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My Trip To Italy: 3 Cities, 3 Very Different Experiences

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Every trip has that one place which captures your heart.  For Roxanne Bamboat, Italy played that part.

My well-planned, Cox & Kings Europe itinerary had me in Italy for a good chunk of the trip. You will hear not a peep of complaint from me. If I get to stay long in a country steeped in history, culture and the most exquisite cuisine, I consider myself lucky. The trip had me in three cities for about two nights each. Not a very long time in each place but plenty enough to whet my appetite for Italy and its culture.

Looking to holiday in Europe? Italy is always a good idea!

Looking to holiday in Europe? Italy is always a good idea!

All Roads Lead To Rome

Visit Rome to soak in the majestic architecture like the Colosseum!

Visit Rome to soak in majestic architecture like the Colosseum!

Rome is a bustling city with the perfect blend of modern and ancient. It’s quite an experience to be walking down the street where you turn the corner and suddenly see a majestic monument that’s probably at least a thousand years old. While the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, The Pantheon and Trevi fountain are famous places to visit, each equally stunning, I find almost every building, corner and church, especially the ruins, to be fascinating as well.

I spent two days in Rome, mostly at the Colosseum and the Vatican City museum. For a girl like me who studied the great masters and Roman architecture and history, it’s an unbelievable experience to finally see the pictures in your textbooks come to life.

Rome also has a very distinct type of Italian cuisine. Something I enjoyed the most is the thin crust Roman style pizza. You get them by the weight and they are cut into little rectangular pieces and you’ll find a pizzeria at almost every corner. Though some are more famous than others, it is hard to find a pizza in this country that will disappoint.

Apart from the pizza there are a few dishes that are generally found only in Rome like the suppli which is a coquette filled with risotto and cheese, the zucchini flower which is batter fried like a fritter and is a popular appetizer and two pasta dishes–cacio pepe and the la matrichiana. Needless to say I tried everything and it was worth every calorie!

Florence Is Colored A Mild Violet, Like Diluted Wine

Visit Florence to experience peace, solitude and beauty all in one!

Visit Florence to experience peace, solitude and beauty all in one!

From Rome, we took a train to Florence and I discovered possibly my favourite Italian city. Unlike the bustle in Rome and the incessant traffic and honking or even the influx of immigrants, Florence is more charming and laid back. And while it is full of tourists, you don’t feel stifled. It has the feel of a smaller cozier city.

While Rome has her sprawling historical monuments, Florence is proud to be the home of the Italian renaissance and home to the gorgeous Duomo cathedral and of course a famous cheeky naked lad named David.

A stroll through the town is the best way to discover Florence, from busy streets to quieter by lanes. Pop into one of the shops and treat yourself to a beautiful gelato, take a stroll on the Ponte Vecchio bridge and tuck into the delicious and quite famous Florentine steak.

Venice Is Like Eating A Whole Box Of Chocolate Liqueurs At One Go

Walk the streets of Venice. It's more beautiful than you think!

Walk the streets of Venice. It’s more beautiful than you think!

After a blissful few days in Florence, we hopped onto another train and headed for Venice. It has been described as the city of love and for the most part, that is evident. Beautiful old buildings dot the canals on either side, wonderful gondolas passing through, lots of shops with people bustling in and about, charming cafes where people dine in large groups… It’s everything you see in the movies plus about a billion tourists.

Venice is incredibly populated and since you either walk or take a water taxi (there are no cars or scooters) it can get extremely crowded. Typical spots like St Marco’s Square are even more populated, but well worth battling the crowds for. My favourite thing to do in Venice, just as I did in every other city, was to walk. I walked into gelato shops, souvenir shops, trendy cafes, but most importantly I walked into some exquisite Venetian mask shops.

Italy is beautiful, especially the three cities I visited with my group, but I feel the next time I visit, I shall stay at least a month and travel all over to explore more.

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