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Lost Your Baggage At The Airport? We’ll Tell You Exactly What To Do

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Can’t spot your luggage? No problem! Get a few useful tips here..

Passengers wait for their luggage to arrive; T.W. van Urk,

T.W. van Urk,

Any traveller’s nightmare after excess luggage is losing luggage at the airport! The terror of not spotting your baggage on the conveyor belt is definitely stressful. But when confronted with such a situation, it is always better to be prepared. So, here’s a 101 on what you should do when you can’t locate your bags:

1) Relax

Losing your luggage is not a small thing, but having a panic attack at the airport won’t help. So, take a few calming breaths and remember, 98% of luggage gone missing at airports have been recovered.

2) Approach an Airline Representative

Next step – Approach the airline representative who is usually present near the conveyor belt. If he/she is not, approach the airport security or help desk. They will help you to get in touch with the concerned person.

3) Walk up to the Baggage Claim Section

No matter how tired or jet lagged you are, walk up to the baggage claim section (usually on the same floor) and bring to their notice the disappearance of your bag. Provide them with all necessary details like what your bag looks like, your contact number, address, ticket details and everything else that will help them locate it.

PS: Don’t forget to keep a copy of the claim form with you

4)  Claim your insurance money

It’s always a wise decision to insure your luggage, as there are no set rules about how a particular airline will deal with your baggage disappearance. So, be smart and go through the trouble of getting insured beforehand.

5)  Airline Website

Remember, the airline website does a lot more than just web check-ins and ticket bookings. It also keeps you updated about the status of your claim.

PPS: Read the terms and conditions carefully as the airline is responsible for any compensation that may arise due to lost baggage.

6) Get clarity about the airline you must approach

A general confusion arises as to which airline to approach in case of a connecting flight. Well, the airline which flew you to your final destination is responsible for the safe delivery of your luggage.


 Some additional points to keep in mind amidst the travel frenzy:

1)  Make sure to write your name and address on a piece of paper and slip it into the side pockets. This may not guarantee speedy return of your baggage, but will definitely help a person trace you.

2)  Keep calm at all times. Yelling or creating a ruckus will not help your case. No matter how frustrated and tired you are, remember, the airport staff themselves are the ones who will locate your luggage. So, try maintaining your cool.

3)  Pack all valuables in your carry-on bags. Also, pack a pair of clothes & undergarments so you have something to change into in a situation where your luggage claim is delayed, or lost entirely.

4)  Cameras, computers, medication, wallets, heirlooms, jewelry, passports, itineraries, contact information and other documents necessary items should never be in your   checked-in baggage.

5)  Make sure that the destination tickets attached are the right ones.

6)  Save a photograph of your luggage. This will be helpful while giving its description to the airport authorities.

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