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A Holiday in Greece is Good for Your Soul!

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There are a few things in life that are just completely, without a doubt, good for the soul – A cup of tea at a 5 am dawn, rainy cab ride and a favorite song, sitting at the beach with someone that you absolutely love and a few days in a serene yet strikingly magnificent place like Greece.

Kavita Sarmah shares everything you need to know about Greece for that perfect holiday with your favourite girls. Everything here is like a spiritual experience; whether it is a ceramic cup of hot, fragrant coffee in your hotel room balcony in the evening or running breathlessly at the bleached sand beaches under the sun. There are endless things to do and places to visit in Greece – spend time trying out the seafood elevated by Greece’s most fresh herbs and lovely baked bread dipped in good quality olive oil with your favorite girlfriends. Hike into the volcanoes and wander through olive groves for the best photographs with your sister and find mindfulness in the present moment as you kite-surf or rock-climb by yourself. Getaway Goddess offers a great Greece tour package for women to have a well planned holiday! Here is how you can make the most out of your holiday in Greece;

A holiday in Greece offers nothing as extraordinary as an ordinary day in Greece

There is nothing as extraordinary as an ordinary day in Greece

Women-only tour to Greece

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Your holiday in Greece must include edgy Athens

Holiday in Greece: Athens, a city of creativity and inspiration, is a woman’s best friend

Athens, a city of creativity and inspiration, is a woman’s best friend

Athens is one of the most popular places to visit in Greece. The city is the perfect mix of fresh creative energy, nostalgic history and a cool, vacation vibe – absolutely perfect for a contemplative, artsy woman! The capital of Greece is a great spot to live the adventure and at the same time sit down and reflect on life – it’s the perfect place for your gram and your soul. Take a visit to the great ancient site, Doric Temple of Parthenon on the Athenian Acropolis – the best time to visit is during October and November when the flowers all blossom. While you are there, also check out the Acropolis Museum. On a Sunday morning, go to the flea market at Monastiraki square, where you’d find secondhand books, tea sets, clothes, paintings and so much more!

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8D/7N Itinerary

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On your holiday in Greece, a visit to the Stavros Niarchos Foundation is a good idea as well – go here for art exhibitions, concerts, long walks and picnics. Telis is a great place to eat at; they have a set menu of beautiful charcoal-grilled pork chops, fries and a fresh Greek salad. There are quite a few monuments that you could see – Hadrian’s Arch and the Temple of Olympian Zeus. Definitely spend an afternoon at Nancy’s Sweet Home in Irwwn Square I, to dig into their tradition Greek desserts, chocolate pies and tarts. If you’re here as a part of a planned Greece package, feel free to skip a day’s plan and wander on your own for a while!

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Out of all places to visit in Greece, Mykonos is a Jackpot!

holiday in Greece is a daydream away from reality

Mykonos is a daydream away from reality

Mykonos is just straight up amazing. The island of Mykonos has 25 beaches; Introverts and Extroverts – There is something for everyone! If you like more of a party vibe and are here to have a good time, go to Paradise or Super Paradise where the most clubs are. These clubs definitely make it to a good Greece package itinerary. Paraga and Psarou are also great if you’re into some beach-party fun. The Nammos restaurant at Psarou Beach is known for its celebrity spotting! If you’re looking for a beach where you can just relax and have a peaceful time, go to Ftelia or Frangias Beach and for Instagram-worthy drinks and food make sure to check out Ornos.

The nights are pretty eventful here in Mykonos, especially in July and August. You’ll find the best DJs at Cavo Paradiso, classy champagne cocktails at the Queen of Mykonos, cheap booze at the Skandinavian Bar and live music at the Piano Bar. The best places for a beautiful sunset are the happy bars at Little Venice, Hora. Visit the Archeological Museum for an insightful time, check out art at Mavrogenous Street and take a stroll through Little Venice for trinkets, clothes and jewelry. There are quite a few art galleries here like the Rarity Gallery and Art & Soul Gallery that offer a memorable experience.

8D/7N Tour To Greece

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Tick Santorini off your bucket list

Holiday in Greece: Bathed in the golden Santorini sunset, you will fall more in love with yourself

Bathed in the golden Santorini sunset, you will fall more in love with yourself

Santorini lit in its romantic sunshine is one of the most picturesque spots on earth and a must out of all the places to visit in Greece. Santorini is a beautiful island sitting atop the Aegean Sea that’s almost about halfway between Athens and Crete. When you’re on a holiday in Greece, please make sure you visit the village of Oia. I can’t express how beautiful this little village is, especially at sunset. When the sun starts to go down here with golden and pink streaks in the sky and the yellow lights in all-white houses start to show up, it’s almost like you’re swaying and stepping in oil pastels from a painting!

Did you know about the open-air cinemas here? You can head down to the Kamari Village to watch a film at an outdoor setting with boozy cocktails and of course popcorn. Try 18 different wines, from a peachy Rose to a deep Crescendo at the Santo Winery; get yourself a Santorini salad and fried tomato fritter at a classic taverna and get a fish spa at the Fish Spa Kagal Wellness Center, where the tiny Garra Rufa fish will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth! A lot of the restaurant hear offer a great view of the sea which makes for an enchanting dinner, so you could plan that for an evening and definitely also go swimming at the Red Sand Beach one of the days. On your holiday in Greece, let the Goddess in you run wild!

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This little paradise of white and blue is warm, charming and exceptional. If you are wondering about a holiday in Greece, I’d suggest you get yourself a great Greece holiday package to help make this more organized and planned. There are experiences to be had, food to be eaten, people to meet and many places to visit in Greece. While you’re in Greece, make sure that you take time to learn more about you and remember to have yourself a really good time!

Let Getaway Goddess make your trip to Greece worth a lifetime!

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Kavita Sarmah is an artist, optimism and a tea person. Life to her is writing in empty cafés, mindlessly strumming the ukulele and starry, cinematic skies. Follow her on Instagram: @kavitasarmah

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  1. Nick
    July 19, 18:49 Nick

    Greece is known for being a healthy place. The food is fresh, the culture is relaxing, and the sun is constantly shining. Not only that, but there is a lot of beauty here. It’s the perfect recipe for total health.

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  2. EmilyWilson
    June 12, 12:39 EmilyWilson

    Oh, truly said! Greece is well known for its tranquility. I will depart to Greece next month.

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