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Celebrate This Baisakhi With Delectable Punjabi Food!

Celebrate This Baisakhi With Delectable Punjabi Food!

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Delight your taste buds on the occasion of Baisakhi with seven mouth-watering Punjabi dishes, and find out where you can enjoy them in Mumbai city.

Sikh devotees take part to Baisakhi procession; Roberto Cerruti,

Sikh devotees take part at a Baisakhi procession; Roberto Cerruti,

Think of Baisakhi, and it’s hard not to imagine a wonderful, celebratory mood marked with fairs, music, huge feasts and impressive street processions. The entire state celebrates this auspicious occasion that marks the start of the Sikh New Year, and the commemoration of founding of the Khalsa. This joyous festivity also reflects renewed faith and energy, as the farming community prepares to harvest the rabi crops.

As festivals and food go hand-in-hand, we bring to you a list of 7 traditional Baisakhi food items, each popular for its unique taste, preparation and aroma.

1. Pindi chana

Great taste, easy to make!

Great taste, easy to make!

An easier alternative to making chole, Pindi chana is quite popular in the North Indian cuisine. It’s a rather simple dish, known for its fiery taste and tantalizing aroma. Doesn’t matter if it’s a standalone dish or served with puri, chapatti or bhature, Pindi Chana is a great addition to a Baisakhi meal.

Try this at: Cream Centre, Chowpatty Seaface, Mumbai.


2. Dal Makhani

The utterly delicious Dal Makhani

The delicious Dal Makhani

Call it Kaali Dal or Maa Ki Dal; no matter what the name, Dal Makhani never disappoints! Prepared with black lentils and lots of butter and cream, this dish is served as a part of Baisakhi meal in most Sikh families. It is believed that the secret to making a great tasting Dal Makhani lies in the number of hours one cooks the lentils.

Try this at: Peshawri, Sahar Airport Road, Andheri.


3. Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori chicken is a must have on Baisakhi

Tandoori chicken is a must-have on Baisakhi

A favourite among non-vegetarians, Tandoori chicken requires no introduction. Chicken pieces marinated with curd and spices, and then roasted to perfection is effortlessly tempting! This mouth-watering dish from Punjab has quickly become popular not only in India, but numerous other countries as well. Chicken tikka, chicken tikka masala, are all derivatives of Tandoori chicken.

PS: Tandoori Chicken was Jawaharlal Nehru’s favourite dish.

Try this at: Mini Punjab, Bandra West.


4. Punjabi curry

Have some Punjabi style curry

Relish some Punjabi style curry

Every state has a special curry preparation, and for Punjab, it’s the Punjabi curry! This dish is best enjoyed with rice, achaar (pickle) and pakoras. Simple yet delicious, Punjabi curry is perfect for an afternoon brunch.

Try this at: Papa Pancho, Bandra West.


5. Lassi

No meal is complete without a glass of Lassi

No meal is complete without a glass of Lassi

Punjabis love their food, and their lassi! This sweet drink made from curd is popular all across the country. In Punjab, a meal is incomplete without a large glass of this frothy and creamy goodness. This cooling beverage perfectly complements the Baisakhi meal, and the summer heat.

Try this at: Kailash Mandir Lassi and Sweets, Dadar East.


6. Dry Fruit Kheer

Everyone's favourite Dry Fruit Kheer

Everyone’s favourite Dry Fruit Kheer

For most, resisting Kheer is not an easy task! This sweet dish made from rice and sugar is relished all across the country. Also, Kheer usually finds a special spot during celebrations and festivities. There are many variations to the original recipe, but the one prepared with dry fruits tops the list.

Try this at: Mohammed Ali Road


7. Besan Ladoos

Finish your scrumptious meal with Besan Ladoos

Finish your scrumptious meal with Besan Ladoos

Baisakhi without Besan Ladoos is a rare sight. Punjabis start off their new year by biting into these ghee-laden goodness. Prepared by roasting Besan, the tantalizing aroma of these ladoos is quite enticing. Besan Ladoos can be prepared conveniently at home as well.

You can also try this at: Karachi Sweets, Bandra West.


With this, Cox & Kings wishes you and your family a Very Happy Baisakhi or as Punjabis would say it “Baisakhi de is paawan parv diyan sabnu vadhaiyyan”





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