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Andaman Islands Travel Guide: A Quick Guide For Andaman Trip

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Andaman Islands, what can we say about it! It is so lovely that just the name of the Andaman reverberates a feeling of revival, serenity and utmost beauty. The crystal clear blue water beneath the feet and the blue sky above the head, straight away bonds with the inner self and leaves one invigorated. It is an awesome place to take a break from your chaotic day to day life and get soaked in its blissful aura. It is not just the beauty of this place but loads of adventurous activities, sightseeing tours and the vibe of Andaman which makes it an ideal place for a perfect holiday. If you are planning an Andaman trip, here is an extensive travel guide to help you know everything about this exotic place.

andaman trip-Andaman Islands packages-

Laze around on the beaches of Havelock, Andaman Islands

Table Of Content

Best time to visit Andaman

Best Time To Visit Andaman

What is the best time to visit Andaman? Well, you will be surprised to know that Andaman is an all time destination. The island enjoys a tropical climate with minimum fluctuation in temperatures which means you can have the benefit of a pleasant weather throughout the year. Seasons in Andaman can be broadly divided into two; summer and monsoon. The island does not really observe the winter season due to its tropical nature.

andaman trip-Andaman Islands packages-island

Let yourself loose and get drenched in the simplicity of Andaman.

Summer is believed to be the best season to visit Andaman. The summer season starts in the month of April and extends till the month of June. The weather is calm and peaceful with very little humidity allowing the tourists to indulge in activities like snorkelling, parasailing, scuba diving, banana boat ride, surfing and jet skiing. This is also a good time to visit if you want to experience the festive spirit of the island. The Island Tourism Festival, which is a two week festival, is celebrated during this time and is a great way to learn about the cultures and traditions of the region. This pristine destination is sure to allure you with its clear blue sky, white sandy beaches, turquoise blue water and an appealing environment.

Must Watch: The Ever-Enchanting Andaman Islands

Monsoons hit the island in July and lasts till September. This season is relatively a little dull than the summer season. All water sports are closed during this time due to high tides and random ferocious winds. It is a good time for travellers who are looking to unwind and relax away from the hustle bustle of their daily lives. The silence, the seclusion and the vibe around this time is perfect for self-exploration and rejuvenation. If you are one of those who like experiencing the culture and lifestyle in its purest form, this is the best time to visit Andaman. This is also a great time to visit if you are looking for a budget holiday as you get amazing deals on hotels and flights.

Andaman Travel Tip: Make sure you carry light clothes and enough water to keep yourself hydrated. During monsoon, be sure to carry umbrellas, raincoats and mosquito repellent.

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How to reach Andaman

How To Reach Andaman

andaman trip-Andaman Islands packages-Havelock Island

Havelock Island, one of the picture perfect Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

The capital of Andaman, Port Blair is accessible only by air or by sea.
Air: There are regular flights to Port Blair from Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore. Flights from Kolkata and Chennai take about 2 hours whereas the one from Delhi and Mumbai takes roughly around 5 hours to reach Port Blair. It is advisable to book your tickets as soon as possible if you are planning an Andaman trip.
Sea: Ships sail from Chennai, Kolkata and Vizag and takes about 60-70 hours to arrive at Port Blair.

Travelling within Andaman

Travelling Within Andaman

Boats, ferries and ships are the chief mode of transportation from one island to another. Public transport such as bus, taxi, auto-rickshaw are easily available to move around the Andaman Island. Tourists can also hire private jeeps, vans, two-wheelers and cycles and explore the island.

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Where to stay In Andaman

Where To Stay In Andaman

andaman trip - hotel in andaman

The serene view of Andaman will brighten your day

Hotels in Andaman are as impressive as the island itself and welcome every visitor with open arms. The hotels here cater to the requirements of each and every type of traveller and give them the best experiences of their lives. No matter which hotel or resort you choose, you are bound to have an unrivalled experience which will make your holiday the best one. Every hotel has its own speciality and is different from the other. Whether you are looking for a sea front hotel or a villa close to the beach, a resort close to nature or a lounge room at a gleaming beach, the hotels here will leave you absolutely spellbound. There are budget hotels which help you to make the most of it while keeping it really easy on your pocket. And if you are in the mood to splurge, the hotels in Andaman will spoil you with their extraordinary services.
Andaman travel tip: If you are planning to visit Andaman during summers, be sure to book the hotels in advance to avoid last moment rush.

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Places to visit in Andaman

Best Places To Visit In Andaman

If clear bright skies, sun kissed golden beaches, sparkling seas and lip-smacking sea food is on your mind, then pack your bags and get set for an amazing Andaman trip. Although there is a long list of incredible places to visit in Andaman, here are a few must visit places.

Port Blair

andaman trip - port blair

Port Blair- the perfect blend of history and culture.

