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Pune – For An Appetite Of Every Size!

Pune – For An Appetite Of Every Size!

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Join Palak Sachdeva as she explores some of the best food places in Pune

Around 6 months back, I decided that the year 2015 was going to be the year of travel, exploration and doing something new and unique. And that, I did!

I started my travel expeditions with MP and Gujarat. But one day as I was going to station to catch my train to Mumbai, I picked up my favourite Bun Maska from Vohuman Cafe! I took a bite and the next thing I knew was, I had to get people to travel and experience the best of Pune as well.

Also, George Bernard Shaw once said, “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”

And that’s how I got going around my city, Pune to present a list of “Must Eat places” here:

For a nice early breakfast

1) Vaishali

For the ones who love South Indian food, Vaishali is where you should be, for breakfast. The place is known to be a hangout place for everyone on FC road since 1951. The Mysore Masala Dosa really wins the heart, and stomach! The Dosas are so crispy, it feels like something is fit inside it to make it stand up like a spring.

Do pick the Mango shake in case you visit during summers.

PS: At times, you may bump into celebrities here!


Delicious Masala Dosa

2) Vohuman Cafe

A small Irani cafe located such, that it can be easily missed. BUT ask a Puneri and he/she would know about it, and probably would have gone there a million times!

If you are heading to the station early in the morning or haven’t slept at all and need an early morning breakfast, go to Vohuman Cafe and ask for “Bun-maska and chai”. Amazing chai and soft pav with a lot of butter will delight you to a level that you will not even be guilty of having it!


Utterly Butterly Delicious

The Bun-maska is butterly delicious for sure!

For a good brunch scene

1) Peter’s Pan

This place is best known for its English breakfast, from Grilled chicken and Cheese Omelette to yummy Spinach Corn Waffle to Choco-chip Pancake and lots more. A place for perfect, value for money food!

Peter Pan's

Choco-chip Pancake is a must-have!

Peter Pan's

One of my favourites is the Mushroom Pasta

Highly recommended here:

– Royal Bite

– Kings Exotic Meal

– Britfast

– Waffles

Eat like a King is what they say!

2) TJ Brew Works

B for Brunch, B for Beer, and B for Brewery! Yes, what better than a Brewery which serves fresh Beer and a good brunch meal.

Here, go for the freshly brewed German Beers and starters, and you will be happily surprised. The Beers are tasty, and the music is classic. Perfect combination for a Good Sunday Brunch.

If you have a big appetite, go for Noodles with Khause, which has broccoli cooked to perfection!

TJ Brew Works

A variety of scrumptious food on display at TJ Brew

TJ Brew Works

3) High Spirits

Want to get loud, socialize & enjoy some drinks?

The Cookout, High Spirits is where you should be at 2 pm of any Sunday. An afternoon party with live music, lots of Beer & really good food. Also, if you know someone in Pune, chances are you might just bump into them here.

High Spirits

At High Spirits

For a heavy lunch

1) Sukanta Thali

Forget buffets, go have a Sukanta Thali.

Here, you can relish two kinds of Farsan, four veggies, two types of rice, Dal, Kadhi, two kinds of sweet AND it is made and served with absolute love!

Well, you cannot really ask for more.

Sakunta Thali

The appetizing thali

For an evening hangout

1) Marzorin

Located at the heart of the city and serving the people of Pune since 1965, this place is best known for being popular with people of every age catching up here.

The simple Chutney sandwich served here has been consistently the best, while the mango juice and the Spaghetti come a close second.


Chutney sandwich is simple, but absolutely delicious

2) The Flour Works

With its beautiful ambience and perfect location, it attracts a lot of youth as well as families.

You will be making the best of this place if you have their sandwiches, Pizza and desserts, especially the Mango Pavlova.

The Flour Works

Beautiful ambiance and great food make this place a must-visit

The Flour Works

The Flour Works


For the perfect weekend dinner

1) Spice Factory

A new Rooftop Restaurant in Pune, it is one place that has something for everyone. Yes, that is its USP for me!

Take your parents to enjoy their Ghazal night while you hang out with your friends on another floor at the same time! 😛

And of course, food is at its best too! Must eat here are the kebabs!

Spice Factory

View inside Spice Factory

Spice Factory

Spice Factory

2) Atmosphere 6

One of the finest Rooftops I have been to in Pune, this place totally lights up your mood with its amazing ambience and lighting. While the Indian food is good, the winner is the Italian here, giving a special mention to Risotto which is the best I have ever had.

While you admire the city sitting in the beautifully lit place, you will find yourself high on the food more than anything else!

Here’s how this place looks like:

Ambience of Atmosphere 6

Ambience of Atmosphere 6; Creative Guild Photography

3) Malaka Spice

This place is best known for East Asian cuisine, particularly Thai. Most of you might have heard of this place, or eaten here atleast once. If you haven’t yet, you have missed out on something really good. This is a place that sees people coming from cities around Pune as well!

Here, go straight and order for the Burmese Noodles, and let the Khause leave you craving for more.

Malaka Spice

The scrumptious Burmese Noodles

4) Marrakesh

If you see a restaurant with a lot of people ALWAYS, it’s Marrakesh! And if you are wondering what people eat there, it’s Shawarmas – the best ones you can eat in Pune! Go and blindly order for the Paneer or Chicken Shawarma, and let the yummy Lebanese sauces melt in your mouth.

Another must eat here is the Makrana Kebab, which is said to have a very sleepy effect on people who eat it (due to overeating)


Makrana Kabab


Don’t forget to try the succulent Shawarma

For Late Night Parties in town!

1) Stone Water Grill

Once known to be the hub for all Symbiosis Fresher’s parties, it shut for 2 years to open again with a BIG bang 8 months back.

Serving every type of alcohol, food and music, this is one hell of a place for Saturday nights!

Mushroom Galouti with Saffron Brioche

Mushroom ‘Galouti’ with Saffron Brioche

Lounge Area at Stone Water Grill

Lounge Area at Stone Water Grill

For late night roadside cravings

For people who thought only Mumbai caters to after-hours cravings, let’s introduce you to Pune’s late night “Go to” places

1) Sujata Mastani

Have a Sujata Mastani, and you will never ask for another dessert again, at least for a while!

Full of flavour, ice cream and dry fruits, this is one of its own kind Mastani, and is a definite “Must have” in Pune.

Sujata Mango Keshar Dryfruit

Mango Keshar Dryfruit at Sujata Mastani

2) Shiv Kailash

This is located exactly in front of Pune station, and if you still have a problem locating it, here’s how you should find it: Hunt for a small place completely hidden behind Audi’s and BMWs! Yes, that’s where all the people of Pune go for late night Kulfi with Faaluda!

Shiv Kailash

The kulfi here attracts hordes of people


ATM: Any time munchies

1) Garden Wada Pav

Ok, so there is a drill you must know to be able to get the vada pav here. Stay patient while a lot of fresh Vada Pavs come from the shop, but keep your eyes glued to the stall.

As soon as it comes, fight for it and get it! A huge lot of approximately 200 vadas gets over in 5 minutes.

Yes, this is THAT yummy!

garden vada pav

Garden vada pav

2) Kayani Bakery

Most of the Puneris have grown up eating the Shrewsbury biscuits from Kayani Bakery, and that includes me too!

While here, know that you would need to fight your way in and then out. But as soon as the biscuit melts in your mouth, it will all be worth it!

Must eat here includes: Shrewsbury biscuits, Ribbon Cake and Mawa Cake.



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