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Australian Visa Application Services to be Customer-Friendly

Australian Visa Application Services to be Customer-Friendly

access_time July 11, 2014

The Australian visa application system just got easier with improved services and new centres. Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border...

Fly To Africa, Come Home To A Brand New Car!

Fly To Africa, Come Home To A Brand New Car!

access_time September 4, 2013

South African Delight Did you know the South African gemsbock’s horns can grow to a spectacular 33 inches long? We’re...

How To Make The Most Of Your Schengen Visa

How To Make The Most Of Your Schengen Visa

access_time June 18, 2012

Buy one, get 26 free! No, we are not talking about soap or candles. We’re talking about European countries. In...

Join The Party at Trinidad and Tobago

Join The Party at Trinidad and Tobago

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Dance and sing your way through the two days of  the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 

Masquerade bands compete against each other to be the band of the year

Many have tried to replicate the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, but nothing beats the explosion of colour, music, creativity and essence of the original celebration!

The two day carnival will jump start in Port of Spain, Trinidad on 16th February and will continue till the 17th..

Wondering, what’s so special about this carnival? Unlike the others that you may have been to, this one commences under a cloak of darkness, promptly at 4 am on a Monday every year. The streets are filled with revelers who bring in dawn with the rhythm of soca music. This ceremony is called the J’Ouvert (from the French ‘jour ouvert’ or ‘day open’).  Here, the revelers can be seen bathing in chocolate, mud, oil and paint to depict the demons, devils and monsters.


Artfully dressed reveler depicting monsters, demons and evil

Come day time, massive costumed bands of “Pretty Mas” players take the centre stage and thousands of people can be seen dancing, singing and jumping to the tunes of soca music. The excitement and energy are infectious.


Throwback to the previous year

However, day 1 is just a warm up for the big spectacle on Tuesday. The second day brings in thousand of bands competing to be the Masquerade Band of the year. Each band has its own historical, mythological or tropical concept with various sections depicting aspects of the main theme. It’s a never ending party!

The preparations for this party begin right after Christmas with different competitions, soca concerts and cultural shows happening throughout the country, building up the excitement for the most unparalleled celebration on earth!


Beautiful dancer captured amidst her performance


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