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Scotland In A Bottle

Scotland In A Bottle

access_time September 29, 2013

On the rocks. Equal parts water. Neat. Or just straight out of the bottle. It doesn’t matter how you like...

‘Best Outbound Tour Operator Of The Year’ At TAAI Travel Awards

‘Best Outbound Tour Operator Of The Year’ At TAAI Travel Awards

access_time December 21, 2011

Cox & Kings Ltd, the longest established travel company in the world since 1758 was awarded ‘Best Outbound Tour Operator...

What To Do With Just 12 Hours In Athens

What To Do With Just 12 Hours In Athens

access_time March 20, 2017

Travelling through Europe and have a stopover in Greece? Sarah Merchant tells you what to do if you only have...

The Most Fascinating Roads Of The World!

The Most Fascinating Roads Of The World!

access_time May 15, 2016 chat_bubble_outline 0 comments 4497 views

Think roads are nothing special? These seven roads beg to differ! Wide, long, steep, zigzag, narrow, old, new; we bring to you some of the most interesting ones from across the world.

Take a look….


#1 Pan-American Highway

Pan- American Highway

Looks amazing, doesn’t it?

Location: Mainland nations of the Americas

What Makes It Unique: It’s the world’s longest highway!

Encompassing over 30,000 miles of open road that spans across north, central and South America, the legendary Pan-American highway is every traveller’s favourite road trip route. It links around 15 nations and is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest motorable road in the world.


#2 9 de Julio Avenue, Argentina

9 de Julio Avenue, Argentina

9 de Julio Avenue stands out as the widest street in the world

Location: Buenos Aires

What Makes It Unique: It’s the world’s widest street

This street runs roughly about 1 kilometre and has six lanes in each direction. It houses the former Ministry of Communications building, along with several renowned landmarks, such as the statue of Don Quixote, the old French Embassy and the obelisk and Plaza de la República. FYI – This street is named in honour of Argentina’s Independence Day.


#3 The Magic Roundabout, England

The magic roundabout, Swindon Junction

One small roundabout from the Swindon Junction

Location: Swindon

What Makes It Unique: It’s the world’s worst roundabout!

If you see someone wearing an “I survived The Magic Roundabout junction”, do take them seriously. Voted as the worst junction in Britain, the Swinden junction has five mini-roundabouts in it. If this was not crazy enough, one needs to travel anti-clockwise (the reverse of the normal situation on British roundabouts) while entering the smaller central roundabout. This roundabout has been confusing and amusing people for nearly 30 years. Enough said, phew!


#4 Magnetic Hill, Leh

Magic, or just plain science? Figure it out at Magnetic Hill, Ladakh

Magic, or just plain science? Figure it out at Magnetic Hill, Ladakh

Location: Leh-Kargil-Srinagar National Highway

What Makes It Unique: The hill defies the laws of physics

The Magnet Hill located on the Leh-Kargil-Srinagar National Highway is surrounded by picturesque views, with the Indus flowing to the South. However, its claim to fame is its ability to defy the laws of physics, at least visually. At a height of 11,000 feet above sea level, all you do is drive up to the Magnetic Hill switch off your car and see it automatically drive itself upwards. This optical illusion caused due to the road’s alignment and the slope of the background, makes the Magnetic Hill at Leh one of the most unique roads you can visit.


#5  Lombard Street, United States

Lombard Street, United States

Zig Zag all the way on the Lombard Street

Location: San Francisco, California

What Makes It Unique: It’s the world’s crookedest street

You think driving in traffic is frustrating? Try driving on Lombard Street in San Francisco. There are 8 zigzag turns (known as switchbacks) which were built in 1920 to allow smooth descent of vehicles on this steep slope. Recently, the street has garnered international visitors in large numbers due to its unique appeal, along with well-manicured gardens. To ensure safety, the street is equipped with stairways at the side for pedestrians. Also, there is also a ban on parking here!


#6 Steepest Street, New Zealand

Steepest Street, New Zealand

Beware of the world’s steepest street

Location: Dunedin

What Makes It Unique: It’s the steepest street in the world

As kids, running down a slope was always fun, unless it’s the one on Baldwin Street in Dunedin, New Zealand. It is renowned for being the steepest street in the world. The top of this road is made of concrete instead of the usual road surfacing material (asphalt) to ensure it doesn’t slide down in summers. This steepest street is believed to be a result of ridiculous design choices made by British town planners.


#7 Road To Giza, Egypt

Old Road to Giza

Egypt is home to world’s oldest paved road

Location: Southwest of Cairo

What Makes It Unique: It’s the world’s oldest paved road!

A little more than 4600 years ago, this pavement helped the Egyptians in transferring huge basalt rocks from their quarries in Southwest Cairo to the monument sites, along the River Nile. Discovered only recently, the pavement is six and a half feet wide and about seven and a half mile long. Interesting fact; This road in Egypt is at least 500 years older than any previously discovered road.



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