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Sao Joao— Feast of St John the Baptist In Goa

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Perfect Time To Visit The United Kingdom? Now!

Perfect Time To Visit The United Kingdom? Now!

access_time July 12, 2016 chat_bubble_outline 0 comments 2846

Travel companies and agents around the world are pursuing you with ‘Travel To UK‘ ads but do you know why? Find out!


Make the pound's loss, your gain!

Make the pound’s loss, your gain!

What did Britain say to it’s trade partners? See EU later! 

Ok, so we’re making Brexit jokes too. But it wouldn’t be right if we left the UK alone, now would it? Bad jokes aside, the Brexit’s got everyone in a tizzy…from travel companies advertising UK holidays, to investors jumping on or off the trading bandwagon. But what exactly is Brexit and how does it affect the Indian traveller?

Brexit is an abbreviation of “British Exit” from the European Union (EU), something that happened on the 23rd of June, 2016. Residents of the UK voted to opt out from the EU, and like all critical decisions, this one came with some serious consequences too. The Pound Sterling hit an all time low, and a few weeks after, it continues to depreciate.

While the news isn’t quite upbeat for the UK, everyone else, especially Indians travelling to the UK, have a reason to celebrate. The falling exchange rate has made travel to the UK, cheaper.

Mr. Karan Anand, Cox & Kings Relationship Head, shares valuable inputs on how the UK’s exit could impact you.

Indians Travelling On A UK Tourist Or Business Visa

You Save: Between 10 to 12% because the pound has fallen from roughly ₹100 to ₹89.38.

Mr Anand says: The weakening of the pound by almost 12% is a boon for you as it brings down your holiday cost considerably. To begin with, you pay less at the time of  booking your tour. Once in the UK, all services such as entry to museums, attractions (Madame Tussauds, London Eye) and commute becomes cheaper. Even dining out is a lot more affordable.

The United Kingdom has always been a popular holiday destination for Indian tourists. In 2015, close to 4.5 lakh Indians visited the British Isles, and it was set to grow by 15%. These additional savings will further spur traffic to the UK.


Indians Travelling To The UK As A Student

You Save: 12% or more on tuition fees, lodging and boarding.

Mr Anand says: Close to 75,000 Indian students study in the UK and the weakening of the Pound would be a great relief for them. The 12% decline will lead to a reduction in tuition fees and hostel fees, effectively bringing down the cost of education for Indians in the UK.

UK Resident Travelling To India

Your Indian Holiday Might Become More Expensive

Mr Anand says: People travelling to India book at least six to eight months in advance. So those who’ve already booked their flights and hotels, won’t need to factor in much of a higher outgo. However, if you plan to book now, be careful as the Pound has weakened against the Rupee. Overall this might affect the number of British citizens visiting India.


So whatever your reason for travelling, don’t miss this great opportunity to visit the UK!

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