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Borneo – Flora and Fauna

Borneo – Flora and Fauna

access_time May 4, 2015

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Bring In Parsi New Year With Authentic Parsi Food

Bring In Parsi New Year With Authentic Parsi Food

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Explore The Temples Of Abu Simbel, Egypt

Explore The Temples Of Abu Simbel, Egypt

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Top 5 International Family Destinations That Offer Visa On Arrival

Top 5 International Family Destinations That Offer Visa On Arrival

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An international family holiday sounds great! Boring Visa interviews? Not really!  

Good news; there a plenty of countries around the world that greet you with a Visa on arrival, and we’ve picked 5 that are great for a family holiday.

Read on, and start planning!

With summer vacations coming to an end, here are a few ideas for an impromptu trip

With summer vacations coming to an end, here are a few ideas for an impromptu trip

#1 Thailand

All About The Visa

Wonder why everyone loves Thailand? Well, in addition to exotic beaches, food and culture, the country also offers visa on arrival! All you need is an application fee of THB 2,000 (Rs 3,740), a recent photograph and you are good to go! But remember the visa is valid only for 15 days.

Why Thailand?

Other than the attractive visa on arrival system, Thailand is an excellent destination for family holidays. Delicious food, value for money accommodations, gorgeous beaches and friendly smiles are the status quo of Thailand.

If you plan to holiday with your family in Thailand, Cox & King’s recommends a few activities that should not be missed!

  • Elephant Natural Park In Chiang Mai: Introduce your kids to Thailand’s national animal with a visit to this unique conservation project and rescue centre. This amazing park allows them to learn about, feed and bathe elephants in a safe environment.
  • Water Sports In Phuket: Listen to the giggles of joy as your young ones indulge in a variety of water sports that don’t require them to know swimming. Our personal favourite for the whole family, however, will always be the banana boat ride!
  • Shop Till You Drop At The Talad Rot Fai (Train Market): Vintage clothing? Retro furniture? Fancy old cartoon and books? Just name it, and you’ll find it here! Bangkok’s grandest night market has something fun in store for the whole family.
  • Tourist Hot Spots In Thailand: Though there are numerous tourist attractions to choose from, a trip to Wat Phra Kaew (temple of the Emerald Buddha), Grand Palace, and Khao Yai National Park must not be missed.
  • Hill Tribe Villages: Take a break from all touristy activities and spend a few nights with the local tribes. Witness  their fascinating culture, traditions and quirks.


For those who adore elephants, Elephant Natural Park should be your pick!

For those who adore elephants, Elephant Natural Park should be your pick!

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#2 Maldives

All About The Visa

Maldives loves tourists and it shows its love via the 30-day free visa on arrival system. To avail the visa, all you need is a valid passport, a return ticket, and either a hotel confirmation or a proof of sufficient funds i.e. US$100 + US$50/day.

Why Maldives?

Many hold a misconception that Maldives is nothing more than a romantic destination. In reality, it effortlessly doubles as a family getaway where both parents and kids have endless access to fun!

Here are a few activities that Cox & Kings recommends for a family adventure in Maldives.

  • Ride The Whale Submarine: Suitable for kids and non-divers, this little excursion lets you experience marine life in one of the most advanced passenger submarines in the world.
  • Shop To Your Heart’s Content: When in Maldives, visit the its most famous shopping street – Majeedhee Magu. Here you’ll find all kinds of clothing items, textiles as well as accessories and electronics. This is a one-stop-shop for everything you want to take away from Maldives.
  • Treat Yourself To A Spa Treatment: Spa sessions are nearly impossible with kids around, but most resorts of Maldives come with a kid club. That’s a great opportunity to indulge in some pampering with the little ones.
  • Try Night Fishing: Bring the family together and hunt for nocturnal fish under the magical starlit Maldivian sky! Night fishing in Maldives is an art practised by the locals for generations, and you can now participate in this adventure yourself. This experience promises a memorable evening for the entire family.


Beaches attract kids like magnets!

Beaches attract kids like magnets!

#3 Indonesia

All About The Visa

If you thought obtaining a visa was a headache, you’ve probably not travelled to Indonesia! Work or leisure, pay a nominal fee of US$35 (Rs2,270) and the 30 day visa is yours! Moreover, you can even extend your stay by another 30 days by paying the same amount.

Why Indonesia?

A great family destination, Indonesia intrigues kids, like no other and satisfies their appetite for adventure and amazing new experiences.

Here are Cox and Kings recommended activities in Indonesia.

