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5 Reasons You Should Go On A Ladakh Trip Before This Year Ends!

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With its spectacular jagged edged and arid mountains, Ladakh is nothing short of a picturesque location for your holiday trip. With a perfect infusion of its flawless Tibetan – Buddhist monasteries that are lined with colourful prayer flags fluttering away in the wind, any visitor here will feel that magical touch through the mountain breeze that flows by on the Ladakh trip.

Ladakh tour package for Ldakh trip with family - meet Young Ladakhi monks

Young Ladakhi monks pose for a photo against the splendid snowy mountain backdrop

No doubt, Ladakh has always presented itself as blend of spiritual tradition and humble abode, but there is plenty more to experience here, especially with your family. So when making your way up here, ensure that your Ladakh tour packages offers you the best that this paradisaical location has to offer.

#1 Ladakh Trip Begins With Mesmerising Leh

Ladakh tour package for Ldakh trip with family - See leh palace

The Leh Palace still majestically stands guard over the city and its inhabitants

Very few locations offer you that perfect blend of enchantment and solitary feel as Leh-Ladakh does. Take a stroll here through its mesmerizing maze and you will experience the beauty it has to offer through its crumbling mud – brick houses and majestic stupas. The bustling baazar will beckon you for more than its colourful wares, especially when its seemingly complex web of lanes fans out into lush green fields of irrigated barely fields. No doubt, once you take a step, it will be love at first sight for you and your family.

Want to explore Leh?

See Leh – Ladakh Tour Package

#2 Introducing Nubra Valley

Ladakh tour package for Ldakh trip with family - Witness Nubra Valley

Not many know about the population of Bactrian Camels in Ladakh. These double-humped camels are found in the Nubra Valley and there are even rides offered to travellers

The Nubra Valley offers you the flawless amalgamation of lush green oasis villages surrounded by heart stopping steep slopes along with vast fields of boulders which only end at the seemingly harsh arid mountains. Infused in this is the occasional sand dunes and crumbling monasteries, and if you are lucky, you can even spot a ruined palace. Apart from this, you can even experience a whole different culture of Balti on your Ladakh trip.

Interested in discovering Nubra Valley?

See Ladakh Tour Package

#3 Presenting Alchi

Ladakh tour package for Ldakh trip with family - Visit Alchi

The prayer wheels at Alchi

Made famous by its Choskhor Temple Complex, this rural village of Alchi has become a unique lodestone the curious travellers. With its four main temple buildings to view, you and your family have plenty to experience here right from its ornate architecture to its antiquated murals.

#4 The Natural Wonder Of Hunder

Ladakh tour package for Ldakh trip with family - visit Hunder

Don’t miss out on the amazing experience of ‘stargazing’ in the Hunder

To experience an enchanting yet hidden beauty on your Ladakh trip, the lush villages of Hunder is the perfect choice. Take a ride through this mesmerizing dunes on the backs of the Bactrian camels to the ridge located near the modest gompa near the main road.

Fascinated? Explore Ladakh with us NOW!

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#5 The Hidden Wonders Of Shey

Ladakh tour package for Ldakh trip with family - see shey palace

It is a breathtaking view

Although Shey once enjoyed the status of being Ladhka’s royal capital city, it still bears the humble feel of the country’s soul.  Its attractive oasis dappled with charming ponds  surrounded by dry rocky ridges inscribed with Buddha carving make for a perfect visit. Along with the capricious rock riddled ridges, you will find a series of fortress ruins that surrounds the iconic 17th century Narpoa royal palace.

These are some of the charming locations that Ladakh tour packages have to offer. If you looking to travel here for its picturesque surroundings, be prepared to fall in love with its magic that it has to offer.

Interested in touring Ladakh?

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