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A Visit To Mt. Fuji, Japan’s Sacred Volcano

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Join Anand Desai, a software engineer with Cox & Kings, on his exciting visit to Mount Fuji in Japan, and his ride in a bullet train for the very first time!

In a clear Day, you can get magnificent view of Mount Fuji from Distant Visitor Centre

A view of Mount Fuji from the visitor centre

“Don’t worry sir. We could not have left without you. You are our guests”. I could hardly resist hugging the charming and beautiful executive on the reception when I heard her say these overwhelming words. Panting crazily with our almost 1.5 km of run from the station, these lines were clearly the best I have heard in my entire trip!

How I Almost Missed My Trip!

Right from the beginning of my 3-month trip to Japan, two things I wanted to do at any cost, were visit Mt. Fuji and ride a bullet train. It was this day that both my wishes were about to come true. The coach for our most anticipated (and worshiped throughout our entire stay) “day tour” of Mt Fuji and Hakone was scheduled to leave at 8 in the morning. Knowing the Japanese custom by then, I was sure that it would leave on the dot of 8. I left from my apartment at 7:00 AM (still half asleep) which gave me just enough time to reach the boarding point. But I realised that I had boarded the wrong metro line, which was headed in exactly the opposite direction of our expected station!

I got out at next station and boarded the correct train from the next platform; I was almost sure by then about the fact that I would miss my trip. Still, I decided to give it a shot. After reaching the station, the difficult part was to find the correct way to the bus boarding point. At 2 minutes to 8 o’clock, I lost all hope of finding the place in time. Frantically running here and there, I finally came across a map which pointed me to the correct place which luckily was just a few meters away. I reached the point 5 minutes past schedule and that’s when I was confronted by the above words. I was directed towards the coach with fellow travellers who had already boarded and giving me the “that’s the culprit” look.

On To Mount Fuji Visitor Centre

Boarding the coach, I start for the tour with huge admiration for these beautifully cultured people.

Our guide for the day was a thinner and older version of “Daniel Dae Kim” with typical guide-like sense of humour. With my fresh, overwhelming experience of Japanese people, I fell in love with him as well. Tokyo to Mt. Fuji visitor centre is almost 2.5 hours drive. After the introductory explanations of history and geology of Mt. Fuji by our guide, there was not much to do except sleep OR look at the beautiful Japanese countryside from my window. I chose to do both in regular (or rather irregular) intervals.

Samples of Stalagmite (Rock Formation) made by Lava from Mount Fuji kept in Visitor Centre Exhibit

Stalagmite (Rock Formation) samples created by Mount Fuji lava

Mt. Fuji Visitor centre has a small museum-like exhibit where you can learn about the history and Geology of Japan’s highest mountain. You can brush up your knowledge here in case you could not catch the Japanese-accented English of your guide. On a clear day, you get a spectacular view of Mt Fuji from the second floor observation deck. You can view Mt. Fuji with its distinctly symbolic ice-topped tip and clear base from this observation deck.

After the visitor centre, the coach proceeded to Mt. Fuji’s 5th station, located at approx 2,020 meters above sea level. There are shrines, Torii gates and souvenir shops around. This includes panoramic views of the surrounding mountains in all directions. Soak in the exciting atmosphere of 5th Station; you might even spot some climbers preparing for their adventure.

Mount Fuji 5th Station at 2020 Meters

Mount Fuji 5th Station at 2020 Meters

Lunch & A Visit To Hakone National Park

We began our descend towards the restaurant where our Japanese lunch was scheduled. I opted for a Japanese lunch with a sense of adventure and did not regret at all! The food was scrumptious and comprised of sticky rice, sashimi and various sauces.

Japanese meal served on tour consisting Sashimi (Raw Fish), Tempura (battered and Fried meat or Vegetables), Udon (Noodle Soup) with Fragrant Rice and Vinaigrette

Japanese meal With sashimi, tempura and udon

After having a bite to eat, we drove to the nearby Lake Ashi, located in Hakone National Park. We had a short cruise trip scheduled here. After we had admired the spectacular scenery of the pristine waters surrounded by Mt Komagatake, Mt Fuji and other mountains on our boat trip, we headed to Mt. Komagatake Ropeway, which took us above Lake Ashi to the top of the mountain. You can spend time here admiring the panoramic views of Lake Ashi, the Owakudani valley and obviously Mt. Fuji. There is a beautiful shrine on the mountain, which I felt was the most quiet, and peaceful place on the earth!

Lake View from Mount Komagatake

Lake View from Mount Komagatake

Shrine on Mt. Komagatake

Shrine on Mt. Komagatake

We can get amazing view of Mount Fuji and Mount Komagatake overlapping from this mountain. Human element in this photo makes us realize how giant Mount Fuji is.

Mount Fuji view from Mount Komagatake

Coming back from rope way, our coach drove us to the Hakone station.

Ship in this photo makes us realize how giant Mount Fuji is.

Mount Fuji view from Lake Ashi

The Much-Awaited Bullet Train Ride!

This was truly the icing on the cake of our amazing day on Mt. Fuji. We were supposed to board the most famous Bullet Train, Shinkansen, to get to Tokyo. This serpentine-looking train was really handsome from the outside and equally high standard from inside with high quality seats and equipment. The ride was so smooth that once we got into it, we didn’t realize when it started and reached the Tokyo Station. Time literally flies when you’re travelling at 200 mph after all!

Shinkansen is Japanese Bullet train can go up to maximum 320 Km/h speed. This image shows its front aerodynamic shape

Shinkansen – The Bullet Train Front View

I ended my trip with extreme high regard and admiration of this country, its people, its natural beauty and its technology. It was really a new Japan I saw that day!

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