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Off-Beat Pushkar – 5 Things To Do in The Vibrant Town!

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What seems like one of the oldest cities in Rajasthan, Pushkar thrives on rich, cultural heritage and a lineage of mythology. A quaint little town around the famous Pushkar Lake, this desert village is much beyond the usual sand dunes, lakes, hills and forests. Mostly associated with the camel and cattle fair, there’s a lot more to Pushkar than meets the eye. Aishwarya Menon explores.. 

Pushkar is much more than just cattle fairs and folk dances

Pushkar is much more than just cattle fairs and folk dances

The annual five-day fair, commonly known as the Pushkar Mela attracts people from all over India and abroad. The spectacular event coincides with Kartik Purnima, making it all the more auspicious and vibrant.

To be held from 8th to 14th of November 2016, Pushkar is one big affair to look forward to. Here are five off-beat activities you can take part in to enjoy your experience to the fullest.

#1 Hot Air Balloon Ride

Cost: Rs. 12,000/- per person for an hour

Was flying high ever on your bucket-list? Time to tick that off. It’s a ride that is straight out of a dream, high and above the stunning Pink City of Jaipur. Catch a bird’s eye view and soak in the quietude of the city as you delight in the sight of the ancient, picturesque panorama. This activity is best enjoyed early in the morning or late afternoon. The experience right from watching the balloon being inflated to taking off and viewing the passing landscape is enchanting and worth every penny!

The view from atop is simply enchanting

The view from atop is simply enchanting

#2. Pink Floyd Cafe & Hotel

Cost of stay: Rs 900- Rs 1200
Must Eat: Pizzas, Burgers and Special Biryani
Meal for Two: Rs 200-Rs 400

With a name like that, you definitely cannot go wrong. Started by a die-hard Pink Floyd fan, this cafe is an un-missable part of Pushkar.  Sit back and relax, soaking the beautiful view from the rooftop garden or take a walk through the tiled pathway to the ghats of Pushkar.

Don't give this place a miss if you are in Pushkar

Don’t give this place a miss if you are in Pushkar ; Devang Patel

If you’re just as big a fan of the band, and happen to love the vibe here, why not rent a room and spend the night amongst these iconic artists?The rooms here are named after the band’s best albums and songs. And we can’t be more thankful! A fan or not, the place is an absolute treat!

The rooms are named after the best Pink Floyd albums

The rooms are named after the best Pink Floyd albums; Devang Patel

#3 Quad Biking Tour

Cost: Rs 750- Rs 2,000 for 1 hour

Ride through the sand for the ultimate adventure experience. 1 hour of quad biking through the sand dunes of Pushkar, starting from Aram Bagh Hotel, will give you a taste of the stunning landscape. You can choose from a 90cc, 200cc, or 300cc ATV. Quad Biking in Pushkar is rugged, yet an enticing activity. Choose this activity for an unforgettable experience in the sand!

Quad biking is one unforgettabe experience in Pushkar

Quad biking is one unforgettabe experience in Pushkar

#4 Brahma Temple

One of the most prominent temples in India associated with Lord Brahma, the creator of the Universe, this temple is unique in more ways than one. The vibrant red and blue colours on the temple walls give it a magnificent and royal look. The origin of this temple took place 2000 years ago and is located very close to the sacred Pushkar Lake.
The interiors of this temple contain sculptures of Lord Vishnu, Glided Garuda (Eagle Man) and Dwarapalas (Gate-Keepers), while the exterior boasts of a Hamsa (Goose/Swan) to add to its beauty. If you are looking for spirituality and peace, this is the right place for you.

One of the very few Brahma Temples in India, Pushkar

If you are looking for spirituality among the hippies, no other place is better than this; flickr

#5 Shopping in Pushkar

Wondering how shopping is off-beat? With the best quality leather goods and handicrafts in the country, you get value for money and authenticity of goods. Top it up with some stunning artifacts, miniatures and puppets and you are all set to show off in front of the guests who visit your home! Keep at least a day in hand to shop in Pushkar, as there is a variety of stuff you can buy at reasonable prices. The main shopping area is Sadar Bazaar, but there are other smaller shops like Baza Bazaar, Kedalgang Bazaar. In short, there’s always something for someone. Rest assured, it’s worth every buck you pay!

Shop for the little souveniers you can take back home and cherish

Shop for the little souvenirs you can take back home and cherish

Pushkar is a land where you experience incredible India amid soul-searching gypsies, passionate travellers and calming simplicity. If you wish to capture the perfect essence of Rajasthan and its culture, look no further because it is here where art meets music and traditions!

Interested in visiting the Pushkar fair?

Click Here
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