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Top 5 Fun Things To Do In Georgia

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Georgia’s deep, tangled history, its art culture and meaningful architecture will leave you feeling starry eyed and well-travelled. Here are the Top 5 Fun Things To Do In Georgia that Kavita Sarmah thinks you should definitely do, to delve into the Georgian-love!

Listing Out, Fun Things To Do In Georgia!

Fun Things To Do In Georgia

Bright lights, timber balconies, swirly seashores – Georgia is a wonderland.

Georgia, a country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia is one of the most beautiful countries and appeals to travellers of all kinds. It definitely tops our list with its vast, stretched-out streets, luscious green valleys covered with vineyards, authentic churches and all the possibilities of adventure. The locals treat visitors with great hospitality and are very high-spirited, kind and heartwarming. Here’s a quick round-up of the fun things to do in Georgia!

#1 Live The Traveller’s Dream In Tbilisi

Fun Things To Do In Georgia - tiblis

Its diverse culture, warm people and exciting events make Tbilisi unforgettable.

The cultural mélange makes Tbilisi – the capital of Georgia – one of the most fascinating places to visit. Tbilisi carries the country’s deep history but also embraces modernity to create a perfect balance of old and new. This city maintains its traditional ways; you will not find many western chains such as McDonalds or Burger King here, but will find local stalls of scrumptious cuisine, instead. Its styled wooden balconies, well-crafted architecture, intriguing Byzantine churches and fascinating art pieces will make you fall in love with this city. One of the most fun things to do in Georgia is to visit the little markets around the Tbilisi area; even if you don’t plan to buy anything, it is quite an experience! Take a stroll down Sioni Street for a dash of modern art in the city, eat from a street shop, and sit a while in a park before you leave for your hotel.

#2 Enjoy A Surreal Experience In Batumi

Fun Things To Do In Georgia - Batumi

When in Georgia, spend time in Batumi and lose yourself in friendly unfamiliarity of this sleepy city

Batumi is a sleepy, quiet city with beautiful, inviting beaches, delicious food and wine, vibrant culture and warm people. The unique mix of mountains and a rocky seashore against the Black Sea is what makes this city seem surreal and otherworldly. Spend a day or two here; the subtropical climate keeps the summers cool and the winters warm. If that’s not the definition of perfect, what is? Climb to the top of the Alphabetic Tower, a sky-high monument decorated with the Georgian alphabet, and soak in panoramic views of the city. Take a walk through the bamboo forest in Batumi Botanic Garden, just above the Black Sea. Bask in the artsy air at Café Conte, which shares a space with the Contemporary Art Space, an art gallery. In the late evening, head down to Chacha Time and try their signature drink, the Chacha cocktail – a drink made with Georgian moonshine. It will definitely be one of the fun things to do in Georgia.

#3 Lose Yourself In Steamy Georgian Food

Fun Things To Do In Georgia - Georgian delicacies.

Warm, creamy, buttery, divine – Words fall short when it comes to Georgian delicacies

Georgian food is just all kinds of goodness and more! The cuisine here has a fascinating blend of both European and Middle Eastern influences. Make sure to try Katchapuri, a warm soft bread filled with salty, melted cheese. Then there is an elevated version of the Katchapuri, called Adjaruli Katchapuri, which is essentially the same bread and cheese combination but with the addition of a soft-boiled egg, runny yolk and all, and a hefty dose of butter. Also try Georgia’s celebrated national dish – Khinkali. It is a juicy dumpling traditionally filled with tender pork, beef or lamb and served with a generous sprinkling of fresh peppers. Looking for fun things to do in Georgia? Try Georgian beer. It is delicious and at local downtown bars, you can get a pint for just about two dollars. So loosen your belts; drink, eat and have yourself a merry time!

#4 Uncover Legends At Gelati Monastery

Fun Things To Do In Georgia - Gelati monastery.

Spend some time to uncover the rich Georgian history at the famous Gelati monastery

Georgia has churches built in the most unusual, but scenic areas. The Gelati monastery located on a steep hillside covered in woods, is a great example. Once the cultural hub of Georgia’s medieval “golden age”, it has several past rulers buried at the site, including the 12th Century King David, who founded the monastery in 1106. King David’s grave lies inside the south gate, and although it is said that he wanted visitors to step on his tomb, people take great care not to do so.

#5 Savour A Wine Tour in Kakheti

Fun Things To Do In Georgia- Kakheti.

Drink, eat and slow dance your day away at breathtaking Kakheti, the main producing area in Georgia

Kakheti, in the eastern part of Georgia, is the main wine-producer of the country. One of the most fun things to do in Georgia is to join the fun one-day wine tours they have and visit several wine cellars and taste the unique Georgian reds and whites. Spend the day exploring the city and socialising with friendly locals and fellow travellers, while you eat loads of toasty, Georgian bread and cheese!

On your next visit to Georgia, listen to sweet local music, feast on the traditional delicacies, stroll along unfamiliar roads, cover all the fun things to do in Georgia and get happily lost in the beauty of it all!

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