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7 Reasons You Should Not Miss The Goa Carnival

7 Reasons You Should Not Miss The Goa Carnival

access_time February 24, 2017

Goa brings to mind sun, sand, beaches, great food, cheap beer, and the Sunburn Festival! However, there’s more to this...

Forget The Regular, Here Are 10 Holidays With A Twist!

Forget The Regular, Here Are 10 Holidays With A Twist!

access_time July 13, 2016

Coach tours? Been there, done that! Hop-on-hop-0ff buses? Nothing novel about it. Driving holidays? Sooo yesterday! So how about a kayak...

Rugged, Thrilling, Quirky, Exotic: Malaysia Like You’ve Never Seen Before!

Rugged, Thrilling, Quirky, Exotic: Malaysia Like You’ve Never Seen Before!

access_time March 3, 2016

Malaysia has a total landmass of 3,29,847 square kilometers. Kuala Lumpur, with the world famous Petronas Towers, swanky malls and...

Top Five Great American Meals

Top Five Great American Meals

access_time March 18, 2013 chat_bubble_outline 2 comments 6830 views

America is famous as the birthplace of fast food. When it comes to ingredients, taste and attention to detail, no fast food experience beats the real thing. If you’re planning a trip to the USA then make sure you don’t miss sampling these five diner favourites to taste the authentic flavour of the top five great American meals.

1. The Classic Burger

When you visit your first authentic American diner order the burger! All good diners will have a classic burger on their menu and in most places you’ll be offered a choice of extra toppings, so you can sample the speciality of the house.

If you love to taste a little bit of everything when you eat out then order sliders, mini burgers that provide a bite sized punch of flavour. In New York spend an afternoon or evening at Mark in the East Village and taste your way through their extensive slider menu.

2. Barbecue

Succulent mega steaks, sweet and gooey babyback ribs that melt off the bone, spicy sausages made in house and slowly smoked chunks of stunningly seasoned pork, beef and lamb dripping with delicious juices.

Carnivores will adore the amazing array of flame cooked food on offer in the USA. Wherever you are in the US, you’ll find restaurants serving their own distinct style of barbecue, with establishments like Bill Spoon’s in North Carolina, Bulldog Barbecue in Miami and the Joint in New Orleans attracting worldwide interest.

3. Fried Chicken

Ever since the Colonel introduced his blend of secret spices to the world, fried chicken has become a popular fast food across the globe. However, authentic American fried chicken is in a whole different ballpark!

Fried chicken is a staple of the American diner menu and restaurants put a different twist on their recipes and techniques, so there’s a huge range of exciting flavours to experience. In the USA, chicken isn’t chicken without waffles so make sure you order some of these fluffy treats and remember to add plenty of syrup.

4. Pizza

Pizza is big business in the US and you’ll find joints on every street corner. Look for restaurants with their own Pizza oven for pies with that delicious stone baked taste. In New York try Grimaldi’s under Brooklyn Bridge for huge portions and a family atmosphere. In California indulge in a gourmet slice at Oakland’s Pizzaiolo, or taste a unique twist on the traditional Pizza in St Louis, where slices are served in squares and slathered with a mx of American, provolone and Swiss cheese.

5. Key Lime Pie

When you’re ready for desert Key Lime Pie is a tart, sweet and delicious pie that originated in the Florida Keyes. Originally made with the limes that grow in abundance in the area, today you can find Key Lime Pie in most US diners.

The pie is famous for its green custard topped with a generous pile of fluffy meringue but if you want to taste the natural flavours of lime then look for a pie with a tinge of green rather than a bright and lurid colour.

Whatever your tastes, you’ll find plenty of food to enjoy in the USA so make sure you don’t miss out on these amazing meals when you visit!


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