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Varanasi Travel – A Quick & Handy Guide to India’s Spiritual Centre

Varanasi Travel – A Quick & Handy Guide to India’s Spiritual Centre

access_time June 17, 2019

A city’s soul is in its people, in the stories of its past and the vibe of its present. Varanasi’s...

fbb Colors Femina Miss India Nagaland Becomes Miss Getaway Goddess 2019

fbb Colors Femina Miss India Nagaland Becomes Miss Getaway Goddess 2019

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Culture of Ladakh Through Its Timeless Traditions And Handicrafts

Culture of Ladakh Through Its Timeless Traditions And Handicrafts

access_time May 31, 2019

Words tend to fall short of this magnificent wonder that has been bestowed upon us. If an artist were to...

8 Surprising Travel Trends You Might Experience In 2019

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2018 was the year of travel. Travellers seemed to be more aware and conscious, willing to explore and experience the unknown. From solo travelling to wellness trips and cruises, last year had it all. But will it remain the same in the last teen year of this era? Well, according to the experts, 2019 is expected to be a little bit different when it comes to the travel trends. From being more conscious socially to technologically minded, the travel trend in 2019 is going to be bigger, better and smarter. Here are such few trends that will define travel in 2019, as perceived by Mr. Peter Kerkar, Group CEO, Cox & Kings.

1. Travel To Influence

Social media has become the ultimate form of word of mouth marketing

Social media has become the ultimate form of word of mouth marketing when it comes to travelling

Travelling is now more about exploring new places, sampling authentic and unknown cuisines, making memorable experiences and meeting people from diverse cultural backgrounds. These kind of passionate travellers make their travel decisions based on the travel stories and posts of friends and peers on social media platforms. With the boom video and photo content on the social media with tools that offer hi-definition quality, capturing personal travel experiences has become the latest trend. These travel posts are sharable content and inspire people to take up travel. Now social media has become an authentic source of information and with Wi-fi enabled hotels and places, travellers keep in touch with their friends, colleagues and audience with some amazing live updates and posts.

2. Travel To Discover

goa travel guide - untouched by commercialization

The best part about offbeat destinations is that they are untouched by commercialization

There is a strange rise in the number of travellers who want to satiate their wanderlust by exploring what’s beyond at some of the most remote locations in the world. Places that are lesser known, off-beat and non-conventional are gaining lot of popularity among travellers. Some of the new adventures include cruising through Norwegian Fjords to reach the remote shores of Svalbard to witness shining glaciers and untouched landscapes.  Other being travelling to Galapagos archipelago to experience the endemic species and inhabited islands.

3. Travelling On Foot

walking tour

A guided walking tour suit all abilities and schedules

Every corner of this world has a history, an intriguing story behind its existence. And many avid travellers believe that the best way to explore any destination is by foot to know the tales about its culture, architecture, landscape, food and people. On guided walking tours, travellers tend to observe more, delve into the intricate aspects of the destination, and get the feel and charm of the place. These travellers not only are keen to go on city walks, but also believe in taking part in the latest trends like food walks, nature walks, photography walks, wildlife walks, cultural and heritage walks and many more depending on their interests.

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4. Travel With Multi-Generations

My family all excited for the night safari!

Multi-generation family is one of the best way to travel with the loved ones!

Travelling with family is a wonderful experience but what’s new in travelling is wandering with extended family members. With hectic and packed lifestyle of nuclear family members, it is tough for them to meet and spend time with their extended family members like grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts. In order to spend quality time with each other away from their home town, these fun-loving families look for excuses to hunt and explore new places with their loved ones. These excuses can be in the form of celebrating occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and other special events. Cruising is one of the top five leisure options for such multi-generational family groups.

5. Travel For Luxury

Over the years the cruise holiday scene has changed drastically

Over the years the luxurious cruise holiday scene has changed drastically

From luxurious villas, cruises and camps to exquisite journeys on the luxury trains, 2019 will see more travellers willing to spend on exclusive experiences. Over the next decade, the growth rate for luxury travel is projected to be at 6.2% as it has been growing faster than it did in the past 5 years. The reason being an increase in the disposable incomes of the natives in the developing nations. Also, the fluctuations in the currencies among different nations give the advantage to the developed nations to offer luxury travel at further discounted prices, thus fueling up the growth of luxury travel.

6. Travel To Experience The Unknown

best cities to visit in china-attractions-places to visit in china-guilin

Travellers look for surprises in their holidays, something they have never experienced before

There are many kinds of travellers and one type of such ardent travellers are ready to go above and beyond to experience the unknown, see the absurdity of nature and be surprised by great adventures and unforeseen places.  This set of travellers are looking for mysterious and thrilling experiences that are not known to many. Some of these places are Kuldhara – the haunted village of Rajasthan, 9/11 Memorial at Ground Zero in New York, Berlin wall in Germany and so on.

7. Travel In Off-Season

macau travel guide-happy street

Over tourism is an issue for most of the ardent travellers, what they look for is to soak in the culture and charm of the destination when it is less crowded and in peace

It is non-desirable for many globe-trotters to wait in long queues or experience overcrowding in their favourite holiday destinations. They want to peacefully explore the major tourist attractions and off beat places as well. 2019 will see more such travellers taking trips during off-season as they want to avoid over-tourism. The new hubs near the saturated and known ones stand benefited.

8. Responsible Travel

Himachal Pradesh tour travel guide

There is nothing like travelling green!

One of the best projected travel trends in 2019 is travellers, specially millennials, being more responsible for balancing and maintaining the eco system. They will ensure guilt free tours like plastic-free travel, pollution-free travel and more to sustain the greenery and charm of the destination.

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