  • Participate In A Game Of Paintball At The Bali Paintball Arena: Guns, paint, military costumes; sounds like a perfect formula to keep both the kids and adults entertained.
  • Soak Up The Beach Culture: Finding a kid who doesn’t love beaches is as difficult as finding a monkey who doesn’t love shiny things. Treat your water babies to a typical day at the beach; be it bucket and spade day or splashing day, they certainly won’t complain!
  • Surfing Lessons At Rip Curl School: Kids have a tendency to like all things dangerous! But if surfing is what they want to try, then rest assured because Rip Curl School of Surf for kids will teach them how to brave a wave.
  • Enjoy The Barong Dance: Teach your kids about good and evil, as you watch the mesmerising movements of the Barong dancers that represent the Barong, the king of spirits and Rangda, the demon queen.
  • Get An Adrenaline Rush At Bali Treetop Adventure Park: You just can’t go wrong with an adventure park, can you? The Bali Treetop Adventure Park is designed in such a way that even your 4 year old can zip line through the trees!
A few surfing lessons and your kid will be tackling waves like a pro!

A few surfing lessons and your kid will be tackling waves like a pro!

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#4 Laos

All About The Visa

Laos maybe small, but it packs a mighty punch! This destination not only brings forth the best elements of Southeast Asia, but also provides free visa on arrival at the Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Champasack and Savannakhet international airports.  Valid for 30 days, you can obtain an extension of another 30 days twice from the Vientiane airport.

Why Laos?

While South East Asia is known for its hospitality, Laos takes the cake with locals going out of their way to help tourists. Add to this, the country’s fairy tale landscapes, beautiful Mekong River and enigmatic heritage sites and you have the perfect family destination.

Here are few activities recommended by Cox & Kings that your family will surely enjoy!

  • Have An Adventure At Konglor Cave: One of the longest caves in the country (7.5 kilometers), Konglor is blessed with a spectacular scenery. Explore this cave via kayak, and bring home some amazing memories.
  • Marvel At The Kuang Si Waterfalls: Absolutely stunning, the Kuang Si Waterfalls are a sight not to be missed! What’s more, on your way to these multiple picture-perfect pools, you’ll also have a chance to visit the Asiatic black bear rescue centre, which is located in close proximity.
  • Live Like Tarzan At The Bokeo Nature Reserve: A guaranteed ‘back-to-nature’ experience for your kids, the Bokeo Nature Reserve features tree houses, rope bridges, trekking sites and zip lines for your little tarzans. The reserve is also home to tigers, clouded leopards, black bears and the black-crested gibbon.
  • Adventures At The Mekong River: A playground for the locals, Mekong River offers activities like river rafting, stand-up paddle boarding and cycling.
Imagine swimming here with your family- Kuang Si Waterfalls

Imagine swimming here with your family- Kuang Si Waterfalls

#5 Palau

All About The Visa

This wonderland in Oceania offers a 30-day visa on arrival if you have a return ticket and a passport valid for not less than six months from the date of expiration.

Why Palau?

Palau surfaces on a tourist radar because of its reputation as one of the best dive spots in the world. However, Palau is so much more that that! It is the perfect place to relax with family; you can laze around the quiet beaches, swim, barbecue, snorkel and go on a cultural exploration.

Here are a few Cox & Kings recommended activities that include land, water and everything else!

  • Swim With Jelly Fishes: Remember the ‘Stay away from jelly fish’ warning? Well, just this once throw it out of the window! The jelly fishes in the Palau Jelly Fish lake are known to have lost their sting and are super-friendly!
  • Swim With Dolphins: Get up-close and personal with the adorable inhabitants of the Dolphins Pacific, one of the world’s largest marine mammal interaction, educational and research facilities.
  • Explore The Relics Of WWII: Learn about Palau’s role in World War II through submerged war wrecks, fighter planes, rusted machine guns and hidden bunkers.
  • Live The City Life At Koror: Plan your itinerary in such a way that you have enough time to explore the streets of Koror. Craft shops, lively bars, local restaurants and happy locals on the streets will ensure you have a great time.
  • Brace Yourself For A Water-Filled Adventure: With tonnes of underwater wonders, it would be surprising if Palau didn’t offer any water-sports. From snorkelling, sea kayaking, sailing, sport-fishing to surfing, they have it all!


What? Really? Can we? Yes! You can swim with jelly fishes in Palau

What? Really? Can we? Yes! You can swim with jelly fishes in Palau


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