Port Blair, the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a doorway to the phenomenal islands. It is located on the eastern side of the South Andaman Island. The city is an exciting mix of Bengalis, Tamils, Burmese and Nicobarese. The city is intensely connected with nature and history and has a number of natural and man-made attractions. The 20th century Cellular Jail also known as Kala Paani is one of the most popular Andaman tourist places and a major attraction here. The colonial prison was built during the British rule in India to detain and banish the prisoners. The Anthropological Museum is also an interesting place which displays tools, art, handicrafts and models depicting the rich tribal history of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. If you just want to chill, simply relax at the Corbyn’s Cove Beach during sunset or shop at the Aberdeen Bazaar or enjoy some water rides for a wonderful holiday experience.

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Havelock Island

andaman trip-Andaman Islands packages-scuba-diving

Want to go scuba-diving? Try out the famous Havelock Island!

Havelock is a scenic natural ecstasy with stunning white sandy beaches, unbeatable coral reefs and flourishing green forests. It is a paradise for scuba diving, snorkelling and all water activities. Once you reach Havelock, you will have no time to think about anything else but the beauty and the activities of this place. Havelock’s gem, the Radhanagar Beach, located approximately about 12 kilometres on the south coast of the island is one of the best beaches in Asia and of course a visual treat. You will fall in love with the grandeur and the enormity of the beach. The clear blue water and white sand which is as smooth as wheat flour will compel you to swim or simply click selfies as the beach is picture perfect. The Vijaynagar Beach and the Kalapathar Beach are also worth visiting. Adventure enthusiasts should definitely check out the Elephant Beach and enjoy snorkelling there. The clear, shallow, lukewarm water is ideal for this activity. The Elephant Beach proffers a great opportunity to get a glimpse of the beautiful marine life in its purest way. Apart from the stunning indigo beaches and fantastic marine life you can also enjoy elephant rides, kayaking, bird watching and much more. Havelock Island is truly a place that has something to offer to each and everyone.

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andaman trip-Andaman Islands packages-Diglipur

Surrender to the pristine beaches of Diglipur

Diglipur, a quaint town in the north part of the Andaman Islands is known for its cultivation of orange and rice. The Lamiya Bay Beach is the main attraction here as it lies in the foothills of the highest Saddle peak in Andaman. The view from the top of the Saddle peak is incredible with lush green coastline which stretches as far as your eyes can see. You can also enjoy a deep moment of solitude while sitting on the rocks and hear the waves crash. Kalipur Beach and Ramnagar Beach are the well known beaches here and are popular for turtle nesting. The beaches are a centre of attention for many tourists during December and January when more than hundred turtles descend to lay eggs. The green jungle of Shyamnagar, which is roughly about 20 kilometres from Diglipur is famous for its mud volcanoes.  The landscapes, the greenery and the caves of Diglipur make it a celebrated place for trekking, island hopping, boating and fishing.
Andaman travel tip: Make sure you go through the various Andaman holiday packages that are offered by the Andaman tourism to get the best deals.

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Things to do in Andaman

Things To Do In Andaman

The beauty, the tranquillity and the untouched environs make Andaman Islands a great holiday destination. Your things to do list will find no stopping when your rambling soul meets the spotless beaches, pure serenity and untouched surroundings. But, don’t worry,this is where we come in the picture. Here is a list of a few things to do in Andaman that you just cannot afford to miss.

Visit the Cellular Jail or Kala Paani

andaman trip-Andaman Islands packages-cellular-jail

Cellular Jail will definitely take you back in history

Does it sound very dark and depressing? Well, yes it does. But trust us you will just not regret visiting it. The Cellular Jail in Port Blair is one of the best things to do in Andaman and one should not give it a miss. It was used by the British as a colonial prison to exile political hostages. The structure is a representation of the turmoil the Indian freedom fighters had experienced. The massive building has numerous cells and gigantic walls that are really strong. There are seven wings inside and all the wings are connected to the central tower where the British army would keep a close watch at the prisoners. The complex is now owned by the government of India and is recognised as the national memorial monument showcasing the life of prisoners during the British rule. In the memory of the courageous freedom fighters the cellular jail organises a light and sound show. The beautifully choreographed show transforms the cellular jail into a gorgeous arena of live performances and also illustrates the heart-rending history of the independence of India.
Andaman travel tip: Follow the guide so that you get a vivid picture of the history.

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Go On A Glass Boat Ride

andaman trip-Andaman Islands packages-underwater

The view of the underwater world will mesmerise you

The glass boat ride is for all those who don’t want to get into the waters but still wish to observe the multi-coloured, vivacious and lively marine life. It is a high speed boat with transparent bottom which allows you to get a glimpse of the beautiful corals and the marvellous marine life. Just imagine sailing on the clear waters of the Bay of Bengal and exploring every bit of the underwater life beneath you. Isn’t it amazing? The most famous beach for the glass boat ride is the Dolphin Beach in Havelock Island.

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Experience The Sea Plane Ride

andaman trip - sea plane ride

The sea plane ride in Andaman is definitely a MUST experience!

