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Foods To Stay Healthy During Travel

Foods To Stay Healthy During Travel

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Whether you are going for a business trip or a vacation getaway, eating healthy foods during travel should be your top priority. By Casey Carter


Finding healthy foods while travelling can be quite a challenge especially if you’re going to spend many hours on a plane or if you’ll be held up in meetings for several days on a business trip. The following are some tips to help you get access to foods to stay healthy when you travel.

Start by Having a Healthy Breakfast

A healthy breakfast consisting of vanilla greek yogurt topped with granola, sliced bananas and strawberries

A healthy breakfast consisting of vanilla greek yogurt topped with granola, sliced bananas and strawberries

You can have breakfast at a food aisle at gas stations, a hotel breakfast bar, or a restaurant. Avoid eating breakfast foods that contain excess starch and sugar if you’re driving. Go for foods that are loaded with carbohydrates as they help in improving your mood. Starch and sugar will only make you feel sleepy. Some healthy breakfast options include:

Breakfast in a Restaurant

#1 An omelette with a vegetable filling; this goes well with whole wheat bread or toast
#2 Oatmeal with fresh fruit
#3 A bran muffin is an excellent source of fiber

Convenience Stores or Service Stations

#1 Whole grain cereals with low-fat milk
#2 Protein bars which are not too high on calories and sugars


Healthy Foods for Dinner and Lunch During Travel


Stay healthy with a bowl of salad

Eating dinner and lunch during travel can mean visiting restaurants or fast food joints. One option is to have your meals at full-service restaurants which have a wide array of choices. Some of the healthy foods that you can eat for dinner and lunch during travel include:
#1 Salads and soups
#2 Baked foods instead of fried or deep fried foods
#3 Fruits and vegetables
#4 Lean meats
#5 Whole grain bread
#6 Sandwiches with a grilled chicken filling as opposed to fried chicken filling
Certain hotels deliver meals to the room. Be sure to make a healthy selection from the menu and ask for a side salad as well.


Healthy Snacks During Travel


There’s nothing like fresh fruit to rejuvenate your senses

If you choose to carry snacks with you when travelling, ensure that the snacks are nutritious. You can always purchase healthy snacks at local grocery stores during the journey. Some healthy snacks you can carry during travel include:
#1 Fresh fruits
#2 Nut mix and dried fruits
#3 Plenty of drinking water
#4 Turkey sandwiches
#5 Protein bars that are homemade
#6 Peanut butter sandwiches
#7 Protein powders
#8 Walnuts, cashews and almonds

Presently, people are allowed to carry packed food in the various modes of transportation (boat, train, bus and plane) so you can take advantage of this and pack easy-to-prepare snacks and meals to eat while travelling. Remember to wrap or put your food in a container if you’re travelling by plane. Eating healthy foods when travelling helps you to remain in good.

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