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Video: Visit India, Open Your Eyes To New Experiences!

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What comes to mind when you think about India? Is it the birthplace of spirituality, the repository of dramatic landscapes, or the rich heritage that defines this country? So if you’re wondering what’s it like to visit India, here’s a glimpse into all that awaits you in this incredible country.

When you think of the very best things to do in India, do you think of discovering its historic treasures, swaying along to its rhythmic beats, or immersing yourself in its vibrant cultures? You can experience all this and more, writes Elizabeth Oommen George; so visit India, a celebration of colours, smells, tastes, sights and sounds.

Visit India -

With bright colours and shiny mirror works, the traditional Rajasthani ghaagra catch many eyeballs

Explore the most famous places in India!

Discover India

For the curious traveller, there is more to India that meets the eye. From the wilderness to bustling cities and towns, each with intriguing traditions and delectable cuisines, India throws up something interesting at every turn. So gear up for a world of brand new experiences and a wealth of untold stories as you tour the best places to see in India. Here are 5 reasons you should visit India this year!

Visit India - Gateway of India

Visit the Gateway of India, the place where the British finally left the country.

1. Visit India For Its Dramatic Natural Beauty

Packed with a number of incredible natural wonders, India is described as God’s favourite piece of artwork. From magnificent mountains to unique lakes, lush valleys to dense jungles, and everything in between, India has plenty to fill a traveller’s heart with joy.

Visit India - The living root bridge is grown not constructed;

The living root bridge is grown not constructed;

Some of the unique places to see in India are Mahabalipuram’s Krishna’s Butterball, a 250-tonne rock that seems to balance on a slope; Andhra Pradesh’s Belum Caves, the largest and longest caves in the Indian sub-continent; Manipur’s Loktak Lake, the world’s only floating lake; Maharashtra’s Lonar Lake, the oldest meteoric crater lake in the world; and the Living Root Bridges in Meghalaya.

Clear your calendar, make time to visit India!

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2. Visit India For Its Grand Historic Treasures

Visit India - Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is one of the most popular attractions in India

Home to some of the world’s oldest civilisations, India has a number of stunning structures that reflect the styles of different empires and dynasties. The country ranks sixth in the world, with 36 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, making it one of the most exciting places to visit for history lovers. Love timeless structures that weave stories of the past?

Visit India - Ajanta caves

Ajanta caves boast of magnificent paintings and sculptures

Visit the iconic white marble Taj Mahal in Agra, marvel at the erotic architecture of Madhya Pradesh’s Khajuraho temples; see the collection of monuments at Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Karnataka; and stroll through Maharashtra’s ancient rock-carved Ajanta and Ellora Caves. Trust us, don’t miss out on these famous places in India.

3. Visit India For Its Vibrant Cultural Traditions

Visit India - Gangaur festival in Rajasthan

Marvel at the celebration of  Gangaur festival in Rajasthan

One of the most culturally diverse countries, India invites you to immerse yourself in its most vibrant colours. Be part of the non-stop festivities, which starts from the harvest festival in January and ends with Christmas in December. And each of these celebrations comes with its own set of rituals, ethnic clothing, conventional dances, different decorations and more, reflecting the thousands of traditions that make up India.

Visit India - Bhangra

Bhangra, associated with fertility rites, were earlier performed in the fields during harvest time

The people of India follow customs that are based on mutual respect, tolerance and a celebration of their differences, which is what makes this amazing country a must-visit. Other traditions that are synonymous with India are the Namaste, a greeting delivered with folded hands; Athithi Devo Bhava, the belief in hospitality because ‘guests are like gods’, and the traditional system of arranged marriages and joint families.

Explore the most famous places in India!

Explore India

4. Visit India For Its Most Spiritual Experiences

Visit India - Sivananda in Kerala

The surrounding beauty of Sivananda in Kerala perfectly complements your meditative state;

The birthplace of several major world religions and the abode of over 33 million gods, India is not a stranger to religion and spirituality. From high-altitude temples to sacred rituals along holy rivers and rejuvenating ancient practices like Yoga and Ayurveda, India guarantees unique holistic and enriching experiences.

Visit India - Golden Temple in Amritsar

Don’t miss out the beautiful sunrise at the Golden Temple in Amritsar

Visit the many ashrams and spiritual centres or take a pilgrimage to one of the famous sacred sites to realise the true meaning and purpose of life, and achieve complete peace of mind, body and soul. Witness the Ganga aarti at Varanasi, volunteer to serve at Amritsar’s Golden Temple, be part of the incredible Kumbh Mela or trek to alpine shrines like Vaishnodevi, Amarnath Caves, Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri, Yamunotri, and more.

5. Visit India For Its Mouth-Watering Cuisines

Visit India - A traditional South Indian meal

A traditional South Indian meal usually includes dishes like dosa and idli served with an assortment of chutneys

The extensive use of spices and herbs and the distinct flavours have made Indian food famous across the world. However, every region has its own signature dish, special spice or must-add ingredient with plenty of options for vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. Apart from the region, cooking styles and flavours are inspired by empires of the past, such as Mughlai food, or by ancient dietary restrictions, such as Jain food that excludes potatoes and root vegetables.

Visit India - Bengali food in Kolkata

Taste sin and love in every bite of authentic Indian cuisine!

Go on and explore India through your taste buds. Dig into Kashmir’s spicy lamb Rogan Josh, sample Bengal’s famous Hilsa fish curry, try Lucknow’s mutton Tundey Kebab, gorge on mouth-watering Hyderabadi biryani, bite into crispy dosa from South India, or savour the flavours of rich butter chicken and naan from Punjab.

Visit India -

Dance along to colouful music as you enjoy India’s diversity

India has some amazing experiences to offer. Bathe in the colours of India, warm reds, yellows and oranges that are a celebration of her people. Learn the graceful moves of ancient Indian arts, step into its vast wilderness, marvel at age-old architectural wonders, dance along to local music and enjoy flavourful morsels that reflect the country’s diversity. Get ready, it’s time to explore the best holiday destinations in India through her most popular experiences.

Meenakshi hindu temple in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, South India.

Revel in the beauty of the Meenakshi hindu temple in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, South India.

Explore the most famous places in India!

Discover India

Clear your calendar, make time to visit India!

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