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Top 9 Romantic Getaways in Asia

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Asia is a very large part of the world and there are many incredible places to visit. On this page, and in no particular order, Dillon Michaelson outlines a few of the places he considers part of the top romantic getaways in Asia.

romantic getaways - Couple of surfers all set to ride

Couple of surfers all set to ride the waves on the beach

Best 9 Romantic Getaways In Asia

1. Hong Kong

romantic getaways - Hong Kong and Macau

Mesmerising Hong Kong, it steals your heart in just one look

Hong Kong is a very exciting city and a world renowned cultural center. There is something to see and do for everyone. Plenty of entertainment, shopping, and restaurants. The city is also surrounded by natural beauty and you can visit historic sites, beautiful beaches, or Victoria Peak, which is one of the most popular stops for tourists visiting the area. One of my favorite things to do in Hong Kong, was to get on a 100-year-old tram that takes you up a scenic path. As you reach the peak you get incredible views of the city. It is one of the best destination for romantic getaways!

Soak in the tranquil beauty of Hong Kong!

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2. Kyoto, Japan

romantic getaways - japan

Peaceful, green and serene, Kyoto is everything you are looking for!

Kyoto has been the capital of Japan for more than 1000 years and is a place that is rich in culture and history. There are over 1600 Buddhist temples and over 400 Shinto shrines in Kyoto. My wife and I enjoyed the beautiful gardens and incredible works of art throughout the city. If you are visiting Japan, Kyoto should be on your list of places to see and is one of the most peaceful destinations for romantic getaways.

Explore Japan with us!

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3. Bali, Indonesia

romantic getaways -Bali

Romantic Bali, fall in love with the tranquil coasts

Bali is considered to be one of the most romantic places in the world. There are pristine sandy beaches, deep blue waters, volcanoes, and when you move inland there are lush jungles where you can see Buddhist temples and ancient ruins. My wife and I are adventurous and really enjoy scuba diving. The beach at Nusa Penida is one of our favourites. It’s a great place for anyone who enjoys snorkeling or diving because there is beautifully coloured coral just offshore. Another great activity for the adventurous couple is rafting or kayaking down the Ayung River. And for those of you who like to shop, there are street markets where you can buy local arts and crafts. It is one of the best destination for romantic getaways for couples looking for thrilling adventures!

Fall in love with Bali!

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4. Phuket, Thailand

romantic getaways -thailand

Be dazzled by the beaches in Thailand

Thailand is made up of many islands, and Phuket is the largest of these. Located in the southern part of Thailand in the Andaman Sea, Phuket is known by many as “The Pearl of Andaman Sea”. Phuket has an abundance of pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters. The hotels in Phuket are well known for their hospitality and I’ve found that hotel staff is always happy to help you find things to do whether it’s finding the best, romantic beaches to visit, directing you towards ancient temples, or telling you the best spots to enjoy nightlife.

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5. Malaysia

romantic getaways - Malaysia

Visit Malaysia for its amazing beauty and great climate

Malaysia is becoming a more and more popular tourist destination. There are beautiful, white-sand beaches and incredible, tropical island resorts. There are several temples and historical sites to visit and ancient rain forests to explore. It is one of the best destination for romantic getaways for couples looking for a unique blend of city life admist lush nature!

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6. Singapore

Trip to Singapore as romantic getaways

Enjoy the vibrant city life in Singapore

Singapore is relatively small, but there is an almost endless amount of things to see and do. There are museums and art galleries for art lovers, and heritage centers for history buffs. Singapore also has a vibrant nightlife for those who enjoy good music, food and dancing.

One of my favorite places to visit in Singapore is Bay South, which boasts a large, waterfront garden with “Supertrees”, which are vertical gardens that measure up to 16 stories high. There are walkways between the Supertrees and there is also a bar on top of the tallest Supertree which offers incredible views of the gardens. In addition to being beautiful to look at, the Supertrees also serves a functional purpose, collecting rainwater, generating solar power, and acting as venting ducts for the conservatories at the park.

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7. Maldives

romantic getaways - maldives

Get amazed by the magical beaches of Maldives

With idyllic coastal beaches, tranquil climate, stunning vistas and ever-smiling locals, Maldives is one of the ost romantic destination in Asia. Stroll on this beautiful island, rejuvenate yourselves with exotic spa treatments, witness the spectacular ‘glow in the’ beach or dine 20 feet under the Indian Ocean, Maldives is where you can find love with love! It is one of the best places for romantic getaways if all you want to do is relax and enjoy!

Visit Maldives with us NOW!

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8. Mauritius

romantic getaways -mauritius honeymoon

enjoy the exotic marine life and beautiful corals in Mauritius

From sunbathing, taking a boat ride, swimming, snorkelling to watching serene sunsets on the beach and walking under the stars, Mauritius is just perfect for couples looking to spnd some quality time with each other. Gorge of exotic fruits, spicy curries and flavoured seafood, witness the seven-coloured earth at Chamarel or explore the exotic marine life and beautiful corals. This island is an epitome of romance and provide couples with the best possible romantic experience. It is one of the popular places for romantic getaways!

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9. The Taj Mahal

romantic getaways - agra

A dewy morning at the entrance of Taj Mahal

I couldn’t talk about the top romantic getaways in Asia without mentioning the Taj Mahal. In Agra, India, the Taj Mahal is one of the most popular destinations in the world. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, it was built by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal as a token of his love. Located on the banks of the River Yamuna, it is an absolutely breathtaking sight and is truly one of the most romantic destinations in the world!

Visit the Taj Mahal, one of the beautiful monument in India!

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As I mentioned at the beginning, Asia is vast, with countless, romantic destinations to visit. I have just scratched the surface with the places that I have outlined. Asia is home to a number of diverse cultures and has many places that are both modern and rich in history and if you are planning a trip to Asia you should definitely do some research before your trip to find what suits you best.

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