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Hangover Cures From All Over Asia

Hangover Cures From All Over Asia

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Whether you’ve been tripping on sake or knocked back one too many lao hais, the morning after is usually the same: throbbing headache, dry mouth and an aversion to light. Some people say that a greasy breakfast does the trick, while others swear by half fried eggs and bread, but no matter which part of Asia you’re partying in, we’ve got a cure for that throbbing head and those shaky legs!



Drinking in China?

Congee’s the cure!

Congee, thought to have originated from the Tamil word kanji, is a thick, overcooked rice porridge. Also known as jook in China, you can add various ingredients to it, including salted duck eggs, bamboo shoots, meat or pickled tofu.


Congee is a great cure for hangovers

Congee is a great cure for hangovers

Why congee works as a hangover cure

As with kanji, congee is considered comfort food for the ill. Overboiled, and soupy, it’s easy to digest and also rehydrates you—taking care of two hangover problems at once.

Where to find congee / how to make it yourself

Congee should be easily available in any Chinese restaurant or dim sum joint. If not, just cook some up for yourself. Take a pot of boiling water, add one third the quantity of rice to it, and boil it with a pinch of salt and pepper to taste. Cook till the rice is soft and of a soupy consistency. You can now add any ingredients to the congee to make it tastier.


Late night in Japan?

Try some green tea

Green tea is refreshing and high in antioxidants. The Japanese drink it regularly throughout the day.


Japanese green tea soothes and refreshes

Japanese green tea is refreshing and soothing

Why green tea works as a hangover cure

Since it is high in antioxidants green tea is great as a detox. The caffeine in it may help with headaches and will stimulate you enough to have you up and bright-eyed for another sake party.

Where to find green tea / how to make it yourself

Green tea is available all over Japan. Your hotel is sure to keep some, which you can brew with hot water from the kettle.


Tripping in South Korea?

Have the hangover stew

When a country names a dish after the effects of alcohol, we imagine the parties there are pretty happening. So if you have a hangover and you’re in South Korea, try the hangover stew.


Delicious Korean hangover stew

Delicious Korean hangover stew

What is hangover stew?

Haejangguk is a Korean guk or soup eaten as a hangover cure. It is made with cabbages, bean sprouts and eggs in a hearty beef broth, plus, congealed ox blood!

Why haejangguk works as a hangover cure

The hearty broth not only satiates the taste buds (or so we’ve heard), it also soothes irritated stomachs. Though it may not sound appetising, once you’ve gone past the first bite, you’re bound to love everything that comes thereafter.

Where to find haejangguk

All street vendors worth their salt in Seoul sell haejangguk in the morning.


Partying in Thailand?

Sweat it out with some spicy noodle soup

Kway tiew nahm sai or clear noodle soup is one of Thailand’s most popular hangover cures. Another dish that is eaten while drinking is pad kee mao or Thai drunken noodles.


Clear noodle soup to cure a hangover

Clear noodle soup to cure a hangover

What is spicy noodle soup and drunken noodles?

Kway tiew nahm sai or clear noodle soup is made by boiling pork bones, with chunks of radish, cilantro and white pepper, and topped with sliced or minced pork, and fish or pork balls, and an assortment of vegetables such as bean sprouts. Pad kee mao or Thai drunken noodles is a simple, delicious dish made with broad rice noodles, soy sauce, fish sauce, garlic, meat, seafood or tofu, bean sprouts or other vegetables. Toppings such as basil, along with chillies and unripe drupes pepper give its distinctive spiciness.

Why spicy noodle soup and drunken noodles work as a hangover cure

Locals claim that the spice is refreshing because it helps you sweat out those nasty toxins. The hearty ingredients might just trigger a restorative sleep. We also think it might have something to do with drawing attention to your burning tongue, leaving little time to worry about your pounding head!

Where to find spicy noodle soup and drunken noodles

Any street noodle vendor or restaurant will serve both these soups.


Hong Kong hangover?

Beat it with some ginseng tea!

Just like the Japanese, ginseng tea is what will beat your Hong Kong hangover.


Wake up senses with ginseng tea

Wake up senses with ginseng tea

What is ginseng tea?

Ginseng is a mildly bitter root which is added to green tea or steeped by itself to make ginseng tea.

Why ginseng tea works as a hangover cure

Ginseng is used in Chinese medicine and is said to purge excessive Yang, or hot energy, from the body. Ginseng is also said to curb thirstiness and beat dehydration.

Where to find ginseng tea / how to make it yourself

Ginseng tea is available in grocery stores and tea shops. You can make it yourself by simmering freshly cut slices of ginseng root in hot water. Add a bit of honey to make it even more soothing.


Night out in India?

Coconut water cures!

Coconut water is refreshing. Not just for when you are hungover, but for any time of day or night, and especially in the Indian summer.


Fresh coconut water rehydrates and refreshes

Fresh coconut water rehydrates and refreshes

What is coconut water?

The sweet, almost clear liquid inside a green coconut.

Why coconut works as a hangover cure

Coconut water is full of nutrients and potassium. It’s refreshing, cool and rehydrates. Plus, it’s natural and healthy! And if you’re hungry, you can eat the tender coconut meat inside.

Where to get coconut water

Coconut vendors can be found on the streets selling fresh, young coconuts. They’ll cut one up and even serve you the coconut meat from within. These days you can even find coconut water in tetra packs!

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