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Why Would You Visit The USA? These #USADekho Entries Have Some Really Interesting Answers

Why Would You Visit The USA? These #USADekho Entries Have Some Really Interesting Answers

access_time November 17, 2015

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Permanent Account Number (PAN) Mandatory For Travel Transactions Of Rs 50,000 And Above

Permanent Account Number (PAN) Mandatory For Travel Transactions Of Rs 50,000 And Above

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GYD Season 2: Dream Destinations Revealed!

GYD Season 2: Dream Destinations Revealed!

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Travel Adventurers of Grab Your Dream Season 2 are just a step away from embarking on a journey of a lifetime. Read along to know more about these winners, and the destinations they will be exploring.


1) Sakshi Mahajan

Sakshi Mahajan

Dream Destination – Southern Thailand

The itinerary: From clubbing, beach-hopping, hiking, to snorkelling amidst beautiful coral reefs, Sakshi will be trying it all! On this adventurous trip, Sakshi will experience everything that Southern Thailand has to offer.


2) Arvind Passey

Arvind Passey

Dream Destination – Jordan

The Itinerary: In Jordan, Arvind will spend his days exploring the ancient cities and castles, eating authentic shawarmas, camping in the deserts, and floating in the Dead Sea. On this trip, Arvind will unravel all the gems of Jordan, including uncommon landscapes, amazing wildlife and local cultures.


3) Alisha Nanda

Alisha Nanda

Dream destination – From Singapore to Bangkok

The Itinerary: For a foodie, nothing sounds better than getting the opportunity to sample authentic flavours of a destination. Alisha will be doing just that! She will also explore churches, traditional culture, monuments, beaches, museums, and tropical natural wonders on her journey from Singapore to Bangkok.


4) Kuruvilla Alexander

Kuruvilla Alexander

Dream Destination – Hong Kong

The itinerary: On his 10-day trip to Hong Kong, Alex will get a chance to explore traditional Chinese culture. Staying in the famous Hakka roundhouses, hiking in the beautiful Wuyishan area, and exploring ancient ruins of Chengcun from the Han Dynasty are just a few things in store for him.


5) Roxanne Bamboat

Roxanne Bamboat

Dream Destination – Europe

The Itinerary: Roxanne is one of the lucky few who gets a chance to tick ‘backpacking across Europe’ from their bucket list. She will be exploring 5 countries in 14 days. Visiting Eiffel Tower, strolling in Venice and Rome, indulging at the coffee shops in Amsterdam, and embarking on a German pub crawl are some of the things on her itinerary.


6) Rammohan Paranjape

Rammohan Paranjpe

Dream Destination – Australia

The Itinerary: A series of aquatic, cultural and culinary adventures await Rammohan on his trip. Unearthing the natural beauty of Fraser Island, snorkeling in the pristine waters of the reef, sleeping under the stars, zipping over sand dunes, and island hopping, all form a part of his Aussie trip.


7) Divya Prasad

Divya Prasad

Dream Destination – South Africa

The Itinerary: Divya has an affinity for the raw beauty of nature, and her dream holiday will give her a chance to discover exactly that! She’ll get up-close and personal with the wildest inhabitants of the Kruger National Park, bond with students of a local school, mingle with the Shangaan people, and discover the fascinating African culture.


8) Aman Chotani

Aman Chotani

Dream Destination – Israel

The Itinerary: Aman will get to grab his dream in the diverse land of Israel. His itinerary comprises of exploring the historic towns of Bethlehem and Nazareth, visiting Bedouin communities in the Negev Desert, Old City of Jerusalem and a lot more.


9) Arvin Tucker

Arvin Tucker

Dream Destination – Spain

The Itinerary: In Spain, Arvin will be seen cycling his way through the rustic towns, and recording his experiences with a GoPro camera. In addition to interacting with the locals, he will be exploring the nightlife of Spain, discovering iconic monuments, and trekking through a volcanic trail, among others.


10) Abhishek Singh

Abhishek Singh

Dream Destination– South Africa

The Itinerar: Part of Abhishek’s journey includes camping under the stars, as he makes his way through the wild trails of Africa. He will also be interacting with the locals, and indulging in adventures like bungee jumping, whale watching and hiking.


11) Ajay Sood

Ajay Sood

Dream Destination – Israel

The Itinerary: Ajay will spend 9 days exploring the historic town of Bethlehem and Nazareth. He will get acquainted with the Bedouin communities in the Negev Desert, visit the soul-stirring refugee camps, and take dips in the mineral waters of Dead Sea during his dream trip.


12) Ashmeet Kaur

Ashmeet Kaur

Dream Destination – South Africa

The Itinerary – No destination is better suited for an animal-loving vegetarian like Ashmeet, than South Africa! Her itinerary includes activities like jungle expeditions in the best wildlife reserves of South Africa, bungee jumping, snorkeling and whale watching.


With charged cameras and enthusiasm, these winners will set out on an all expense paid trip to destinations specially handpicked for them. While some may walk through the quaint towns of Europe, some will be busy spotting the Big 5 in Africa! But no matter which destination it is, an adventure of a lifetime is guaranteed!

If you too want to Grab Your Dream like these Travel Adventurers, remember Season 3 is on its way!

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