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6 Tips For Solo Female Travellers

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“It’s too dangerous for a woman to travel alone.” Well, we hate to burst your bubble, but the year is 2018 and women everywhere are rocking the travel world like no one’s business! So, why stop? With these travel tips, only sky can be the limit for solo female travellers.


From hot favourite destinations like Europe and Bali, and closer to home destinations like Rajasthan, Andaman, Sri Lanka & Kerala, women all over the world are exploring every part of the globe and how!

While we know women are always right and they know EVERYTHING under the sun, we thought a little more information to help women travel better wouldn’t hurt anyone! Read on to know the best tips for solo female travellers, you might or might not know and travel better in these destinations!

Rajasthan: Avoid Buying A Money Belt- It’s Useless!

Women travel tips: Money belts only invite thieves

Money belts only invite thieves

Rajasthan is an undeniably hot bucket-list destination, and tourists from all around the world visit it at least once. This being said, travelling in Rajasthan costs quite a bit of money than the usual other places in India. The first thing being a solo female traveller, you’d think of having money on hand. Our advice? DON’T. Thieves can spot money belts and they are just an invitation to them that shouts, ” hey, look at me, I am a rich tourist with a lot of money. Rip me off.” Same goes for sling bags; try not using them for they can be ripped easily. We do not want you, as a solo female traveller to attract any trouble.

Browse our women-only tour to Rajasthan

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Thailand: Shake Off The Unwanted Sand With Talcum!

Women travel tips: Talcum helps get rid of excess sand on the legs

Talcum helps get rid of excess sand on the legs

Shake-Shake-Shake! Funny, but this will actually help you in brushing that unwanted sand off yourself, after hours of beaching in the sun! Going on a beach holiday? Promise yourself, you’ll carry a bottle of talcum powder and go on a shake-a-thon! Now, no more worries of dirtying your hotel room/lobby and getting death stares by the staff whenever you come full of sandy toes and self! This tip for women travel is a huge success!

Planning a trip to Thailand?

Check out the itinerary here

Sri Lanka: Trust Oodles Of Sunscreen & Cotton Scarves To Come To Your Rescue!

Women travel tips:Whether it is a lotion, stick or a spray, protect your skin from harmful rays

Whether it is a lotion, stick or a spray, protect your skin from harmful rays

There are temples, there are beaches and there are waterfalls; nothing, I bet, nothing will save you from the scorching heat in Sri Lanka. EXCEPT, a lot of sunscreen and cotton scarves. Bundle them up in your back pack and you’re good to go!

Uncover the wonders of Sri Lanka

Browse for more details

Hong Kong: Solo Female Travellers Must Save Phone Battery

Women travel tips: Take a screenshot of your location to save your battery from draining .

Take a screenshot of your location to save your battery from draining. Psst, you’re Welcome!

Exploring a new place as a solo female traveller? Your only companion is GPS! The best way to save your battery is by loading your destination location offline and/or saving a screen-shot of your hotel route and putting your phone on flight mode. You can then explore endlessly and take as many pictures as you like without having to worry about your phone battery dying midway!

Take a look at the Hong Kong itinerary 

6D/5N trip

Bali: Soothe Sun-Burnt Skin With Aloe-Vera Ice Cubes

Women travel tips: Calm those skin burns with aloe vera cubes

Calm those skin burns with aloe vera cubes

Bali is that one destination every solo female traveller desires to explore before she ties the knot! And while you’re at it you can’t miss the breathtaking sunsets at Tanah Lot and Ulluwatu Temple and in course of capturing the same, you must reach much before time to take pictures while the sun is still up. Uncoveing these jewels on foot in the tropical heat can be taxing. But that can’t hamper your travel plans! Once you’re back from your tour, soothe your skin by applying aloe-vera ice cubes and indulge in instant relaxation!

Say yes to Bali!

Know more details about the trip

Europe – Hello Lavender Essential Oil, Goodbye Dry Skin!

Women travel tips: Lavender essential oil is best known for its relaxing effects

Lavender essential oil is best known for its relaxing effects

Lavender essential oil can be found easily at any retail outlet in the town. When it comes to a continent like Europe, the climate here can be totally unpredictable. This can result into you having to deal with dry skin or rashes of different kinds. Quick solution: Apply lavender essential oil just before you tuck yourself to bed and you’ll wake up to supple skin!

Tick Europe off your bucket list

Check out the tour details

These simple tips for solo female travellers won’t have anything come between you and your excitement of exploring a new destination.  We’d love to know more travel tips from you and add to this article for our fellow solo female travellers!

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