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Top 5 Tips For Road Trip With Kids

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A road trip with kids? Leave your worries behind with some handy tips for road trip with family and kids –  by Korie Cantor

tips for road trip with kids and family

Holiday planning is tricky when kids are involved

Planning to embark on an adventurous road trip to the Grand Canyon along with your family? While that does sound fun, have you thought it through? Logging long miles in your car and exploring the country seems like an amazing plan. However, if not planned properly, a road trip can run off the rails in no time.

A road trip with kids, in particular, needs you to be well-prepared to ensure that you have a smooth-sailing travel experience. Moreover, you want to ensure that they are in the pink of health throughout the road trip. Motion sickness is the last thing you want them to experience when on the road. Here are a few tips for road trip that will help ensure that your kids stay healthy on the go.

5 Tips For Road Trip With Family & Kids

1. Pack The Necessities

Tips for road trip with family and kids - Invest time in prioritizing the essentials

Invest time in prioritizing the essentials

Before you hit the road, make sure to pack the essentials, in order to avoid travel gaffes later. Invest substantial time in packing your luggage. List down everything you’ll need for the trip at least a week before departure. Also, pack everything that you want to be able to access easily separately, to avoid wasting time in digging through your suitcase.

You cannot control the unexpected such as bad weather. However, by being prepared for such situations, you can deal with them effectively. For instance, when heading to a cold region, your kid may feel uneasy or find it difficult to deal with the harsh weather. In such times, it is best to have a jacket or a sweater handy in a carry-on bag instead of in the suitcase for easy accessibility.

By taking care of such minute details, you will be able to ensure that your child is comfortable, thereby making the road trip an absolute joy ride.

2. Keep Drinks And Snacks Handy

tips for road trip - eating in car

Carrying travel food for kids is an absolute must

You don’t want your kids to gorge on unhealthy street food on the road. Failure to keep snacks and drinks handy may result in your children consuming junk food during the trip, which may affect their health adversely.

Carrying healthy snacks along will ensure that you don’t get stuck at a restaurant longer than you would like. Moreover, if your kids munch on healthy snacks, they won’t become susceptible to tummy troubles. Make sure that they stay away from heavy or greasy foods when on the move as they can increase the chances of motion sickness.

String cheese, rice cakes, pretzels, bagels, sandwiches, apple slices, bananas, granola bars, cookies, raisins, cereal-Os, and puffed corn snacks are a few travel foods you can consider carrying on the trip.

3. Plan Your Travel Time Strategically

Tips for road trips - Plan your travel time

Plan your travel time in accordance with your child’s sleeping schedule

One of the most important tips for road trip is to strategically time your travel plans. This can be worked out only if you plan your journey in keeping with your children’s sleeping schedule. You will able to log some serious miles in peace if you drive when your kids are asleep.

4. Switch Duties

Tips for road trips- have fun with kids during the journey

The best part about road trips is your own private vehicle

One of the best things about a road trip is that you can pull over and get out of your vehicle as per your convenience. Long distance road trips call for switching driving duties. In fact, rotating tasks such as feeding the children, playing games with them, and putting them to sleep will ensure that it doesn’t become a burden for one family member. When the going gets tough, make it a point to share the tasks amongst yourselves.

5. Keep Crankiness At Bay

tips for road trip - make the trip fun

Beat the boredom through interesting activities

When on the road, eat only at restaurants that are known for dishing out fresh food. If possible, go for one that is also reasonably high on the fun factor. This way you will ensure that you and your family eat food that meets the necessary hygiene standards and that your kids are well-entertained. In fact, such a place will help beat boredom perfectly. To get this aspect right, however, you will need to invest substantial time in researching about such places on the way to your destination.

In order to make sure that your child doesn’t get fussy or sick on the trip, follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • Take extra pillows along to make the back seat more comfortable for your kids.
  • Peppermints, ginger ale, and saltines are few of the best natural motion-sickness remedies and can help tame tumultuous tummies.
  • Bring and store all your medicines and necessary supplies in your handbag.
  • Make frequent stops during the journey as that will help reduce the risk of motion sickness.
  • When planning your travel activities, it would be best to think of your kids first, or else chances are that you may not be able to manage things properly. Do give the activities that you want to include plenty of thought before finalizing them.
  • If you wish to get some interesting stuff for your kids for the road trip, consider browsing through freebie websites. You may find some surprisingly great freebies for the trip on such sites.

When embarking on a road trip with children, you will have to take extra care in planning it out. You won’t be able to enjoy it if your children ruin their health while on the road. In order to avoid such a situation, make sure to follow the tips for road trips given above. Planning for the obstacles in advance will make the road trip experience a fantastic one for you and your family. Going that extra mile will surely be worthwhile. You never know, the road trip may help you create some beautiful memories with your kids even before you reach your destination.

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