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Enjoy Kenny G Live At Genting!

Enjoy Kenny G Live At Genting!

access_time October 12, 2015

Catch the award-winning American saxophonist Kenny G, live in Malaysia    Travelling to Malaysia this month? Well, you are in luck!...

Why You Should Visit Sydney, Australia

Why You Should Visit Sydney, Australia

access_time January 29, 2013

Places to stay, places to eat, trips to go on and shops to visit; all in Sydney, Australia! By Melissa...

2015, The Year That Was: Cox & Kings Fuels The Online Travel Sector

2015, The Year That Was: Cox & Kings Fuels The Online Travel Sector

access_time April 20, 2016

Going out for a movie? Why head to the theatre to buy tickets when you can use your smartphone or...

Morocco Adventure

Morocco Adventure

access_time September 25, 2012 chat_bubble_outline 2 comments 36937 views

This stunning North African country is filled with unforgettable sights and extraordinary attractions. From its cosmopolitan centers to its rural treks, Morocco is poised to be your adventure of a lifetime. Pepper your itinerary with any or all of the following must-see sites, landmarks, and activities this culturally rich nation has to offer.

Peaks of Erg Chebbi

If you want to explore Morocco off the beaten track, this adventure is for you. Camel riding to the dunes of Erg Chebbi and witnessing a Sahara sunset at the top of a dune is a remarkable experience. Plan to camp in the area of the dunes for a night before your return journey. Moroccans believe lying in the hot sand dunes is a great treatment for rheumatism; if the camel trek leaves you stiff, you might give it a try!


If your version of excitement tends toward windsurfing, be sure to visit the quaint fishing village of Essaouira. The protected bay is renowned for its near constant trade wind and local water sports. Later, be sure to check out the town’s medina for the wood craft and local cuisine.

Ouzoud Falls

Roughly 150 kilometers from Marrakech, Ouzoud Falls are a dramatic display against the Atlas Mountains. Hiking to the falls through olive groves and exploring the smaller falls and pools is an exciting Moroccan journey you won’t soon forget. While navigating Morocco’s souks can be adventuresome for many, trekking into the country’s wild areas offers scenic drama that is both unique and unforgettable.


Ancient and rich with historical and cultural attractions, the northern city of Tangier is a captivating destination particularly popular with visitors due to its multicultural past. Sites like the Sultan’s Palace, the Kasbah, and the American Legation draw visitors from all over the world. For an exciting day, visit the Grottes d’Hercules caves and, afterward, cool off at the coastal Mnar Aquatic Park.


These Roman ruins are located near the city of Meknes. Once a thriving town under Roman jurisdiction, the area was important to Rome for the grain and olive oil it produced. Sites around the ruins like the Arch of Caracalla are substantial archaeological markers that continue to impress onlookers even today.


Located in the near the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, the former imperial city is home to the nation’s largest Berber market and boasts one of the busiest squares, Djemaa el Fna, in the world. Shopping and enjoying the entrancing display of acrobats, musicians, and dancers is a fascinating pastime for travelers to this historic city. Popular Marrakech activities include visiting the Menara Gardens, exploring the Atlas foothills, and witnessing traditional Berber life in the Ourika Valley.


As the second largest city in Morocco, Fes has been called the ‘Athens of Africa’. Fes is home to the nation’s largest medina, Fas el Bali, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This ancient walled city draws visitors from throughout the globe and simply wandering through Fas el Bali, can make for a great Moroccan adventure. From handicrafts to food, you’ll be amazed at the myriad of wares available from stall to stall.

Ait Benhaddou

This enchanting fortified town has been featured in major films like Gladiator and is considered one of the nation’s most notable attractions. Situated on the old caravan route that linked Marrakech and the Sahara, Ait Benhaddou offers a glimpse of the ancient past. Time seems to have stood still here and explorers will be mystified with the picturesque architecture and desert scenery.


Situated on the Atlantic Ocean, the majestic city of Casablanca is the nation’s largest and often regarded as Morocco’s most modern city. Colonial and Art Deco architecture, enchanting parks, and striking fountains dot Casablanca. When visiting, be sure to see the King Hassan II Mosque (the third largest mosque in the world), the Reve de Mon Oeil Art Gallery, the Shrine of Sidi Abderrahman, and Old Medina. For an adventuresome experience, book a tour to see the outlying areas of the city and experience the splendor of the Moroccan desert.

Morocco and its exotic past continue to draw visitors in search of adventure. From the attractions of the cities to the wilderness of mountains and desert, this ancient nation boasts a plethora of exciting things to see and do. When planning an African trip, Morocco is the ideal destination for mingling cultural enchantment and pure excitement.

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