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Why Do Women Travel Solo? Hear It From Miss India 2018 Contestants!

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If you got the travel bug, you also got guilty pleasures, claims Dhruti Asher. Women travel solo in search of  some ‘me-time’, to delve deep in luxury or to sample local food on their getaways; well, we all have our own indulgences. While our guilty pleasures certainly are harmless, they come with a twinge of embarrassment and we prefer keeping them to ourselves. But here’s Getaway Goddess revealing the guilty pleasures of fbb Colors Femina Miss India 2018 contestants.

Women Travel Solo To Indulge In Their Guilty Pleasures!

1. Spa Junkie

women travel solo to break free from their routine and a spa holiday is perfect to unwind

Take a break from your job and other commitments to slow-down and de-stress

If just a back rub is the answer to all your woes, you indeed are a Spa Junkie. You love to pamper yourself and there’s nothing to be guilty about! Self-love truly is the greatest form of therapy. So, ditch the routine and surrender to a relaxing spa holiday.

Refresh your soul on a holiday in Bali

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2. Nest Bed

Women travel solo to ditch routine and slow down

One can’t deny the fact that we all sleep better in the cozy hotel beds

Who doesn’t want to be tucked into that big, fluffy bed that instantly puts you to sleep! Right from the fancy linens, special bedspreads to super-soft pillows, we love everything about the hotel bed. And when there’s a cozy robe, well, that’s just cherry on the cake.

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3. Retail Therapy

women travel solo to indulge in retail therapy

Indulge in retail therapy, it’s good for your soul!

We all indulge in shopping as we travel and we cannot be lying about this! Nay! From fine cosmetics in Switzerland to chic apparels in Paris, we women travel to have it all. You know you’re going to be shopping during your trip, it’s ideal to have that extra space in your luggage to bring home every purchase you make. Tip for serious shoppers: Pack a small suitcase and carry it in the larger one so you only have to lug one suitcase to your destination.

Shopping in Europe is all you dream about?

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4. Luxury

Some women travel to purely indulge in luxury

Now who could say no to this!

You’re someone who always prefers accommodation with (at least) a private pool and like to end your day with a soak in the warm tub! Let us tell you, it’s completely okay to splurge on luxury digs as you travel; it makes sense to treat yourself once in a while.

Land of royalties sounds like the perfect place for a getaway!

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5. Me Time

Women travel to simply be with themselves

It’s essential to make time to simply be with yourself

While socializing with friends is a part of healthy living, watching Sex and the City without being interrupted (or judged) and lounging by the pool with a classic read is also what we love squeezing in time for. And when you’re travelling alone, you can spend hours by the pool or enjoy the warm bubble bath every night before hitting the bed and you have nobody’s schedule to accommodate with that of yours. Travel indeed is the new ‘Me Time’.

Do the azure waters of Pattaya lure you?

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6. Grammin’

Your gram will love you for this frame!

Are you the one who’s always chasing sunsets and a nice frame for your #PictureOfTheDay? If yes, then you must really go out of your way to take pictures as you explore a new place. Like they say, if you didn’t document your travel on the gram, did you even travel?

Your gram will love Rajasthan for its fairy-tale palaces and opulent forts

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7. Trekking

Like Edmund Hillary once stated “It is not the mountain that we conquer but ourselves”. The deal with treks is you not only learn about your environs, you learn about life and a lot about yourself. Being amidst nature, away from the urban chaos is the getaway for you!

Solo travel can actually be one of the most rewarding ways to travel and women travel solo to simply be by themselves. And we, at Getaway Goddess take great delight in pampering women and ensure they #TravelLikeAGoddess.

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