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An Indian Woman Travels Solo To Egypt

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Ever wondered what it is like to travel solo in a new country with strangers? Well, for starters, you will love the freedom that travelling empowers you with. Remember that summer vacation with your parents in Atlantic City, your father tried his luck at every casino and your mom used the money won (or not) at the shopping outlets, and all you wanted to do was hit the beach! It’s time to break free, go beyond the conventional and set off for a new journey all by yourself. Getaway Goddess takes great delight in carefully crafting women tours. Whether it’s sticking to a schedule or wandering along new streets, the day is yours and what you do or see is your story. Divya Nawale’s solo travel story gives you a peek into the wonders that await on the Getaway Goddess Egypt tour package!

travel solo and make friends on your beautiful journey

Divya sits down for a scrumptious dinner with her ‘Egyptian family’ of solo travellers

Let me begin with sharing why I travel solo and also strongly recommend it. Travelling alone and embracing everything that this beautiful world throws your way will truly change your perspective on life. When you travel solo, you learn to tackle problems head on, it’s a good detox from technology, it  nourishes your mental health and makes your more compassionate; travel is the fastest way to grow as a human being. I’ve spent a lot of my time soaking up the world around me and caught the travel bug for life. If you have restless feet like me, you’d read on my journey of exploring Egypt on a women tour.

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Divya’s Solo Travel Started With Cairo

travel solo: Divya and her gal-pals pose for a picture in Cairo

Divya and her fellow traveller strikes a pose with the local Egyptian girls

One of the most incredible aspects of travelling solo with a new group is the people you meet on your journey. They’re from different parts of the world, sharing similar interests (they chose the same destination as you after all) and are crazy travellers who have already seen a lot of the world. I have always ended up making great friends while I travel solo.

One thing was obvious about my women-tour group—we were all solo travellers (six of us) and we were all really interested in exploring Egypt and delve deep into its history and culture!

As expected, we were all from different countries. While Rebecca (Bec) and Elizabeth (Liz) were Australian, Katherine was from Norway, Natasha from New Zealand and Joanna was from the States. Not to forget ‘me’ – Divya from India 😉

travel solo: Let's strike the Titanic pose

The girls made the most of their women-only tour, conquering the mighty pyramids

As we visited the Pyramids of Giza on our very first day together, we started to become a family of sorts—walking together and caring for each other. We held hands as we took jumping shots at Giza and saved each other from haggling street hawkers. We didn’t need more than a few minutes to connect on a level that made us go from ‘travel mates’ to ‘friends’ instantly.

Another boon was our amazing CEO (Chief Experience Officer), Adel Galeeby, who helped women travel groups to take on the madness of Egypt for the next 8 days!

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By Day 3 in Aswan, I got to know Katherine and Bec really well. Bec was my roommate for the trip and she had the most amazing sense of humour (like all Aussies do). Also I particularly was intrigued by her accent. She was so easy and friendly that I immediately liked her. We would share my flip flops to use in the bathroom, which she called ‘thongs’. I even Googled it – Aussies do call those things thongs!

Solo travel: A ride by the Nile with my tribe

A ride by the Nile with my tribe

Having had a number of meals together over the last couple of days, we had also understood each others’ food preferences and habits, while sharing information on food and culture from our own countries. And this is what excited me the most about my solo travel, interacting with people from different countries.

Although I haven’t been to Australia and the US, hearing about the local culture from them as they spoke about their country gave me an amazing insight into their lifestyle and daily habits. I loved sharing my own stories and information about food in India, while I got to learn more and more about each of them in my women’s travel group.

Cruising Through The Nile River

Solo women travellers cruising through the river Nile

Cruising through the mighty Nile River on my fantastic solo trip

Over the next few days of our solo travel, we got used to being with each other and truly became a family. We ensured each others’ safety and we got along like a house on fire! Exploring a new destination with a completely new set of people you befriend on your journey is a thing you can’t put a price on.

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Luxor- Perfect For Shopping


The markets of Egypt are laden with souvenirs for their visitors

On Day 6, post our dinner, the three of us decided to walk into a nearby souq (Egyptian market) in Luxor where we wanted to buy some souvenirs and postcards. I liked something and started to bargain with one of the shop assistants,which is something you have to do before you buy anything in Egypt. We all shopped to our heart’s content and headed to our hotel with bagful of gifts to take back home; the joy of women travel groups is real!

By day 7, our group had become so close that it was hard to sit down for a farewell dinner and reminiscence about the week gone by. We could hardly believe it was time to leave the next morning. But such is the life of a solo traveller, you meet new people in new places, make friends and bid goodbye, and move on. As I did every time, travelling alone, and met a group, I wrote small notes on postcards from India and handed them over to each one of our group members. All of them were elated to receive that note and that they have something from India to carry back home!

My solo trip came to an end, it was time to say goodbye. But not before a heart-felt conversation with Liz on the flight from Luxor to Cairo. Liz and I hadn’t got a chance to speak so personally during the trip and it was such a delight to hear her experiences as a teacher for more than 30 years in Australian schools, her trips across the world including climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro before reaching Egypt, and her gift to her husband on his birthday—a cruise to Antarctica! Liz is an inspiring woman in all ways and I enjoyed her sense of humour.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to explore Egypt on this women travel group in the company of  5 empowering women—all solo travellers in their own right—who came together for this journey and became my ‘Egyptian family’, that I will always cherish!

Divya with her solo-traveller companion

Divya smiles for the camera with her travel companion

Does Divya’s story of travelling alone to Egypt inspire you? Let us know about your solo travel experience in the comments section below!

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 About the Author

Divya Nawale

Divya Nawale

Divya was bitten by the travel bug at 22 when she went to the 7th Continent of the world- Antarctica, as part of an Expedition team on Environmental Leadership. After that life-changing trip where she went cruising in Antarctica and flying over the Sahara, she then embarked on a fanatic travel spree, which took her back-packing across Europe, scuba-diving in the Great Barrier Reef, dancing Bollywood on-stage in London, getting lost in the busy streets of Shanghai, taking Tango lessons in Buenos Aires and attending Salsa beach parties in Goa- all in less than a year (well, almost!). While travelling, there are always 3 things on her mind- experiencing the authentic food of the place, making a few local friends and visiting as many museums as possible. She has been to 6 continents till date and hopes to reach her biggest dream of touching Africa soon.

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