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10 Tourist Spots In Ooty That Will Definitely Satiate Your Wanderlust

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Call it Queen of Hills, nature lover’s paradise or the best hill stations in India, Ooty boasts of tranquil  lakes, rolling hills, blue mountains and delicious local cuisines. Want to explore more about this mesmersing place? Here is a list of some of the best tourist spots in Ooty that you just can’t afford to miss.

best tourist spots in Ooty

Ooty, a gem among southern hills of India!

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10 Tourist Spots In Ooty You Must Explore!

1. Ooty Lake

best tourist spots in Ooty - lake

The serenity of the Ooty Lake will take your breath away

Remember bollywood blockbusters like Maine Pyaar Kiya and Ajab Prem Ki Gazhab Kahani? Ooty lake is where few scenes from these movies were shot. The enchanting lake is an artificial lake constructed in 1824 by John Sullivian. The lake is surrounded by sky-high eucalyptus trees and is one of the top tourist spots in Ooty. The Boat House near the Ooty Lake offers a magical experience with amazing boat riding experience in the azure waters.

Things to do in or near Ooty Lake

For kids
  • Enjoy many activities near Ooty Lake like mini train rides, Mirror House, Horror House, 7D Cinema, Dashing Cars, cycling, horse riding and dances organized there.
For nature lovers and photographers
  • Visit Tread Garden near Ooty Lake and enjoy the wonderful view of different species of flowers.
  • Also, spot colourful birds on the tall eucalyptus trees surrounding the lake.
For shopping
  • Ooty lake is lined with small shops that sell local handicrafts and products like shawls, chocolates, oil and much more.
best tourist spots in Ooty - Toda tribe

Discover the Toda culture and tribe near the lake

Travel Tips

  • Ooty Boat House is always crowded, so keep some time in hand and be prepared to wait in long queues.
  • There are many eateries near the lake, no need to carry food with you.
  • Avoid visiting the Ooty Lake on weekends.
  • Wear light and comfortable clothes to enjoy the activities.
  • The Toda Tribe is found near this lake and can be visited to meet and witness the Toda Tribal people

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2. Niligiri Hills

best tourist spots in Ooty - nilgiri

Popularly known as the blue mountains, Nilgiri hills have always been shrouded in mysticism

Lofty hills, blue mountains, green slopes with spectacular scenic view of foggy clouds over the peaks, Nilgiri Hills is all you need to witness if you want a sweet escape from monotony. Being one of the popular tourist spots in Ooty, Niligiri hills attract many travellers from all parts of the world as the place is never out of season. Nature lovers and photographers are delighted to be here as Nilgiri hills are famous for natural beauty filled with rich flora and fauna.

Activities for adventure lovers

  • Enjoy activities like trekking, fishing and angling around Niligiri hills


  • Visit during the months of January and February to enjoy the ‘Tea and Tourism Festival’ organized every year.

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3. Tea Museum

best tourist spots in Ooty - tea museum

Explore different types of tea in the museum

A tea person? Tea Museum is where you should head to if you want to sample some of the best teas in the world. Located at the highest peak of the Nilgiri mountains, Tea museum displays variety types of tea. Visit Tea Museum to know the history of tea, evolution of tea in Nilgiris, tea categories and much more. Right beside the Tea Museum is the Tea Factory. Do visit the Tea Factory too to see the production of tea.

Tea Museum Information

  • Opening Hours – 10 am to 6 pm
  • Entrance Fee – Rs. 5
  • Camera Fee – Rs. 10

4. Doddabeta Peak

best tourist spots in Ooty

The lush green slopes is a delight to watch

Fancy snow-clad peaks, lush green slopes, breathtaking landscape and fresh, cold breeze? Doddabeta Peak offers just that. Located in a scenic reserved forest area, few kilometers away from Ooty Centre point, Doddabeta Peaks is known as the top tourist spots in Ooty for its greenery and amazing natural beauty. It is home to many endangered species of flora and fauna and is covered with lush vegetation, short trees, flowering shrubs and coarse grass.
What’s unique about the peak is its flattened curve land on the top. You can simply trek to the top of the mountain and marvel at the stunning view of waterfalls, surrounding hills and forests at the Telescope House located at the top.

Things to do in or near Doddabeta Peaks

For Adventurers, nature lovers and photographers
  • Trek up to the top of the hill till Telescope House and spend time appreciating the nature.
  • Camp during the weekend and explore the mountain.
For Shopping
  • There are small stalls on the way to Doddabeta mountain which sells fresh fruits and drinks.
best tourist spots in Ooty - deddabeta

Revel in the greenery and tranquility of the Doddabeta peaks

Travel Tips

  • Carry water when you trek on the mountain. It can be tiring for many travellers and trekkers.
  • Visiting hours is 9 am to 6 pm, so plan your trek accordingly.
  • You might have to pay extra amount with the entrance fee if you are carrying camera and video equipment.

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5. Toy Train

best tourist spots in Ooty - toy train

The quaint blue carriages have big windows for the tourist to marvel at the scenic view

Established in 19th century by the British, The Nilgiri Mountain Railway Toy Train is the main highlight of a visit to Ooty. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2005. Known as a cog railway, the toy train has quaint blue wooden carriages and passes through many tunnels and bridges, thus providing picturesque scenic beauty of tea plantations, rocky mountains, rivers and lush hills. The toy train runs from Mettupalayam to Udagamandalam (Ooty), via Coonoor, in the Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu. It runs one to and fro journey every day and the frequency increases during peak season.

