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All About The Louvre, Paris – The World’s Largest Art Museum

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You aren’t doing due justice to your Paris trip if you don’t visit The Louvre, Paris. One of the world’s most renowned attractions, The Louvre is where the city’s artistic, cultural, historic and architectural influences converge to form a breathtaking cauldron that is as replete with substance as it is with beauty.

Top things to do in Paris- The museum

The Louvre Museum is the world’s largest art museum and a historic monument in Paris, France

It is most noted for the world’s largest museum. The Louvre Museum, which is home to a coveted art collection including the famed Mona Lisa painting, initially served the purpose of a fortress. It has since seen multiple iterations to its façade over the years to suit the taste of the royals residing there. However, none have tainted its indigenous Parisian beauty.


With an unparalleled collection of items, The Louvre is one of the best museums in the world

Historically, it was the site of the beheading of Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette during the French Revolution in 1793. Post this, the National Assembly reopened the museum with the intention of making it the greatest landmark for the art collection. However, it was Napoleon Bonaparte who reopened the museum and enhanced its beauty and stature by adding relics from Italy, Prussia, Belgium, and Austria in 1801.

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Who Should Visit The Louvre, Paris?

Musée du Louvre is one of the world’s largest museum.

Whether your Paris holiday is a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a solo soul-searching trip, visiting the Louvre is an absolute must. Architecture and history buffs will find its initial French-Classical-meets-the-Renaissance style design, the statues, and the recent additions such as the Louvre Pyramid, to be an enriching experience. Art enthusiasts would appreciate the expansive collection held within, while the general masses would love a chance to click a selfie with Mona Lisa, dine at the local eateries, and explore the statues and gardens.

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What To Keep An Eye Out For!

After being awestruck by the behemoth spectacle of its structure, step into the museum to a world where art transcends eras and enamours anyone with a keen interest in culture, history and heritage.


Unravel the mysteries of the Louvre

From the ancient Roman and Greek sculptures, crown jewels, and artefacts of the French royals, to the Egyptian antiques, the eight departments within the museum are a fantastic way to imbibe its famed art collection. These departments are Islamic Art, Decorative Art, Paintings, Near Eastern Antiquities, Roman, Greek, and Etruscan Antiquities, Egyptian Antiquities, Sculptures, and Prints and Drawings.

Leonardo da Vinci's painting- Mona Lisa is probably the world's most-famous painting

Leonardo da Vinci’s painting- Mona Lisa is probably the world’s most-famous painting

A sneak peek into these departments will introduce you to various eminent art opuses that you may not have heard of before. However, the one pièce de résistance that the world is familiar with is the famed painting of Mona Lisa. This Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece draws every tourist to a Paris holiday, as the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to physically be in the presence of the painting that has numerous digital and print replicas is usually the highlight of most people’s Paris trip. Encased in a bulletproof case and heavily guarded, the painting of the Mona Lisa is a top attraction within the Louvre, Paris.

Virgin and Child with Saint Anne

Witness the beautiful piece of art- Virgin and Child with Saint Anne

Another Da Vinci piece to keep an eye out for is the Virgin and Child with Saint Anne. His sculpture, The Dying Slave draws tourists in big numbers as well. Talking of sculptures, do not miss a chance to see the delicacy and artistry of Greek sculptors that is conspicuously displayed in Venus de Milo and the Winged Victory. The Liberty Leading in the People sculpture, a Eugene Delacroix piece, evokes deep-set patriotism as it depicts the bare-breasted Liberty goddess charging ahead during the French Revolution.

What To Do After Exploring The Iconic Attraction At The Louvre, Paris?

Tuileries Garden

Unwind under the cool shade of greenery at the Tuileries Garden

While the sheer magnitude of the museum may have you combing its nook and corners and discovering new pieces of artwork, it may tire you out too. Whether you want to cover more attractions or simply grab a bite, there are multiple other attractions and restaurants in the Louvre area. From the statue of the esteemed playwright, Moliere; the theatre of Comédie-Française, where you can enjoy a show; the Tuileries Garden, where you can simply rest your tired feet and treat your eyes to widespread greenery, there’s a lot to do in the vicinity.


Gorge on delectable Parisian cuisine in small cosy cafes on the streets of Paris

Satiate that appetite you work up exploring the Louvre, Paris, with a scrumptious lunch or simply sip on some hot authentic coffee as you watch the Parisian world go by.

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Things To Keep In Mind When Visiting The Louvre, Paris


Home to hundreds of thousands of classic and modern masterpieces, this museum  is one of the finest art galleries

Almost everyone on their Paris trip makes a visit to the Louvre area. From its museum getting a staggering 8.1 million visitors in 2017 alone to the popular Cafeteria de la Pyramide inviting hungry and weary travellers, the one thing to be mindful of is the crowd.

If you’re planning to visit the Louvre Museum, then note that it remains shut on Tuesdays and other important days, such as Christmas, New Years, and Labor Day. The entry fee is between 15 to 17 euros and certain groups, such as professors, press personalities, etc. are allowed free entry.

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