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French Cuisine: Top 4 Regions In France For Foodies!

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French heritage cannot be summed up in a list of monuments to visit. It also brings together a language of distinction as well as culinary specialties, often linked to certain regions or passed from generations. It is no wonder that the Gastronomic Meal of the French is listed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

french cuisine

The French chefs and cuisines are brilliant, making innovations and breakthroughs in style and flavours almost everyday

French cuisine is celebrated the world over with several French chefs gaining legendary culinary status while upholding the intricacy, delicacy and magic that makes French gastronomy what it is. The words Boulangerie and Pâtisserie (meaning bakeries) were coined by the French so it is not surprising that the most well-known pâtissiers (bakers) globally are French and that wonderful creations such as croissants, brioches, baguettes, macarons to name just a few, are all of French origin. Cooking with roux or stock, the art of marinating meat, velvety and thick sauces like béchame and hollandaise, which are considered the mother sauces of French cuisine, are all French inventions that have enriched and elevated the very art of cooking.

Cheese and Wine are two important pillars of French cuisine. The cuisine has signature dishes belonging to each region of its picturesque terrains. There’s the hearty sausage dish – choucroute- from Alsace Lorraine’s famous quiche, cassoulet, a stew made with meat and beans- from the Occitanie Sud de France region and olive-based tapenade from Provence.

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French cuisise with wine and cheese

Wine and cheese often go hand in hand when it comes to French cuisine

The French strongly believe that wine is an essential part of their meals. Of course, the wine is served with food that complements its taste, meat being the first choice, every time, followed by cheese. Now that you have some idea about French cuisine, let us take a look at some of the most important French provinces and which cuisines, flavours and aromas they specialise in.

1. Champagne – A Treat For The Senses

French cuisine - Champagne estate

With its large vineyards, especially in Champagne, France is known for its rich taste in bubbly drinks

With centuries-old cellars, Gothic architecture, scenic vineyards and marvelous wine houses, Champagne is a treat for the senses. When you’re finally there, you’ll agree that the region is a divine blend of flavourful experiences, tranquil views and, of course, bubbly drinks that can be called champagne only when it is produced from this region. Reims offers delightful contrasts of art-deco cafés with flawless fine-dining settings. Local specialities include Reims’ famous ham, truffles, the slightly crumbly Chaource cheese and the melt in the mouth pink biscuits from Reims that are best enjoyed when dipped in a flute of champagne! From champagne liquor chocolates to rose champagne, Terroir des Rois offers the headiest champagne delicacies. For a stunningly memorable experience, head to The Perching Bar, the sprawling tree-house in the middle of a forest

Must Watch Video: Wine Etiquette For Everyone Who Loves Wine!

Video: Wine Etiquette For Everyone Who Loves Wine!

2. Picturesque Paris

Macaroons - French sweets

The melt-in-your-mouth macaroons by Pierre Herme is a MUST try in Paris!

The fashion and gourmet capital of the world- Paris is all this and yet so much more. Let the aroma of freshly baked goods seduce you on a walk through Paris’ food markets. Stroll leisurely down cobbled streets, and let the divine aroma of freshly-baked bread and meringues take you into one of the many iconic patisseries such as Maison Kayser. Give into the sinful perfection of Pierre Hermé macaroons. Let the colours and flavours of the macaroons blow your mind; he isn’t called the “the Picasso of Pastry” for nothing. Relish the best culinary experiences at Le Cordon Bleu, considered to be the Mecca of culinary training, and shop for fine foods at Lafayette Gourmet. Venture into tiny bistros and charming cafés that complement grand Michelin-starred restaurants for a peek into the creativity and passion that defines French cuisine.

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3. Rejuvenating Alpes Mont-Blanc

French tarts

Delectable chocolate tarts with a rich creamy texture and soft, crunchy base will take you to foodie heaven!

The Alpes Mont-Blanc region in France is known for its quaint rivers, picturesque chalets and bridges, snow-clad mountains and majestic peaks. But that’s not all, this destination in France is also known for its traditional alpine cuisine such as fondues, raclette and tartiflette. Treat yourself to a prime selection of charcuteries and irresistible cheeses. Try Petits Gourmands, and succumb to the indulgent flavours of exclusive chocolates. The jewel-hued macaroons and chocolate figurines of animals found at this famous store are beyond comparison. Speaking of sweet delights, Le Bistrot is also a good option for delectable French food and sweets. Some of their specialties include Trout Filet, served on a bed of roasted vegetables with orange-butter sauce, and the Pumpkin Pie that comes with dark chocolate sorbet and a dark chocolate edible spoon.

4. Provence – A Paradise You Have To Explore

French cuisine and cafes

Enjoy your coffee with toothsome French dishes in small, beautiful cafes lining the cobbled streets of Provence

With diverse landscapes, rolling vineyards, pine forests, olive groves and lavender fields, Provence is a paradise you have to explore. Provence delights with its vast repertoire of specialities that include the socca, ratatouille, tapenades, stuffed vegetables or the Petits farcis, the traditional Bouillabaisse-fish stew and the Provencal beef stew perfect for winters! Do not leave without trying the Pastis – a local golden-tinted aniseed drink typical to the region. On the other hand, the ‘go to’ place for seafood delicacies, L ‘Esplai Du Grand Bar des Goudes offers spicy dishes, and the best of fish, shellfish and many more. Choose from many types of rum, whiskeys and liqueurs, or let the experienced bartenders tempt you into trying one of their signature cocktails.

French cafes

The small street-side cafés are so ingrained in the country’s reputation that you can hardly imagine France without it!

A holiday in its truest sense is when we enjoy an immersive experience that brings us closer to the heritage, culture and food that a destination has to offer. French cuisine is an exploration of decadence and deliciousness, and we bring together the finest French cuisine and experiences to you.

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