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Varanasi Travel – A Quick & Handy Guide to India’s Spiritual Centre

Varanasi Travel – A Quick & Handy Guide to India’s Spiritual Centre

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fbb Colors Femina Miss India Nagaland Becomes Miss Getaway Goddess 2019

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Culture of Ladakh Through Its Timeless Traditions And Handicrafts

Culture of Ladakh Through Its Timeless Traditions And Handicrafts

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Words tend to fall short of this magnificent wonder that has been bestowed upon us. If an artist were to...

9 Mesmerizing Cities To Stop By On Your European Tour

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Europe is endless, exciting and intricate. Here are 9 cities that Kavita Sarmah thinks are essential to explore to have on your European tour for the pure Europe-experience.


You’re here in Europe – Your life has started to turn into an aesthetic movie.

9 Cities That You MUST Visit On The European Tour

The air smells of art, walls are painted in romance and your heart is light and uplifted – You are in Europe! The breathtaking skies of Rome, scenic canals of Venice, spectacular streets of Paris, cultural diversity in London, and much more is what makes Europe so very glorious. If you are planning to explore the mélange of glory that is Europe, here are 9 unique cities that you definitely shouldn’t miss on your European tour!

#1 London


London is almost always dressed in reds, grey-blues and glittering newness.

London’s art, culture and architecture will have you skipping with joy! Even though urban, London holds onto its history and heritage and if you look around you would see it everywhere – from old buildings, cobblestone streets, men in ironed ties to unchanged monuments and little shops that have been open since decades ago. Check out the Victoria & Albert Museum, Madam Tussaudes Wax Museum, take a stroll through the old Borough Market and don’t forget to get on the London Eye for a breathtaking view of the city, it will be the highlight of your European tour.

#2 Brussels


Beware – The friendliness of the people in Brussels is infectious!

Brussels is never not buzzing with excitement and new experiences – People here have warmth in their smiles and a passion for life in their eyes. If you’re here, you’re sure to have an extremely good time! Visit the beautiful Gothic St. Michel’s Cathedral, sit for awhile at a lively café in Grand Place and watch a serene Jazz performance at the Music Village. Don’t forget to treat yourself to the buttery, chocolaty food of Belgium!

#3 Cologne


The contrasts in Cologne will have you clicking photographs left and right.

Cologne is a metropolis on the Rhine in Germany. This intricate little place will have you Oooh and Aaah-ing with wonderment on your European tour! Take a look at their famous Cathedral while you’re here, go to the Kolumba museum for an interesting time, spend awhile at the Archaologische Zone and have yourself a good time at the beer halls of the Altstadt (old town).

#4 Lucerne


If you’re looking for sunny skies with sweater-weather you’re at the right place!

Lucerne – A city in Switzerland is a recipe for all things wonderful. The sunny plazas, music streaming down the streets and its swirly-coloured houses will make you fall in love with this city. Check out the magnificent Lion Monument and spend a moment at Old Town to take in the country’s history and spirit. While you’re in Switzerland, get on with an excursion to Jungfraujoch – The ‘Top of Europe’.

#5 Innsbruck


The candle light at the outdoor cafes in Innsbruck will have you feel butterflies in your belly.

Innsbruck is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. This breathtaking city hosted the Winter Olympics twice and is known as the international center for winter sports. Make sure to take a look at the Goldenes Dachl Museum swathed in impressive murals; the Hofburg Palace is another great place to visit – Its history and art is food for the ever-curious mind. Don’t forget to enjoy a panoramic view of Innsbruck from Bergisel, your European tour would seem incomplete without this experience!

#6 Padua


Fall in love all over again but now with a backdrop of mesmerizing Padua.

If you have taken the time to explore the exceptional lagoon city of Venice, travel for less than an hour and look around magical Padua! This city is unlike anything else in the world – It really stands out and makes its own little identity. Walk through the city’s medieval marketplaces, marvel at the historic Palazzo della Ragione, check out the gardens at Orto Botanico and do visit Padua’s version of the Sistine Chapel – Cappella degli Scrovegni.

#7 Rome


Rome wasn’t built in a day and oh, how the effort has paid off!

Magical streets, thought-provoking art and the romance in the air are the parts that make Rome whole. There is just so much to explore here that you need to plan a good amount of time to spend in this city. The Vatican Museums here have the world’s largest and greatest collection of art. Spend an afternoon at the Piazza Navona in central Rome. Decorated in street artists, colourful tourists and wonderful fountains, Piazza Navona is quite charming. Add a magical touch to your European tour with Rome!

#8 Pisa


There’s nothing as fascinating as the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Drop everything you’re doing and close your eyes – Breathe in the air here in Pisa. The musical fields, everlasting spring and the energy in Pisa will fill your heart with all the love you’ve ever had in life. This city is known to make you feel like you’re in a real-life film. Pisa is the hometown of Galileo! Click pictures with the famous Leaning Tower and spend an artsy evening at the Palazzo Blu gallery. If you have the time, visit the magnificent Duomo cathedral.

#9 Paris


Paris is everything that sweet dreams are made of.

Now last but SO not the least – Paris. This ‘oh-so perfect’ city is sure to leave its mark on your heart. There is no way to not fall in love with Paris! Watch the sunset at the famous Eiffel Tower – I promise it’s as glorious in real-life as they say. Spend the rest of your evening at Champs-Élysées and maybe take a look at the magnificent Arc de Triomphe. Eat at Guy Savoy restaurant for an exceptional gastronomical experience. And of course, have yourself the happiest day at the immeasurably exciting Euro Disney!

Savor the wonderment that Europe has to offer. Wish you a happy and an ultimate European tour!

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