is known for its appetizing taste and flavours, a must try for everyone

End the walk with a sweet treat at Ram Asrey. If you manage to, do visit this shop before midday, and try the most heavenly malai paan, which is literally just malai (cream) sweetened and served like a paan. It is to die for!

4. The Tulsi Theatre Food Walk – Sakhawat, Dastarkhwan, Naushijahan, Open Air Restaurant, Falaknuma

best restaurants in Lucknow food

Lucknow food can be a little spicy but way too delectable. All in all, it is a must try!

The area near the old Tulsi theatre is known for its row of restaurants in Lucknow serving authentic tandoori, Awadhi and Mughlai non-vegetarian delights. All these eateries or restaurants in Lucknow are excellent for good quality rich Awadhi cuisine. Whether it is the chicken masala or the boti kabab at Dastarkhwan, the kakori kababs at Naushijahan or the Afghani chicken at the Open Air Restaurant, your palette (and stomach) will be overwhelmed with the burst of flavours and spices. For delicious kababs, you can also head to the nearby Shakhawat Restaurant, in Kaisarbagh. This is one yummy-tummy Lucknow food exploration!

End the evening with a fine-dining experience at one of Lucknow’s oldest premium hotels, Clark’s Awadh, where the rooftop restaurant Falaknuma offers not just the finest quality Awadhi dishes but riverside views to match.

Must Watch Video: What To Eat In Lucknow

Video: What To Eat In Lucknow – Food Guide

5. The Sweet Tooth Exploration Tour – Mahalaxmi Sweets, Radhey Lal Parampara Sweets, Chhappan Bhog, Choudhary Sweet House

restaurants in Lucknow - food - laddoo

Looking for desi sweet that is light for your stomach and is delectable at the same time? Try Besan Ladoo, loved by everyone

Lucknow is known for its Awadhi cuisine, but let’s not forget the Nawabs also loved their sweets! From kulfis, Laddoos, rasmalai to jalebis, some restaurants in Lucknow offer a variety of the most delicious Indian sweets. Head to the best in the city and buy boondi laddoos from Ritz, besan laddoos and barfi from Chappan Bhog in Sadar, khoya barfi from Radhey Lal Parampara Sweets, Gulab Jamun at Choudhary Sweet House and Jalebi at Neelkanth Sweet House. Your sweet temptation will be put to rest for the rest of the evening for sure!

6. The Bakeries of Lucknow – Mouth Wide Shut, JJ Bakers, Mr. Brown, Brijwasi Bakery, Walnut World Bakery

restaurants in Lucknow - food - bakery

Lucknow Bakery is known for its sweet, soft and creamy texture!

While bakery and confectionery is not associated with Lucknow, there is an emergence of some really wonderfully cute and cosy bakery around the city. Perfect for hanging out or a romantic date, the bakeries of Lucknow need a special mention. Try the confectionery wonders of macaroons, cupcakes, pastries, cakes, donuts, cookies, brownies and more at Mouth Wide Shut. JJ Bakers, a slightly older bakery, offers cookies that are to die for! The relatively newer Mr. Brown and Walnut World Bakery offer the most exotic and delicious cakes, while Brijwasi Bakery not only offers the contemporary cakes but some Indian style namkeens as well. You can definitely have your cake and eat it too on this food walk!

restaurants in Lucknow - food -

The streets of Lucknow are filled with such appetizing dishes that tastes just amazing. Don’t believe us? Try out for yourself

So these were our top picks for restaurants in Lucknow and the Lucknowi food walks/tours that you must take while in the city! Hope you have a mouth-watering, food fiesta while in Lucknow!

Savour the best flavours of Lucknow with us!

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