Toy Train from Ooty to Mettupalayam
Train No / Name Dep Arr Duration
56137 / Ooty-Mettupalayam MG Passenger 2:00 pm 5:35 pm 3h 35m
Toy Train from Ooty to Coonoor
Train No / Name Dep Arr Duration
56139 / Udagamandalam-Coonoor MG Passenger 9:15 am 10:25 am 1h 10m
56142 / Udagamandalam-Coonoor MG Passenger 12:15 pm 13:20 pm 1h 05m
56137 / Udagamandalam-Mettupalayam MG Passenger 2:00 pm 3:05 pm 1h 15m
56140 / Udagamandalam-Coonoor MG Passenger 6:00 pm 7:10 pm 1h 10m

Travel Tips

  • Buy first class ticket to have more comfortable and less cramped journey
  • Avoid going during the monsoons as the train sometimes is out of service
  • Make reservations at Indian Railways computerized reservation counters, or on the Indian Railways website.

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6. Botanical Garden

best tourist spots in Ooty - rose garden

The amazing and beautiful Rose Garden is a must visit

Established in 1897 by Marquis of Tweedale, the Botanical Garden of Ooty covers an area of 55 acres that is divided into different sections. It is a must-visit tourist spot in Ooty as it houses and maintains over 600 plant species beautifully. Find rare trees like Paperbark tree, Monkey Puzzle tree, Cork tree and more from pre-historic era.

Things to do in Botanical Garden

  • Visit the captivating Rose Garden Area, it is truly magical
  • Explore 127 fern species with a collection of variety of orchids in Fern House
  • Sit by the Italian poolside garden to enjoy the serene view
  • Spot colourful Nilgiri birds in tree branches

Travel Tips

  • Visit during the month of April or September to witness the full bloom of flowers
  • Strictly follow the rules of the garden to avoid penalty charges
  • Visit the garden during the weekdays.

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7. Pyakara Lake

best tourist spots in Ooty - lake

Get smitten by the ultimate natural beauty of the lake

Looking for a sweet escape? How about sitting by shimmering lake, pristine waters enjoying soothing sun rays in a misty morning? Dreamy, right? Well, the Pyakara lake offers just that. Known as one of the popular tourist spots in Ooty, Pyakara Lake is one of the most beautiful lake here. The Pyakara waterfall adds to the beauty and leaves tourists in awe.

Things to do in Pyakara Lake

  • It is one of the best picnic spot and provides with wonderful scenic view
  • Enjoy activities like boating, bird watching, sampling local cuisines at the Lake canteen and discovering nature trails.
  • Click photographs of the waterfall and picturesque trees around the lake
best tourist spots in Ooty - pyakara lake

Gorgeous, right?

Travel Tips

  • Visit the lake during the months of March to May as it offers best sightseeing
  • Choose speed boats instead of regular boats for better experience

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8. Avalanche Lake

best tourist spots in Ooty - avalanche lake

The spectacular view of the Avalanche Lake will leave you in awe

Tranquil ambience, untouched habitat and a remote gem, Avalanche Lake is is a must-visit for nature lovers and photographers. Located at a distance of 25 kilometers from Ooty, this naturally formed lake is surrounded with lush greenery, beautiful landscape and colourful flowers. Sometimes you can spot rare wildlife like bears and elephants around the area. All in all, Avalanche Lake is the best tourist spot in Ooty to relax and unwind.

Things to do near Avalanche Lake

  • Trek through the nearby Upper Bhavani region and enjoy the scenic path through thick forest
  • Try camping here as the is lake is just the perfect spot for picnic
  • Trout fishing is also carried out here and the right equipment are available around the area.
best tourist spots in Ooty - lake

Sit by the lake and soak in the calmness of the lake

Travel Tips

  • Visit during the monsoon months of August to October.
  • Visit either in early mornings or evenings when the sun is setting
  • Food and water is not available within the premises

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9. Emerald Lake

best tourist spots in Ooty - emerald lake

Emerald Lake is the ideal spot in Ooty for nature lovers

Located in the Silent valley of the Nilgiri district, Emerald Lake is a serene lake surrounded by enchanting forest, green meadows and tea farms. The water here is crystal clear and it is a great spot to witness spectacular sunrise and sunset. Haven for a variety of bird species, it is a paradise for bird watchers and photographers. Enjoy activities like trekking, fishing, mountain biking and simply soak in the serenity from the shore of the lake.

10. Mulligoor For Neelakurinji

best tourist spots in Ooty - flower bed

Every twelve years, the hills of Ooty burst into a sea of blue

Neelakurinji, a special, beautiful, rare and purple flowers have a 12-year flowering cycle. As the plants bloom at the same time together, the whole place and terrain turns blue, hence the name Nilgiri (meaning Blue) is acquired its name. These flowers bloom in the month of March and April in a place called Mulligoor, 30 km away from Ooty.

tourist places in ooty - neelakurinji

A rare natural spectacle

Ooty has an old-world charm that is very appealing after the chaotic hustle and bustle of the city life. These tourist spots in Ooty will definitely refresh your mind and soul and make you want to come back for more.

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