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6 Quirky Facts About India!

6 Quirky Facts About India!

access_time October 3, 2016

India is full of surprises, fascinating stories and myths. But there are some quirky facts about our country that are...

Situation Update: Thailand, 31st May, 2014

Situation Update: Thailand, 31st May, 2014

access_time May 31, 2014

Thailand’s National Council of Provinces (NPOC) on 31st May 2014 announced that the 12 am-4 am curfew has been lifted...

Community Homestays In Nepal

Community Homestays In Nepal

access_time November 30, 2016

“There is no better way to understand a place…than by living there like a local does!” Come what may, tourists...

Explore New York, USA

Explore New York, USA

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We’ve all heard the saying, “Getting there is half the fun”. But where exactly is “there”? Our Explore series tells you where to go, how to get there, and what to do when you arrive. Happy travelling!

Explore New York

Statue Of Liberty

Statue Of Liberty

Originally called New Amsterdam, it was renamed New York after the British took over in 1664. New York is made up of 5 large districts, but it is the island of Manhattan that is popular and attracts a lot of tourist.
Know for  Statue of Liberty and its yellow taxis, this city is also known as The Big Apple and the city of dreams. Why Big Apple you ask? Big Apple was the nickname given to New York by Jazz musicians in the 1930s which slowly became popular.
New York is recognized with the spectacular skyline – the world’s first sky scrapper was built here in 1920. Thousands of people wish to visit this fast paced city to fulfill their dreams. Who doesn’t want to walk the streets of New York, wearing a trench coat and boots with coffee and doughnut in hand?


What To See

New York, the name itself leaves you exhilarated. Imagine walking through Time Square, watching a famous broadway play, climbing the stairs of Statue of Liberty and observing the statue from the middle of the sea. Sounds amazing doesn’t it? The Statue of Liberty was a gift to New York from France on completing its 100th anniversary. This monument still stands proud and greets everyone who visits the city. It’s probably the first thing you spot when you arrive in New York.

Yellow cabs running through the roads of Times Square, New York

Yellow cabs running through the roads of Times Square, New York

Next in the line is Times Square (the center of New York), remember watching the light from the electronic billboards decorated on the buildings falling on a awe- eyed person’s face on TV? That is Times Square.

When in New York, watching a Broadway play is an absolute must! Leonardo Di Caprio fans, should visit the wall street(financial capital of USA) too. Lastly, visit Central Park and enjoy the festivities there, from ice rinks to zoos to museums to lakes, it has it all.


When To Visit

Best time to visit New York? Throughout the year! Each season here offers something or the other to its visitor. Fall (September- November) brings crisp wind, bright sun, good temperature; late fall and winter (December- February) offer Thanksgiving parade and pretty Christmas Decorations and twinkling lights; spring (March- May) brings on glorious weather perfect for an outdoor shopping and touring and summer (June- August), well, it brings the heat and cheaper hotel rates. So, take your pick!

Different views of New York merged together

Different views of New York merged together

How To Get There

While New York is a dream, expensive flights can be a nightmare!
Here are a few tips to avail great deals on flight tickets:

  • Ensure that you book a connecting or a multi- stop flight to save around 20- 60%
  • Book your tickets well in advance ( Studies prove that Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are the best days for flight bookings)

Book a flight that suits you the best and 7796 miles later, you’ll be at the JFK airport, ready to explore The Big Apple!

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