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What comes to mind first when you say the word “journey”? Maybe, it is unforgettable Instagram sunsets or mountain crossings with heavy backpacks? Any trip can be exciting, fascinating and rich in adventures. It is not at all news that such a pastime has a great effect on physical fitness, but an investigation of new places is also quite beneficial for mental and emotional health.

UK travel guide

Travelling is exploring yourself!

It is no secret that after travel it is hard to remain the same person. The trips broaden the horizons and change our attitude to life, setting other priorities and values. For a lot of individuals, this is the most exciting way to comprehend oneself for the better. How exactly, we analyze in more details.

1. Decision-Making Speed

While at home, you know where to shop, order a pizza, which bus travels to the direction you need, etc. All these things seem elementary until you find yourself in an unfamiliar space and realize that you know nothing about the everyday life of another country. In this case, you have to make important solutions, on which the future place of overnight or dinner will depend. Such Spartan conditions will aid you to be more responsible and easy to lift.

2. Correct Calculation of Finance

Don’t let demonetisation put a stop to your travel plans

Start your travel plans with correct calculation

When travelling, you must become a meticulous accountant. Even if algebraic skills are clearly lame, try to approach this task as seriously as possible. Before the trip, plan your estimated budget to protect yourself from spontaneous purchases. Seeing a color fan or peacock tail on the counter, you will certainly wonder about the usefulness of the acquisition. Lunch at the supermarket instead of dinner at a cafe will save some money and provide an opportunity to go on an exciting excursion to the waterfall.

3. Ability to Feel Gratitude

PAN card will be mandatory from Jan 1, 2016 for travel transactions of 50k and above

Make memories as you explore new places and uncover new experiences

You will get invaluable first-mover experience. The older a person becomes, the harder it is to perceive something new. Unusual surroundings will show you how small things play a huge role in your life and make it unforgettable. The journey reminds that it is necessary to be open to this world, so the latter will open its arms. Your memories do not take up much space in your backpack but leave the baggage of knowledge for the rest of your life.

The trip serves as a great chance to take a break from online addiction. True, not all tourists use it, but, nevertheless, there are still amazingly beautiful places on the planet where Wi-Fi and mobile communications have not reached. Travelling without access to the network is good because it allows you to enjoy the moment, forgetting about annoying messages and distracting likes. It is worth trying such a method of isolation as it is sobering well and helps to listen to your true feelings and desires.

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4. The Ability to Understand Yourself

During the trip frequently come answers to numerous vital questions. Perhaps climate change has a beneficial effect on the brain, but the fact remains. When you move away from your everyday life and daily routine, new thoughts fill your head, so you begin to evaluate some things differently.

Sitting in one place, a human puts himself in a box filled with prejudice. With each trip, stereotypes are becoming less and problems in communicating with people disappear by themselves. The world is too different, that’s why watching the wild traditions of other nations, someone’s local habit or way of life no longer seems so glaring.

5. Leaving the Comfort Zone

What’s the best part about travel? Being part of the destination, culturally and authentically

Being in a foreign country, a person, beyond ordinary circumstances, gets a chance to perceive the world more deeply, to boldly talk to strangers and discover previously unknown character traits. Talk to the locals, even if you know only 4 words in their language, explore the city without a map and try the local cuisine. Do not go to extremes and put yourself in danger but try as much as possible new.

Regardless of what we do while travelling, it fills our existence with experience and knowledge, be it Taiwanese cooking classes, Spanish lessons in Colombia, diving in the Maldives or yoga in Goa. Brains work harder, adrenaline rush in the blood makes us happier every day. According to the findings of psychologists, this is a natural process when we learn what we find pleasant.

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6. Time Management

A travelling couple sitting along the slope of a hill, Jordan

Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.

Usually, to see the whole country, a person has only a couple of weeks in stock, so you should make up schedules and timetables – make your time management work. Moreover, it is impossible to take a lot on a journey, because this cargo must be carried on your shoulders. Therefore, going on a trip, we learn to choose only the most necessary. This skill goes into ordinary life, which allows you not to clutter up and not get hung up on trifles.

To make the travel successful, it is significant to switch to the open mind mode, i.e. to look at the world with wide eyes, to accept the customs of other cultures, to taste everything that seems interesting, without striving to adopt the surrounding reality. So we get a unique practice that as if updates us.


Step out to see the world which is diverse in culture, colour and cuisines

It is not necessary to disconnect from communication to restore inner harmony. Travelling gives you the occasion to restore balance, to dispel stress in the wind, to feed on the energy of the sun, to find time to be alone with yourself, even if the tour is in a large company. For lovers, this is a good chance to test relationships for strength or a real “tale of wandering,” full of romance and discovery.

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7. Ready for Surprises


Travel to get mesmerised by the unknown

Often, there are bombshells on a trip when the situation has turned into other consequences. At home, such shortcomings easily spoil the mood, but if you find yourself in an incomprehensible position a couple of times, you perceive uncertainty as a slight itch from a mosquito bite. You stop worrying about trifles and enjoy the great weather.

Plunging into a different way of life, we learn to solve problems in unfamiliar conditions, which make us more flexible, patient, and emotionally strong, as a result, increase our self-esteem. Sincere friendliness does not depend on the level of well-being and easily evokes mutual feeling. Seeing wide smiles on the faces of the inhabitants of Laotian or Filipino villages, it is impossible not to smile back. Fine, if this habit becomes a faithful companion because the world deserves the spread of a positive epidemic.


Nothing compares to the feeling of discovering history and uncovering facts in a place you have never been before

Thus, travelling can be attributed to the activities with a beneficial effect. During the trip, a person gains experience and learns a lot about society. Our head is ventilated from dust, so you see life brighter.

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