Make your Andaman trip special with the thrilling sea plane ride from Port Blair to Havelock Island. Get soaked in the alluring natural beauty of the place and witness the aerial view of the Cellular Jail, North Bay Island and Ross Island. The sea planes carry only 9 passengers at a time and the duration is about 20 minutes.
Andaman travel tip: Sea plane rides are subject to weather conditions.

Want to travel to Andaman Islands?

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Dive In For A Sea Walk

andaman trip-Andaman Islands packages-sea walk

We’ll never forget this surreal experience!

Sea walk, does it actually mean walking in the sea? Yes, it literally means that you will be walking at the bottom of the sea. It is one of the most loved attractions that you must experience on your Andaman trip. It is probably the easiest way to explore the underwater world. Tourists can enjoy the exhilarating underwater walk on the sea bed and witness the brilliant marine life in Andamans. Sea walk is super safe and does not require any knowledge of swimming or diving. You are provided with a helmet to give you a supply of fresh oxygen and to save you from the tremendous water pressure. It is an experience of a life time and once you do it you will not be able to stop yourself from doing it again.

Shopping in Andaman

Shopping In Andaman

andaman trip - shopping

When in!

If you are a shopaholic and like collecting unique beautiful things then Andaman Islands, especially Port Blair is the place for you. It is a paradise for shopping lovers with really exciting and diverse shopping centres and local and beach markets. Since wood is found in abundance here you will find beautifully carved wooden artefacts and kitchen utility products. Similarly, coconut water being a well-liked drink in the island, you will get wonderful decorative pieces made out of coconut shells such as coconut lamps, and coconut shaped mugs that will never lose their charm. If you are into jewellery, then sea shell jewellery will surely attract you. They look great and make a perfect souvenir for loved ones. Bags made out of cane are a hot selling item here. They are fine-looking, long-lasting and studded with sea shells that make them look fabulous. If you love to cook, then freshly grown, superior quality, cinnamon, cloves and black pepper should be at the top of your shopping list. One of the best places to shop is the Aberdeen Bazaar where you will get everything from sarongs to jewellery to handicrafts. Apart from this you can also check out Andaman Handicraft Emporium, Premnagar, Goalghar,  Junglighat and Sagarika Government Emporium. You can even buy liquor from bars and local shops selling alcohol at a very reasonable price. So, shop till you drop!

Explore shopping in Andaman Islands.

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What To Eat In Andaman Trip

What To Eat In Andaman Trip

andaman trip - fish curry

Gorge on delicious fish curry in Andamans

The culinary scene of Andaman is pretty much like the island itself- refreshing, out of the ordinary and very satisfying. The island is a melting pot of Indian cultures and has influences from Bengal, North India, South India and Burma.

It is a dreamland for non-vegetarians especially seafood lovers as the vast variety of fish curries and delicacies will leave you absolutely spoilt. However, being a very popular tourist destination, the island also has a number of restaurants serving Chinese, Thai and Italian cuisines. Do visit the multi-cuisine restaurant Red Snapper in Port Blair known for its scrumptious coconut prawn curry. Islet is known to serve the best Chinese and Indian fare in the island. Waves at Corbyn’s Cove Beach serves palatable Thai food.

Vegetarians can head to Amigos that serves delicious pizzas, sandwiches and burgers. If South Indian is what you are looking for then go straight to Annapurna. Fruits here are very tasty and refreshing, so make sure you gorge on fruits like Mangoes, Guavas, Pineapples and bananas. And do not miss drinking the most soothing coconut water.

Money in Andaman

Money In Andaman

The currency of Andaman Island is Indian Rupee. Notes come in the denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 2000. ATMs are widespread and almost all major debit cards and credit cards are generally accepted here. Exchanging money is not a hassle as you will find many currency exchangers in airports, hotels and all over the place.

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Tips for your Andaman trip

Tips For Your Andaman Trip

andaman trip-Andaman Islands packages-

Andaman Island- the most preferred destination for everyone.

  • Keep your identity proofs and other important documents handy.
  • Keep a digital copy of all your important documents in your mobile in case of an emergency.
  • The most spoken languages in Andaman are English, Hindi and Bengali.
  • Do not enter the restricted or tribal areas around the island.
  • If you are visiting Andaman during the summer season make sure you carry hats, sunscreen lotion and sunglasses.
  • Before planning to visit an off-beat island, be sure to obtain the required permit.
  • Nudity is not allowed in Andaman beaches.
  • In order to keep the island clean, discard the trash and plastics at appropriate spots.
  • Always drink bottled mineral water and avoid drinking water from the taps.
  • Carry adequate medicines for sea sickness as most of the travel is by sea.
  • In case of an emergency, dial 100 (Police) or 102 (Ambulance).

It is a perfect place for to recharge yourself mentally and physically. So, what are you waiting for? Just pack your beach clothes and simply enjoy your Andaman trip.

Interested in touring Andaman Islands?

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