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Meet The New Mascot Of Kanha, Bhoorsingh!

Meet The New Mascot Of Kanha, Bhoorsingh!

access_time April 10, 2017

Kanha Tiger Reserve is the largest national park in Madhya Pradesh. It is also the first tiger reserve in India...

Heading To Jordan? Here Are 8 Things You Must Do!

Heading To Jordan? Here Are 8 Things You Must Do!

access_time September 11, 2015

 GYD season 2 winner Arvind Passey’s travel diary gives us a glimpse of 8 things you must try in Jordan...

5 Bucket List Destinations In India For Senior Women

5 Bucket List Destinations In India For Senior Women

access_time March 24, 2017

Your age should never stop you from enjoying new experiences and making amazing new memories. If you’ve already retired, but...

Books, Movies, Music: Understanding The Country You Are Travelling To: Part VI

Books, Movies, Music: Understanding The Country You Are Travelling To: Part VI

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Books, movies and music. There’s no better way to understand the culture, people and history of the countries you visit. Sarah Merchant gives you a list of what to read, see and watch before you travel

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Books, Movies, Music Part- III

Before you travel to Denmark

Read these books on Denmark

hamlet-front-cover-sourceRead Kierkegaard’s philosophical works

‘The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark’ by William Shakespeare

‘I Am David’ by Anne Holm


Watch these films on Denmark

les idiots‘Idiots’ (1998) by Lars Von Trier

‘After the wedding’ (2006) by Susanne Bier

‘Bleeder’ (1999) by Nicolas Winding Refn


Listen to the music of Denmark

aquaGroove to the tunes of pop group Aqua

Listen to Carl Nielsen’s six symphonies

Catch the famous danish jazz musician Chris Minh Doky in a live concert



Before you travel to Poland

Read these books on Poland

cover_boyinthestripedpajamas‘Poland’ by James A Michener

‘The Boy in the Striped Pajamas’ by John Boyne

‘Push Not the River’ by James Conroyd Martin


Watch these films on Poland

pianist‘The Pianist’ (2002) by Roman Polanski

‘Schindler’s List’ (1993) by Steven Spielberg

‘The Double Life of Veronique’ (1991) by Krzysztof Kieślowski


 Listen to the music of Poland

Krzysztof_KomedaListen to the jazz piano compositions of Krzysztof Komeda

Hear some traditional polish folk music which captures the essence of their past

Catch the tunes of famous polish composers Chopin and Lutosławski


Before you travel to Czech Republic

Read these books on Czech Republic

themetamorphosis‘Metamorphosis’ by Franz Kafka

‘The Book of Laughter and Forgetting’ by Milan Kundera

‘Bringing Up Girls in Bohemia’ by Michal Viewegh


Watch these films on Czech Republic

Divided_We_Fall‘Divided We Fall’ (2000) by Jan Hrebejk.

‘Kafka’ (1991) by Steven Soderbergh

‘I Served the King of England’ (2006) by Jiří Menzel


 Listen to the music of Czech Republic

krystof_promoListen to Dvořák’s classical compositions

Listen to Bohemian Forest Music

Groove to the tunes of the popular band Kryštof



Before you travel to Hungary

Read these books on Hungary

fateless‘Fateless’ by Imre Kertész

‘Prague: A Novel’ by Arthur Phillips

‘The Ninth Circle’ by Alex Bell


Watch these films on Hungary

an-american-rhapsody-194509l‘6:3’ (1999) by Peter Timar

‘An American Rhapsody’ (2001) by Éva Gárdos

‘Colonel Redl’ (1985) by István Szabó


 Listen to the music of Hungary

middle-of-the-road_1942521Any song by Hungarian folk singer Cifra

Listen to the famous and well established Bogyiszló orchestra

Songs by the pop band Middle of the Road



Before you travel to Mauritius

Read these books on Mauritius

paul-et-virginie-bernardin-de-saint-pierre‘Paul et Virginie’ by Bernadine de St Pierre

‘The Last Brother’ by Nathacha Appanah

‘Golden Bats and Pink Pigeons: A Journey to the Flora and Fauna of a Unique Island’ by Gerald Durrell


Watch these films on Mauritius

Kuch-Kuch-Hota-Hai-kuch-kuch-hota-hai-26176828-1000-1500‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ (1998) by Karan Johar

‘The Shaukeens’ (2014) by Abhishek Sharma

‘Jane and the Lost City’ (1987) by Terry Marcel


Note: Since, Mauritius doesn’t have a blazing movie industry we are featuring movies in which Mauritius is showcased.


Listen to the music of Mauritius

adc53f8f6c192bdccc77acca83978b49Listen to Creole singer, Jean Claude-Monique

Any song by the Bhojpuri Boys

Groove to the tunes of Kaya, the creator of “seggae”



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