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French Cuisine: Top 4 Regions In France For Foodies!

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With a legendary culinary ambience and delectable delicacies, France and French cuisine is highly appreciated and celebrated across the globe.

French cuisine

The French chefs and cuisines are brilliant, making innovations and breakthroughs in style and flavours almost everyday

Traditional French cuisine is a perfect blend of rich, natural flavours with basic ingredients, and it is known for its finesse and flavours. Experts say, there are three types of French cuisine:

  1. Classical French Cuisine
  2. Cuisine Nouvelle
  3. Cuisine du terroir

Slightly more expensive than other variants, Classical French Cuisine includes rich and filling regional dishes, usually made with cream-based sauces. The second type, i.e., Cuisine Nouvelle is lighter and simpler, with smaller portions; it has more local ingredients and usually avoids heavy cream sauces. The last type, Cuisine du terroir is famous for its regional specialties, and is known for strictly using only local ingredients. But all three French cuisines have their own aroma and flavours, which make them one of the most desired cuisines in the world.

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French cuisise with wine and cheese

Wine and cheese often go hand in hand when it comes to French cuisine

The French strongly believe that wine is an essential part of their meals. Of course, the wine is served with food that complements its taste, meat being the first choice, every time, followed by cheese. Now that you have some idea about French cuisine, let us take a look at some of the most important French provinces and which cuisines, flavours and aromas they specialise in.

1. French Fare In Champagne

French cuisine - Champagne estate

With its large vineyards, especially in Champagne, France is known for its rich taste in bubbly drinks

With centuries-old cellars, Gothic architecture, scenic vineyards and marvelous wine houses, Champagne is a treat for the senses. It is a divine blend of flavourful experiences, tranquil views and bubbly drinks that will definitely leave you in awe. A must visit in this region is Reims, which offers delightful contrasts of art-deco cafes with flawless fine-dining settings. Don’t be surprised to find several Michelin-starred restaurants here, a melting pot of the old, the new, the extravagant and the picturesque.  Also, a memorable experience for any traveller would be to explore Vranken Pommery, an amazing champagne estate that produces over 5,00,000 cases of champagne each year.You won’t be disappointed, because this interesting estate is also known for its Roman-era caves, filled with intricate and beautiful carvings that have a fascinating history.

Must Watch Video: Wine Etiquette For Everyone Who Loves Wine!

Video: Wine Etiquette For Everyone Who Loves Wine!

2. French Cuisine In Paris

Macaroons - French sweets

The melt-in-your-mouth macaroons by Pierre Herme is a MUST try in Paris!

Often referred to ‘The City of Fashion’, ‘The Most Beautiful City’ and ‘The City Of Lights’, Paris brims with criss-crossing boulevards, cosy bistros, magnificent cafes and grand restaurants. Take early morning strolls in Paris’ food markets to awaken your senses or sample some toothsome tarts, appetising loaves, soft and buttery breads and delicious croissants in the small street-side cafes and bakeries. If sugar is your poison, then the macaroons by Pierre Herme will definitely give you a sweet surprise. The magic of Herme will envelop you in a heady heaven of sinful perfection. Known as the ‘the luxury bazaar’ of Paris, Galeries Lafayette is also a must visit for its wide range of mouth-watering delis and food stops. From gourmet food delights, delicious French produce to the finest groceries, Galeries Lafayette has everything under its roof!

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3. French Dishes In Alpes Mont-Blanc

French tarts

Delectable chocolate tarts with a rich creamy texture and soft, crunchy base will take you to foodie heaven!

The Alpes Mont-Blanc region in France is known for its quaint rivers, picturesque chalets and bridges, snow-clad mountains and majestic peaks. But that’s not all, this beautiful region in France is also known for its amazing food, which is influenced by the Italian and the Swiss local cuisines and flavours. Relish some of the best tastes in savoury and sweet treats here, as Alpes Mont-Blanc region will truly warm your heart with its magnificent vistas and finger-licking nibbles. Try Petits Gourmands, which is every chocoholics’ dream land. The jewel-hued macaroons and chocolate figurines of animals found at this famous store are beyond comparison. Speaking of sweet delights, Le Bistrot is also a good option for delectable French food and sweets. Some of their specialties include Trout Filet, served on a bed of roasted vegetables with orange-butter sauce, and the Pumpkin Pie that comes with dark chocolate sorbet and a dark chocolate edible spoon.

4. French Delicacies In Provence

French cuisine and cafes

Enjoy your coffee with toothsome French dishes in small, beautiful cafes lining the cobbled streets of Provence

With diverse landscapes, picturesque Southern Alps, rolling vineyards, pine forests, olive groves and lavender fields, Provence steals the hearts of many! Bordering Italy and the Mediterranean Sea, this region is known for its rustic yet luxurious home stays and local delicacies with a gourmet touch. Le Petit Palais d’Aglae, an exquisite Italian Renaissance-style chateau hotel, is popular for using fresh local produce to create bold, seasonal flavours that create magic in every bite. On the other hand, the ‘go to’ place for seafood delicacies, L ‘Esplai Du Grand Bar des Goudes offers spicy dishes with a sunny touch, and the best of fish, shellfish and many more.

French cafes

The small street-side cafés are so ingrained in the country’s reputation that you can hardly imagine France without it!

French cuisine is a blissful blend of flavourful aromas, fresh ingredients and authentic styling that makes it stand out on its own. And paired with wine that perfectly complements these flavours, French food is a heavenly experience.

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