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7 Tips To Staying Safe And Comfortable While Travelling

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Travelling is fun, but being in a strange place can be dangerous or risky at times. Shady incidents can greatly reduce the fun of your family vacation, which is why you want to make sure you take the right steps to be safe and comfortable during your entire trip.

family vacation - travel tips - safety

Get the best travel experience by planning in advance and staying safe

1. Keep Your Valuables Safe

While this is certainly common sense, some people are not aware of just how talented pickpockets are. Even if you are sure that your rear pant pocket is safe because you can feel your wallet at all times, you can certainly lose it while trying to work your way through a crowd. The easiest thing to do is to put it somewhere away from their reach, like away from small backpack pockets and instead keep them deep inside. Watch out for distractions as well, as thieves might be using them to steal your important stuff.

family vacation - travel tips - safety- travel documents

Make sure to carry all your travel documents and keep it carefully

If you have to bring your passport or wallet out to check in or to go through security, take a second to put them back safely before proceeding. Taking an extra second is worth it, especially if you do not want the hassle of a lost passport.

2. Be Careful With Your Money

family vacation - travel tips - safety

Have a pleasant experience with loved ones by making right choices & being vigilant

Having your cash stolen is bad enough but it can be worse if you fall victim to fraud if your credit cards are stolen. As much as possible, avoid withdrawing cash to minimize the risk of your card getting swallowed. Another good tip is to keep a separate wallet for loose change that you can get when buying something cheap and keeping the rest of your money safe deep inside your backpack.

When you are paying with your card, pay attention to what the cashier is doing. He should not be swiping your card several times nor stare at the card for too long (he might be memorizing the card numbers).

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3. Be Organized And Mindful

family vacation - travel tips - safety in flights

Carefully check the Arrival and Departure list

Missing trains or flights can mean more unexpected expenses, as you might have to buy a new ticket to reach your destination. Worse, this can happen simply because you were distracted or disorganized with info on your departure.

Make sure you check the Arrivals/Departures list often to stay up-to-date with changes. You might also want to write down your connections and keep it somewhere easy to access and check. You also want to make sure you allocate enough time to get to the airport or train station so that you will not have to rush in the end. The best way to make it is to plan well.

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4. Splurge On A Good Seat

Tons of people travel because of the cheap tickets available for purchase but unfortunately, planes are becoming less comfortable and spacious. While your budget will decide which ticket to choose, you can still find other ways to upgrade, either through points or other means. Getting a good seat will make sure you arrive at your destination fresh and energized for a day of travelling.

5. Pack Smart

A light packer is a wise traveller

A light packer is a wise traveller

If you have a longer travel planned, then you will definitely need a check-in bag. However, you do not want to be pulling an extremely heavy suitcase around especially if you are visiting several cities. Be realistic as to the number of clothes you really need, but remember to bring something thicker in case it is cooler than expected. You might also want to leave some electronics you do not really need as this just adds to the valuables you have to protect.

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6. Wear Comfortable Clothes

It is tempting to choose fashion over comfort but this is highly impractical. No one wants to walk too far on heels and you do not want to catch a cold by wearing clothes that are too thin for the cold weather. Plan especially well when flying, as you do not want to take too long at security because of too much stuff.

7. Keep An Eye On Your Belongings

family vacation - travel tips - safety - Travel light, but wise!

Travel light, but wise!

Do not ever leave your stuff unattended and whenever you are leaving the train or plane, make sure to look back and check if anything is left behind. The best thing to do is to minimize the number of stuff you have around you. A big bag is better than 3 smaller ones you have to carry and watch out for.

Traveling safely and comfortably is not at all complicated, you simply need to follow these simple steps and you can find yourself having fun instead of waiting at the police station or embassy to try to recover or replace your important documents.

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